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  1. The existing funds in a TFSA are not taxable in Canada however you cannot make new contributions once you become a non resident. Any earnings within a TFSA are subject to US taxation however as the TFSA has never been entered into the Canada-US tax treaty.
  2. I’m in the same boat as you. Ready to be scheduled for interview since February 20th... the closures of the local offices don’t make me confident for an interview anytime soon. Did you receive your EAD/AP combo card? I only received mine 2 weeks ago lol.
  3. That’s what I’m wondering about too. I just received my EAD/AP combo card but still awaiting to be scheduled for an interview at my local USCIS office which is currently closed.
  4. When did you marry? I got my SSN two weeks after arriving in the US on my K1, married my fiancé a month later. How long have you been in the United States?
  5. Once your receive your EAD/AP approval letters, how long til you actually receive your combo card?
  6. 197 days later and my EAD card is being produced! Finally some good news amid COVID-19 times!
  7. I really hope that’s the case! I’m currently ready to be scheduled so if so, I’m hoping my case is solid enough for that exemption.
  8. Still waiting for mine as well (October 7th filer). My status for AOS is « Resdy to be scheduled » however with the closure of USCIS local offices I don’t anticipate an interview for several months at this rate. Hoping to get EAD/AP soon...
  9. Most likely to help with backlog in Orlando so Tampa would be the nearest center for an interview. Best of luck from Sarasota!
  10. Whoever has received and sent back an RFE, how long til you received a status update? I had mine FedEx'd overnight and signed this morning at the NBC.
  11. I’m in the same boat! Got the RFE notification Monday, waiting for it to be mailed out... hopefully before end of week. Fingers crossed.
  12. No worries - Totally understand. Being on a single income and living off savings is tough, and not a long term solution lol. I'm really looking forward to getting back into the workforce.
  13. Any Tampa, FL filers? We are an October 4th NOA date, and Biometrics was done October 28th.
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