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  1. Hey! Have you not had your GC interview yet?! I only used AP only once in my journey and that was in Seattle; minimal queue (2 or less before me) and as liberal as Seattle is they certainly didn’t take 5 mins LOL! Advance Parole is more than a 5 min ordeal. Officers have to check systems to make sure everything is in place with USCIS and as the officer at POE said to me it normally does require secondary to avoid queue delays (not to suggest anything’s wrong but to highlight it does take moments to verify everything). To note, not every POE requires secondary with AP but most members do experience this due to verification immigration purposes.
  2. Sorry to hear that! Really can't understand why it would take that long! Hopefully you'll be near your inquiry period pretty soon. Good luck
  3. That totally sucks!! I had the most wonderful experience with Las Vegas office and the IO was so lovely (relieved my anxiety from what I was expecting). I'm not sure of these "new rules" to be honest. We had a lady from Oakland who smiled when she saw my POE stamp from K1 and made it known that Oakland was her hometown and I responded how beautiful the airport was the people too. Really hope you get rescheduled soon! As you say, if there are "new rules" further training is required. Sorry this has happened Best wishes, J
  4. Hello my lovelies!!! Card in hand 7 days after interview! So relieved! Isn't this the best feeling? I mind the K1 feeling simply out of this world but jeez this is peace of mind for just under 2 years! Thank-you everyone for everything! I know its biased (UK) but I wish everyone the best just dessert to enjoy the UK or home country to the max. It's a crazy journey. Jon xxxxxx
  5. Received my GC 1 week after my interview. Best of luck to everyone. So happy to see Las Vegas moving so quick. I know I may not be on VJ as much but I wish each and every single one of you reading this the best success. My interview was fab! The staff are so lovely. Jon ❤️
  6. Hey lovelies, Does anyone know how long it took from case approval on app to card production? My case has said approval for last 2 days. Just curious. Thanks 🙏❤️😍
  7. Hey! The interview was super awesome-seemed more like banter! She was the loveliest. I got asked the usual stuff confirming name, dob, yes/no questions from I-485. She only asked Jake 1 or 2 questions at most from memory like when did we meet and she mainly spoke to me. She didn’t want to see wedding photos (which I did offer) and said that my folder was organised beyond what she normally sees and my lawyer joked saying I could have a job in his office 🙈🙈🙈🤣🤣🤣 She spoke quite a bit about Cali (as entered in Oakland for K1 and that’s were she’s from) and was intrigued how I went transitioned from The Emerald Isle to brown Vegas 🤣 All in all wonderful experience. It lasted 15 mins at the very most; super quick. Approved same day on case tracker and in person ❤️
  8. Thanks my lovely!! My mums flying over today so it'll be awesome she's here too. Hope you are doing so well ❤️❤️❤️
  9. I used my AP on Wednesday. Can't believe how nervous I was using it but Seattle was wonderful. So we went to the US line and my husband said to the officer jokingly, "oh I'm bringing you trouble Sir" (I eye rolled and said oh I have AP) - he was thee nicest officer I've ever encountered in immigration and was nice that he was cracking little jokes. He laughed and said my pic has seen better days (so I'm going to beg for a new photo next week) haha Was wonderful to be on familiar grounds in the UK and the Netherlands. Looking forward to my interview on Thursday.
  10. That is wonderful news! Congrats. I had a good feeling from trends I was noticing. Finally great to see great movement 😊
  11. I'm going to be using my AP on way back early Sept. Hopefully all goes well. Seattle will be my POE. I have the usual docs with me, combo card, interview notice. Hope all goes well as POE lol. Leaving tonight and I'm on edge with immigration thoughts etc
  12. Do you have MJF tax returns, joint bank accounts, credit cards etc? Not sure if you have SSN yet to allow that? Obv you can get ITIN for tax returns etc
  13. Hey! There is a list on the letter but it's the usual joint things like bank accounts, car insurance etc
  14. I do want to congratulate everyone on their approval so far whether that's the combo/GC. I know I don't check in often and miss things/updates. I really hope those still waiting for something hear something real soon for sure!! ❤️
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