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  1. jakejon

    SSN Denied on K-1 Visa

    My SSN is the least of my concerns and the last thing I want to carry around with me. I leave it here at home! It’s only a piece of semi card LOL
  2. jakejon

    SSN Denied on K-1 Visa

    It seems crazy!! I got mine in my first month, granted they needed manual verification from USCIS. Mine says temporary work authorisation on it. Maryland posted mine out, which I think is their HQ. I just wanted to align it to the 30 window period to be added to Jakes health insurance after we married on 10/31. Super crazy. People have so many differing experiences-most unpleasant albeit
  3. 4 months but we dragged bits of it out, especially the interview as I wanted a straight approval and not to have any pending medical results per se. Totally worth it though. I remember getting to day 100 and that was a big achievement I thought. All in all, 270 or days we were (again dragged some bits out)
  4. jakejon

    SSN Denied on K-1 Visa

    Found a number for them (410) 966-5777
  5. jakejon

    SSN Denied on K-1 Visa

    Rightfully so! You honored the legal system and done the correct route. Plenty of people using the ESTA and then AOS! I know my SSN Application got sent off to Maryland. I wander if contacting them for support may help? I don't have a contact number for them but I do know that's where Las Vegas had to send my application off to in order to verify it with USCIS.
  6. When are you planning to file for the K1? It took 9-10 months from application to POE and I'm from the UK. We are just submitting our AOS today and i'm expecting 4-6 months for me to get my AP and EAD
  7. jakejon

    SSN Denied on K-1 Visa

    Hope you get sorted though
  8. jakejon

    SSN Denied on K-1 Visa

    Nearly all cards in the UK are plastic. Its just so much more durable. I know some day I will accidentally leave my SS card in my jeans and wash them! It's just so annoying there is an issue with getting a SSN. Nevada was irritating but eventually got it. Was super aggravated when i left the social security office
  9. jakejon

    Can I visit the US after medical but before interview

    That's awesome! Just be sure to get added to their cancellation list. The medical slowed me down by 4-6 weeks. I'm not sure what their average waiting time are now. Knightsbridge are lovely
  10. jakejon

    SSN Denied on K-1 Visa

    I don't quite know the deal with SSA is! I had a thing with them. Apparently, it's uncommon in the US to have 2 middle names and he couldn't fit my name (which really isn't that long) on the system. I furiously responded by asking should I axe out my middle names on my birth certificate to suit their system? Then got sassy by over apologising my mother gave me 2 middle names (which is NOT uncommon in the UK). Anyway, as they couldnt verify my 'massive long winded name' it got sent off to USCIS. My POE was 10/10 and got social number eventually 3 weeks later. Why aren't them cards plastic anyway??? What an experience social security was! Haha. I wanted to change my surname after I got married over 2 weeks ago but skipped on that as I never want to go there again. SORRY for the rant!!
  11. jakejon

    Can I visit the US after medical but before interview

    Are you on Knightsbridge’s cancellation list? I rang every day as I had to wait 4-6 weeks for a medical 🙄
  12. jakejon

    Can I visit the US after medical but before interview

    Oh you can visit!! Oh I remember you!!!! So if you have any concerns (not that you should) I’d recommend going through Dublin’s preclearance. It’s a dream I found to go through
  13. We just put our AOS package together and it’s to be sent today. We put loads of bonafides, pictures in there. Our lawyer said it looked so impressive to have all that in there as he said many don’t join as much in 90 days. We will start building more for our interview. I feel in this immigration era there’s more to prove.
  14. It must be absolutely heart breaking. Maybe I was blessed going through London. I couldn't imagine how it must feels. People seem to get punished almost in a sense being from a high fraud country. For me, I had absolutely no interest in coming to live in the US. Only reason is being Jake has an awesome job and still has student loans to pay. My heart will always remain in UK but I know I need to adjust to here.
  15. I just find Embassies so interesting. I did not need to show any photos or anything. I had a filing cabinet almost with me. London asked 3 simple questions, 1) where did you meet? 2) where are you going to live? 3) when do you plan to go to the US? Approved within 3 minutes....