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  1. @Khan g Yes i received DS5535 and it was a form but some people whom I talked to from my home country received same questions but not in a form and it was not called any specific title (questions like your siblings info, your previous jobs, the places you traveled in the last 15 years, the phone numbers you have used) depending on embassy or visa category people received it in different forms because not all Iranians are interviewed at the same embassy. As @arken said they take the info to process it. This processing can be fast or slow. I don't think questions being in shape of a form will make the process longer or shorter. I don't know what is the difference between routine check up or processing ds5535.
  2. I reply since I've been through this. I received the ds5535 form right after my interview in August 2017, sometimes it is sent as a form and sometimes it is just the questions in the email. My case was a bit different because I experienced travel ban but long story short I received the form for the second time in November 2018 and then I received email for my second interview in November 2019 and my visa was issued right after my second interview. It took me 27 months between my 2 interviews. As other members said it can take weeks or month or years, having any deadline on your mind can make it harder sometimes. I am not trying to scare you but I had to wait pretty long time, I really hope yours will be different.
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