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  1. I applied for mine at ACRO. It took around 6 weeks to arrive. But once you do it, I think you can use the same one for you AOS again.
  2. Been following this thread as a silent reader and have been very encouraged to hear that interviews ARE still happening. Also I think embassy staff have already received both vaccinations, or at least one, so really there is no need for them to cancel interviews.
  3. Thank you so much! I honestly panicked quite a bit when I read that somewhere... I think it was rapidvisa. Anyway, I still have quite a bit of waiting time still so will just gather paperwork together. We have a joint sponsor in mind already, but we just wanted our case to be as strong as possible.
  4. Hi, so I am the beneficiary and my sponsor is supposed to be my fiance. My fiance runs his own business slash social enterprise (LLC) and sales was hit quite bad by COVID. It was already in debt before because it's only a few years old. Anyway, his tax consultant did the figures and he just told me that his adjusted gross income is -26,000. 😭 Our lawyer in the US thinks that we should just file a joint sponsor and it will be fine. My fiance concurs. We have come so far, though, and I have also read that some consulates don't allow for joint sponsors for the K1. Mind you, I'm not a Thai national but am a foreigner working here so I don't know if they might take my nationality and job prospects into account. We do have savings, but our savings doesn't amount to 5 x 22000 = $ 110,000 to prove. Much less so if it has to cover the -26,000. We are both in our 30s and he has a Master's while I'm working on mine so I am hoping that will also show that I am not going to be a public charge (although with the new administration, I'm not quite sure how that works.) Has anyone used a joint sponsor for the Bangkok consulate? Should we just try to borrow some money from family as an early inheritance thing in order to make our cash assets work? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 🙏🙏
  5. Hi, I am the fiancee with a lot of clothes and books (anywhere from 110-150kgs), particularly music books that would be expensive to repurchase in the US. So my question is can I have those items shipped over as personal effects of my fiance who is a US citizen? He is going to come see me in May and undergo the whole 7-day quarantine thing. Or can it just be under my name but addressed to him as the sender even though I haven't got my K1 visa yet? What would your advice be? Normally I'll all for buying stuff all over again, but since I do have a shipping allowance for the end of contract with my company, I plan to make full use of it. I know the better solution would be to wait to get my K1 but my tenancy is coming to an end so I am moving to somewhere smaller and more temporary, and I don't fancy doing the move with the stuff that I've already earmarked for the US.
  6. Ah that really sucks. I hope you yours gets sorted out soon! @Coin3 was just saying the current earliest available date they could schedule an interview for was 14 June. I hope I will be able to get an interview by the end of June or early July at the latest as my work visa expires 31 July and I am supposed to leave the country.
  7. I didn't call about the case number but I did get the dispatched to embassy email notification. I believe based on the hack provided a while back... my case number was assigned on 7 April. Was just kind of cool to know.
  8. Hey I'm not really part of this group but if you've seen the other forum for your country you should know that there is a lawsuit building up against the US embassy or something in the UK because they basically haven't been processing K1 visas for almost a year?! I would not do the DS160 as it does have an expiry period (6 months or 1 year I can't remember) and you might end up wasting your money and having to pay that all over again. All the best!
  9. I think we're in the same boat. I just got my fiance to call today and he said they're processing cases received on 23rd March so maybe call back in a week or so. Does anyone know if it's the NVC or embassy that reviews all our paperwork and documents? Like how long should we expect to be at this stage? You're very fortunate to be in this group. My NOA1 was late July. Don't stress out too much. Also, you will get a better idea once you fill out your timeline. 😊 Things are moving but not much point if embassies aren't doing interviews to be honest.
  10. So I checked with our immigration lawyer and his recommendation was that we get started on that asap. I don't know how fast things are moving on your side of the world because of COVID, but my friend in Malaysia got his K1 approval in early/mid November, then it took 2 months to get to NVC then only a week or so to the embassy. So he had his interview scheduled for February. My embassy is for Bangkok so I am hoping it will be a similar timeframe. Which means I need to get onto it now as my own country's can take up to 60 days, although it's usually closer to 3 weeks. But I need 3 police checks from 3 countries, so go figure 😅
  11. I just got approved today too! Feeling so relieved..... but wondering if I should get police checks done right away or wait a while longer.
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