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  1. I received my combo card today. I am so disappointed though because my last name is not hyphenated like I asked on the form and told USCIS numerous times. Now on the phone with USCIS and got told I would have to reapply. It could take another 5months. And now can't travel to see my ailing mother who has stage 4 cancer. I wanna cry.
  2. I never let a day go by without checking the app. Today I was so busy and completely forgot. So now when I got into bed I checked and it said new card is being produced. Will update my timeline when I get my letters and card. I hope that it is soon.
  3. I also got an email on December 10th. I'll attach a picture of it below. @C90 was your email like that as well?
  4. That's what I thought. There is only one other person from the Seattle area that filed in September that also had their interview already. I am also expecting my interview to be around Christmas this year, but hopefully I get lucky too. My status has not changed on the app since I filed, not even after boimetrics. I did however receive an email notice on December 10th that the last status update to my case was made on November 26th. Do not know what that even means.
  5. @KatziGuthmann was your application expidited? I'm much more in the dark about the green card, EAD, and AP process than I was with the initial I-129F filing. I guess it's cause this application is field office specific. We share the same field office, Seattle. In fact my husband and I live down the road from the office (so lucky:) In any case it seems that you filed about 15 days before us. If that's the case, is there reason to think that I'll have my interview soon as well? Also to everybody here, is there a way to do a search for those people/profiles on VJ who have gone to interviews at a specific field office?
  6. I'm just curious how we are already seeing some interviews scheduled. Other than last time around when I followed the September and preceding groups quite closely, I don't have my finger on the pulse so well. So I'm uber confused, but happy for those who have interviews scheduled. Looks like some of these cases won't even need EAP/AP cards cause the green card will precede it? 🤔
  7. I struggled to no end with SSA and on two occasions either my case was updated on SAVE or an action was taken to initiate another level of verification, both times coincidentally the day after I call.
  8. Wait, I'm so confused. So from filing to green card interview is less than three months? How does that even make sense? You would have a green card before the EAD even gets processed.
  9. Has anybody had difficulty in opening a bank account or a delay in getting a SSN? I applied for a SSN the day after I arrived and was told it could take 4 weeks to verify my identity. Then when I called my local SSA office this week, they told me they have to submit additional documents to DHS so it will take a further two weeks. I was so disappointed. It's my understanding that you can't open a bank account without a SSN. Am I correct?
  10. Getting ready to send our package by tomorrow. Good to see some familiar names on here from last years September i-129F filing group. Here we go again!
  11. Hi everybody, We have a problem with the new I-129F form (issued on 04/10/17) with regards to addresses. We have two problems: 1) Our address are too long to fit into the Street Number and Name section of all the address sections. What needs to go into, for example, box 8b is: Tosung ro 12 gil 91, Gangdong Gu. Box 8b however is too small to accommodate all of that. We are aware that you can enter supplemental information in Part 8. Should we write the address out in full (Street # and Name, City, Postal Code and Country) in Part 8 or should be only write the information for the particular item number? 2) We have many residential as well as employment addresses between the two of us over the last five years because of being contract teachers and both of us living overseas. My fiancee has seven residential addresses and I have three. Part 8 wont be long enough so we will make multiple copies of part 8. Part 8 has sections where you label the page number, part number and item number that your additional information refers to. On the actual I-129F there is only space for two residential addresses each for both the petitioner and the beneficiary. If we have seven residential addresses we can fit two on the actual form and the rest will go on the part 8 pages. How do we label the page, part, and item numbers in part 8 if we are creating additional physical and employment addresses? I hope all of this is clear. We hope somebody can help.
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