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  1. GP1977

    New Social Security application for K1 visa

    I just went through the same thing with my wife who arrived in the US on the 12th of december. 2 days later we went to Social SEcurity - they had to do a manual verification and said it would be 3-4 weeks. We had our card in less than 2 weeks. Also, I did not need her social security to add her to my health insurance but maybe some plans do? The Motor vehicle administration however, would not issue her a drivers license or identification card without a social security number. Each state has their own separate of rules.
  2. I wish you the best of luck. AP is a black hole and its frustrating being seperated from your loved ones. The good news is that most people do get out of it.
  3. As others have stated you probably wont have much luck speaking with the embassy regarding the case. 1) An american citizen can get access inside an embassy but only to american citizen services - this is for lost passport issues, notary services, citizen service for being abroad, etc. I dont know about the Italian embassy but in many embassy's the consular section is seperated from the rest of the embassy and you can't access the consular section from AMerican Citizen Services. They almost act as independent. And even if you did access american citizen services and you could walk to the consular section you would be doing so under false pretenses and it wouldn't make them happy. 2) Even if you can get access to the consular section they operate under a strict set of procedures and rules. They wont tell you anything except your case is under AP and they cant tell you why. The reason for it is classified and they dont want people to know what checks they are doing as they dont want people gaming the system in the future. You have to let them do whatever checks they have to do and accept it and move in. YOu might be able to deduce why you are in AP based upon your interview and the questions that were asked. Otherwise you are just going to have to wait it out and if it becomes an extended wait, you can file a writ of mandamus and ask a judge to force to DOS to make a decision. I wouldn't even think of going down that path until its been a year and even then its a tough burden to get the judge to grant it - and even if the judge grants it - it forces to the DOS to make a decision - doesn't mean its a yes. and if they dont have their checks completed - they will ask for more time and if you say no,, they will deny it
  4. You are more than fine. I was fortunate enough to attend the interview with my fiance and I noticed the Consular section had its own entrance and you had to go through security in one building first and then go outside and re-enter the consular section of the embassy. I assumed that behind the counter everything was connected but it makes sense that it is cutoff from the rest of the embassy.
  5. Very cool that you worked in the embassy. Your fiance shouldn't have any trouble when they ask her how the two of you met and what you do for work.
  6. After NOA2 it really flies and looking at your timeline its coming any day. A few weeks for your case to get to the NVC and then a few weeks to get the embassy. Kyiv moves fast and interview appointments are very easy to get. I would start working on getting your financial documents together, photo's of the two of you, receipts from travel, etc. Its alot of work for a 5 minute interview.
  7. I will second that and say the SSN thing is a pain in the A**. We were lucky and got a SS Card in her maiden name within her first week here. Get it in her maiden name before marriage. Get the card and then we goto the DMV to get a identification card for the time being until she is settled and wants to get the drivers license. We go to the DMV after we are married, with a copy of the marriage certificate. 1) They wont issue it in her married name because the name must match what SS has on file and 2) they can issue it in her maiden name but they will only have the card valid until the expiration of the i-94. WHich at that time was going to be about 2 months. Not sure what the expiration date will be now that we have adjusted status and the manager cound't answer that question when we were there. So we go back SS with the marriage certificate to get them to change to the married name and they tell us they wont change it until we first file for adjustment of status and get a receipt notice back from USCIS with her married name on that form. We have filed for adjustment of status about a month ago but will back to SS tomorrow to get the name changed so she can get her ID/drivers license card in her married name. ITs a pain in the A** and living in Baltimore there are a ton of illegal immigrants running around here and I am sure they all have identification cards/drivers licenses. We do things the right way and they make it very difficult for us but easy for them? Frustrating.
  8. You are all set then as you are in the home stretch. Good luck!
  9. Yes, for Kyiv once you have your NVC number you can schedule your medical. Like others have said the Visa will be valid for 6 months once you have medical. The medical is then good for 1 year for AOS. i highly recommend you have your fiance bring with her all vacinnation records to the medical. Although they aren't required for K-1 visa's, they are required for AOS and it will be much cheaper to have them done in Ukraine then in the US. My now wife had all of them except Hepatitis B and she had that done in Ukraine and I believe her local clinic charged $10 for each injection (its a series of 3). For AOS you just need the 1 of the series complete, so dont worry about getting all 3 done if you dont have enough time as they are 60 days apart from each series (and they can be done at any time - so if you get 2 done now, you can get the 3rd series a year from now and be 100% vaccinatted ) The doctor at the medical will transcribe all of the injection forms onto form ds-3025 which will be given back to her to her I believe at POE and then you will then file that form with AOS.
  10. GP1977

    Ukraine DS-160 for K1

    Just an FYI and you may already know this but the vaccinations aren't required for the K-1 Medical. However, they are required to adjust status. Many decide to have them done in their home country and signed off on at medical because it is much cheaper to have them done in their home country than in the US. Therefore, make sure you provide those documents to the doctor at the medical and have them write that informatation in the vaccination form - i believe its the DS-3025. Otherwise, you will have to go through that process when you go to adjust status through a USCIS approved doctor in the states.
  11. I have taken Turkish twice out of JFK on the midnight flight out and both times its been delayed and both times I missed my connecting flight to kiev. JFK has so much air traffic with EWR, JFK and LGA that I feel like you need at least a 2, probably 3 hour layover to ensure you dont miss your connecting flight. I have sworn i will never take that flight TK flight out again. and yes, WAW is much easier to navigate. Anyone taken the return trip from IST to JFK? THat is an experience having to go through security once you get to the TK gate. Another scan of your bags, body patdown and then they open up all of your luggage to go through it one last time. Understand why they do it and appreciate the extra effort to ensure we are all safe but never something I have experienced before.
  12. Edit: I just pulled up my forms that were filed and realized that my i131 has an expiration date of 12/31/2018. IT was accepted by USCIS so I would agree with @mugo&miley that you are probably fine.
  13. For federal income tax purposes you file your status based upon what you were on the last day of the tax year - December 31st. So yes you can file Married. In my case it worked out well for me as we got married on December 22 and she had no income to report for 2018 and I got the benefit of filing married filing joint for the entire tax year. The fact that your W2 or w4 says single has no bearing on what you file or how the IRS Recognizes your filing status. IT only affects your withholding. You will have less $ taken out of your paycheck for state and federal tax purposes when you change your filing status to married on your w4. Generally speaking if you want the largest possible refund at the end of the year then both of you have your w4s as single and claim 0 dependents. You can play with the numbers by googling tax projection calculators, and there are many different options to play with the numbers.
  14. Congrats! Everything is good now then!
  15. Yes, if the payment is not correct - they will reject it for improper payment amount. Dont worry they wont cash that check - they will send it back to you and you can refile again directly. Not a big deal.