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  1. Get your NVC number and book the medical. Jeez, I thought I was lucky at 180 days. Congrats-London is wonderful. It's all plain sailing from here
  2. It's kinda a thought like how long is a piece of string? I've had this status for 3 weeks. Best bet is to look up USCIS local office processing for your local office. I don't expect anything this year with Las Vegas. Hopefully it moves faster for you guys
  3. jakejon

    N400 denial

    I feel that mods should consider having this thread locked as she's unwilling to respond, she's creating a soap opera with a cliff hanger whilst having no decency/respect to come forward with details/concerns of her original reason for posting this thread. People are willing to help and she is not willing to avail of this. Period.
  4. jakejon

    N400 denial

    I'm not stirring the pot here but re-reading this thread a few things jumping out to me: 1) You say 'miscommunication' between you and your husband-he's your 'husband' - what exactly do you mean by miscommunication? Answers to possible questions you both were meant to remember/give??! 2) He said something because he was mad (we all get mad but knowing what he said is the key) 3) Also you were nervous and wanted to leave...why feel nervous if everything is bona-fide? I guess we can all feel nervous at interviews etc. Definately more to the story. Sorry but just kinda quoting info you have gave us already to the original poster for this thread. Not meaning to be judgmental/nor intend to be.
  5. jakejon

    N400 denial

    Unnecessary drama especially if your unwilling to elaborate! No reason given for denial = no 'help' given! I'm sorry but plenty of experienced VJ members are willing to help but to no avail of info. It's almost like attention seeking?! But good luck to you whatever your situation is
  6. jakejon


    Congratulations Amanda!
  7. jakejon

    Approved !!

    Congratulations!! I don't think it should be weeks (although with holidays who can really say?!). I have dates on my timeline for mine back in September! London are pretty quick if everything is straightforward. I would imagine your visa will get issued in next week. Welcome to the US! Although, please tell the beneficiary (if that's your fiance or yourself) to soak up the wonderful UK before they come as it'll be a while before they can visit! AP timelines are not amazing at the moment. I miss it terribly and I've ONLY been here 3 months. PS, don't book until visa in hand and use Norwegian (as you can book 1 way vs 2 ways!), then SW for connections if required
  8. Chase are a nightmare. I arrived on a K1 and had to wait until I was added on a Utility Bill (which took 1 month) before they would even allow me to be added to my husbands account. I was added prior to his lease and we tried to use that as proof of address but they wouldn't accept that. We went to several branches and all said the same thing. As mentioned above, it's to do with the Patriot Act. I think you will have an extremely difficult time getting added to your spouse's Chase account especially if you are not present in the US and also not having a Utility (Joint) in your name per say.
  9. I didn't change mine and it honestly doesn't make you any less 'married' if you choose not to! I was scarred from Social Security-that I decided stuff it 😂
  10. jakejon

    Interview Cell Phone Check!

    No sorry-I read a comment that was complete bull regarding an assumption of previous cases. London is ruthless but fair. I felt personally it was unnecessary for someone who has yet to have a visa in their hand to come and comment such a remark here whilst knowing how difficult the process is. Their case (AP) is nothing in correlation to anyone else-so can't draw comparisons. Sorry just thought it was a little disrespectful. ANyhow I hope everyone waiting gets their visa rightfully so soon
  11. Hey guys, So had my biometrics last Friday a week ago and my status changed to Ready to schedule an interview on Wednesday. Let the 15 months (minimum) wait until I actually get an interview at Las Vegas LMAO. Las Vegas is busy-I'd imagine as it is a desirable place to live. Jon
  12. jakejon

    Relocation blues

    I heart this thread. I've been here almost 3 months now. It has definitely been a struggle at time-especially waiting for EAD/AP. I've actually booked a counselor to help with my transition, she's a life coach. I always think that when you get a job and get into the flow of things then it should get better. I have a NI accent (and will always keep it). A British accent is endearing and always will be well accepted. Of course, I get people asking me to say things all the time. I honestly think time is a great thing. I don't know when I'll visit the UK (AP pending) but I know I'll appreciate it so much when I return. You are not on your own-plenty of British folk know exactly how you feel. My husband said to always remember the progress you have made to get here and to take small steps that lead to big milestones. Jon x
  13. jakejon

    Interview Cell Phone Check!

    Huh. Well I had no trace, 9 trips in the past two years, was prepared (even though I didn’t show any of it as wasn’t asked), never lived anywhere else than the wonderful UK. Yeah I get what your saying. I’m just so maddened by the disrespectful comment I seen earlier, which was trash. London is a good Embassy. Strict, stern but fair. Good luck ☺️
  14. jakejon

    Interview Cell Phone Check!

    Which is why I think it’s disrespectful as OP put “lax” in that context maybe?! So untrue, utter rubbish. I bet if people gave more info of their situations then you could fix the jigsaw
  15. jakejon

    Interview Cell Phone Check!

    That may be the case. But in regards to the reference I read it in and the way the person used it gives me inidication that the OP might think others slipped through the net with much less scrutiny which is NOT the case. I fought for my K1 and I made sure I didn’t leave the Embassy without an immediate approval. I had a mere filling cabinet with me lmao 😂