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  1. Hi everyone, I have recently received my notice to appear for my Oath Ceremony at the Tampa Field Office on 3/28. My question is, who can I bring/how many people an join me? I can't seem to find information anywhere and calling USCIS/Ask Emma is impossible. Any advice would be great! Thank you!
  2. Hi all, I've received notification of my Oath Ceremony in Tampa for 3/28! I can't believe it's finally here!!
  3. Your closest British consulate would be in San Francisco... Long ways away for you to apply for a passport in person. I don't even know if they process regular passports there, or only emergency passports. Best to check with gov.uk and check current wait times with the Home Office. Wishing you a speedy Oath Ceremony!
  4. Hey guys, I had my interview on Monday 2/12 in Tampa, FL. It was a combo interview as I still have a pending I-751 ROC. The Tampa Field office called me about a week and a bit before to let me know to bring my spouse as they would be completing both interviews at once. Interview was at 8:10 AM, got called in about 9:20 AM, both sworn in, provided our drivers licenses and my Greencard. Was asked my full name, current address, how long we've been married, reviewed my travel history (which is extensive, I've traveled back to Canada about 4-6 times a year since I've lived in the US, plus another trip to the UK, so she had to add up the days to make sure I had enough days for the substantial presence test. I was asked about my employment, what I do, and then the regular security questions as asked on the N-400. We then jumped in to the civics and history questions, passed no problem. Retook a photo for my naturalization certificate, and she let me know I had passed my test, however she could not give me an official result today as my I-751 had not made it in time, but she had made an urgent request for it. Tuesday (2/13) my I-751 case updates to "Case Transferred to another office" and by Wednesday (2/14), I see "Your case has been recommended for approval" and "Oath Ceremony to be Scheduled". YAY! Overall, very easy and so relieved.
  5. Thank you! So far zero changes to my I-751 😅… hoping there’s some movement this week so they have it on time for next Monday. I’ll keep everyone posted as I get any more updates. I’m sure you’ll be scheduled before you know it. Every time I’ve had to interact with the Tampa office they have always been fantastic.
  6. Hey everyone, I have my interview scheduled for February 12th in Tampa, FL and this afternoon I received a call from USCIS in Tampa advising me they would be conducting a combo Interview (I-751 and N-400) and to ensure to bring my spouse. Tons of notice and the person I spoke to was so professional and pleasant. Looking forward to becoming an American! 🇺🇸
  7. Good idea. What’s the best way to go about with this? Call USCIS? Reach out to my local Field Office?
  8. Okay we're in the same boat. I'm at 440 days, and mine is still "Case Received" LOL. Fingers crossed our field offices coordinate for combo interviews.
  9. Does anyone have a combo interview? Waiting for I-751 but have an N-400 interview scheduled? My I-751 still says case received. Will this update or will they know it’s a combo interview?
  10. Hello all and Merry Christmas/Happy early new year! I checked on my USCIS account this morning to see that yesterday (12/26), my estimated completion time changed from 5 months to 7 months, but also that my status has updated to Interview scheduled for 2/12/2024 in Tampa. I'm still waiting on I-751 to be adjudicated, has anyone had a combo interview scheduled or is expecting one?
  11. Looks like my October 13th application refreshed, now says estimated time until decision is 6 months from 9 months. Tampa, FL office. Woo!
  12. That’s fantastic! Good luck and keep me posted once you submit. Looks like the average processing time for the Tampa office is 8 months which is pretty average nationwide. Might be quicker from what I have been reading though!
  13. Hi everyone. I applied for N-400 today, applying under the 3 year rule, 90 days before. Local office is Tampa, FL. Received my Notice of Receipt almost immediately and reuse of biometrics letters. Time to approval is estimated at 9 months. Any other Tampa filers?
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