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  1. No offense I am speaking in general, It is not too difficult imo. First if it is a red flag for immigration system, it should be a red flag for you too. People get very excited about finding much younger or very different person and forget to ask themselves many times "why s/he should love me besides my nationality?". Not to mention it is easier to get a visa at some embassies and the green card hunting became an industry in some countries. If s/he has wrong imagination about USA or is so excited or fanatic it can be a red flag. if s/he asks for money or gifts it is a red flag. I've seen and read stories about how a foreigner presents his/her traditions falsely (like dowry, gifts, etc.) There is google we can search and find out instead of accepting, and even if there are traditions when we marry a foreigner we should compromise (in our marriage we did not follow expensive Iranian traditions because i knew i am not marrying another Iranian and did not force my traditions on him). Think if you were someone from his/her country would s/he marry you? or would his/her family let the marriage happen? (i mean if you were the same person, same character, same look, same everything but you were not an American). Tell the foreigner you are the one will be moving to his/her country and see the reaction. Check if s/he takes it too easy on you to marry you, as long as i believe someone should love us for us but having no standard can be a sing of not caring about anything but nationality. Many trips and face time is not possible in every case, but there are shortcuts we can use to know the person. We can do more than this but it can be too much (proof of identity for not being cat fished). Talk to his/her family or close friends if it is possible (it can be family project, yes i am pessimistic). If you can prove the fraud, visa or green card could be revoked and the person could be deported. People can change anyway if someone loves us now there is a possibility s/he may or may not love us 10 years later and it is not fraud, no matter if this is about beneficiary or petitioner, yes this is very sad and heart breaking and very difficult to handle since we choose life time partner and love not a temporary one, but still not a fraud. As long as we can have benefit for someone we should be careful with others. Good luck on your journey and wish you all the bests.
  2. Umm, not sure if they won't deny visa for anti-Trump comments http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-5344935/Diego-Maradona-denied-entry-insulting-Trump.html
  3. I am so sorry to hear that, i wish you the best of the luck on that. Sorry if it is not an answer to the question you asked but you mentiomed in one of your posts that he traveled with diplomatic passport, doesn't it prove he worked for Iran's government? You have no evidence, a text message, copy of passport? Or by any chance you know if he used different name for diplomatic passport? Anything to prove mispresentation. (if you were not aware of all this when you petitioned for him) I am Iranian too, i wish i could help you, because people like him make troubles for all Iranians, they lie to a person, DoS, and embassy then they get a visa without any problem, meanwhile i am waiting for visa over 21 months. I tried to check if you can reach the history of his insurance (which shows the places he worked for) but it needs his national id number and insurance id number. (sorry if it sounds complicated) Search his name (in Farsi too) , maybe you can find something to report him. I really hope you win and he can't get even a dime from you.
  4. She shows all the signs, not just one or 2. Not wearing the ring, relationship status on Facebook, sending most of the money to her parents and not helping you, forgetting anniversary, rarely physical touch and no sex. It is not even like she is cheating on you with someone else, it is more like she is cheating on someone else with you twice a year. Divorce and move on, save yourself.
  5. Yes, that's why i said he will have a hard time, and my reply meant to be sarcastic (i failed lol). All i wanted to say was it does not seem right either way, even if it is not illegal.
  6. I know right! Because this topic and many others make me feel this can be a common attitude USC puts her all heart, energy and money in a relationship and the other partner makes excuses like "she is not submissive" and leaves I am not a USC and these topics still make me very nervous
  7. First you can check if your fiancee is not submissive, into drugs, trouble maker or dictator before she petitions for you. My husband knew all that about me even before he met me in person. Second if you doubt, then tell her she should not petition for you . Marry someone you trust and believe 100%, it is not worth to take the risk of leaving your high paying job at all. Thinking about the second option even before you get married is scary to me. Yes you can marry someone else, but you should go back to your country and do CR1 process and you sure will have a hard time to prove your marriage is genuine , and there is still possibility the second person will not be submissive, be into drugs or trouble maker or dictator since you can't know a person in less than 90 days. Will you risk it again and again until you find a USC who meets your standards?
  8. Hello Are you the visa applicant or your husband? Did they keep your passport? If they gave it back wait until you get informed to send it again I am in the same situation (under administrative processing) but they gave my passport back to me. It means when the administrative process gets complete you need to send the new passport (applicant's) to embassy to get the visa (if the medical is still valid) if not you will need to redo the medical and give it along with the passport.
  9. I guess if they accepted Lilly Ghalichi's pic for driver license (with full glam and the pose) they will accept yours too, hopefully
  10. NBA16


    If the case status is "At NVC" and affidavit of support fee disappeared it means CC. Call NVC to confirm Congratulations
  11. Hello VisaJourney friends Sorry if i did not post in proper section. I am asking this question for one of my friends. Her husband petitioned for green card for her and their minor child (17 year old ). They already attended their interview but She is now under administrative processing, But officer said 221g slip is just for the mother and not for the child, They decided to wait until mother's administrative processing gets completed and they move together. But now since the administrative processing is taking so long and we will face the new ban, they are concerned about their child's visa. Can they send their daughter's passport to embassy and get her visa issued so she can travel before October 18th? Thank you
  12. NBA16

    Online Marriage

    My husband and I had nikkah certificate and legal (it took place in city hall) marriage certificate. Our nikkah certificate was totally useless in immigration process. Also I was questioned why we got married on first visit after 2 years of online relationship. We had 3 visits, tones of pics with family members, 3 big folders of chat history, post receipts, screenshots of social media accounts, same age, same religion and same education degree. Imagine how tough it can be just being married with 0 visit. Interracial and international marriage is difficult by itself. Take your time, search, meet in person and then get married. As far as i know for getting married legally in Dubai one of the parties should be resident there or at least has work visa. Read this link please: http://dubai.ae/en/Lists/Articles/DispForm.aspx?ID=23&category=Citizens We got married in Turkey. I believe Turkey and Georgia are the closest countries to Pakistan for international marriage. This link has information about getting married in Malaysia: http://www.wonderfulmalaysia.com/faq/getting-married-malaysia.htm Good luck
  13. US embassy at abu Dhabi is super busy, they interview Iranians too, plus many people from other countries who work and live in UAE like Philippines, India and Pakistan. It can take up to 6 months to receive interview date from this embassy.
  14. Hello If your case is under administrative processing more than a year it will be expired on ceac website, don't worry and call nvc, they might reopen DS-260 and you can submit it again. Your spouse is under AP or you are waiting for reaffirmation?
  15. We got married on first visit after 2 years of dating online, We didn't have any other red flag but i was questioned about this on my interview. I told the truth that we didn't want to be in relationship out of marriage for a long time (we are both Muslims) and how we were so sure even after we met in person. We met each other 2 more times after our marriage and we frontloaded our petition too, maybe that helped to overcome the red flag. I am under administrative processing now because of my nationality. Wish you all the best and luck