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  1. Same here. Depends where you live, but I find mail from Florida to Ontario takes about 10-12 days usually, which is why I sent my ballot so early via regular mail to save $50+ on express
  2. You’re allowed to vote via international ballot. You’re only permitted to vote in Federal elections, based on your last known address in Canada to vote in your last rideing. Consult the Elections Canada site to submit the proper paper work. I just voted in the last election from Florida. Good luck!
  3. Does anyone know if you need to have the car paid off before importing the car? I'm looking to purchase a Mazda CX-5 then just import it, but I'm worried if I need to finance the car, if that will cause me any issues when it comes down to importing the vehicle in the summer.
  4. Interview booked in Montreal for July 3rd 2019! Thank you to everyone for your help!
  5. Thanks for the advice! I’ll wait a little longer before sending my P3 docs!
  6. Hi @Greenbaum, I will definitely post an update as soon as I do to let you know of the outcome and will post in my regional forum as well. Thank you!
  7. Thank you so much! I’ll give it a few days and wait for another update then send the P3 docs. I’ve heard from many others to wait for a Ready refresh, so I’ll do that! Thanks again!
  8. Hi there, can anyone let me know when I can submit my P3 to the Montreal consulate? My status changed from “In Transit” to “Ready” today, and I want to know if I’m able to send my P3 and documents before receiving the hard copy by mail? Any experience or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  9. Have you reviewed the P3 checklist for Montreal? You should work on making sure you have all required documents in advance, and work on getting a copy of your vaccinations from your local health authority in preparation for your medical exam which you can only book after receiving P4.
  10. Where did you find a DHL tracking number? Is this from the NVC to your consulate?
  11. Congrats guys! Mine changed to in transit too! Such a great feeling! We are all almost there!
  12. March 29th Received at NVC, and today checked on CEAC and its changed from "At NVC" to "In Transit"! I'm so excited!
  13. I’ve been waiting for this post for WEEKS! I’m absolutely thrilled for you the both of you! Congrats, you can now relax, breath, things move a bit quicker with the Department of State.
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