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  1. Liberal judges issued these injunctions /orders. Just like the travel ban this will prob make its way to the Supreme Court where trump has the 5-4 majority and this order will remain in effect should they chose to hear the case in which they probably will.
  2. I think this is a wonderful idea! Who is supposed to foot the bill for immigrants who come to this country and need medical care and don’t have cash or-insurance?
  3. THe doctor does not have to translate the records for you. You need to present the vaccination records with a certified translation. Basically, that is someone besides you that can read/write russian and translate the records into English. They will also have to certify that the translation is complete and accurate and attest to their competance as a translator. If you cant find anyone in your hometown that offers this service, I am sure there are services online that you can find via google that can do this for you.
  4. Assuming you are bringing the money into the US - You can carry more than 10K cash into the United States but you just have to declare it to Customs. The only reason they would confiscate it is if you dont disclose it or if they can prove it was tied to an illegal activity (which isn't the case here). There is no duty, tax or anything you have to pay to customs to bring that amount of money into the US. Just disclose it and I would recommend bringing any proof of how that money was obtained.
  5. It isn't fair and it is very frustrating - all of us go through it at some point during this process. My friend works for the state department (not in immigration) but he works very closely with the folks in immigration. He basically told me that alot of it depends whose desk your file ends up on. IF you get the adjudicator who is employee of the year and works very efficiently, then you are lucky and will likely receive your approval faster than others. If your file ends up on someones desk who is newer/slower or not as motivated as the prior example, well then yours will probably take longer.
  6. I agree with you that it was probably less than 100 a day or maybe she had a day here or there when she does 100 in a day. I think when we were there for our interview, there were 16 or so interviews that morning and she did all of them. It was a mix of K1's, CR1's and there was one person who was there for the green card lottery. We were one of the last ones didn't get out there until about 11am and they started at 8 or 830 I think.. Id imagine if she was doing tourist visa's she would be able to get through those a lot faster than what she gets through a IV interview.
  7. Lol, yes It was before the beer. It was an obolon beer
  8. Just a short story because it is a small world. My wife and I went to a Ukrainian festival outside of dc today and I went to grab a beer and she was running to the restroom. As I am standing in line I see this lady around the corner who i looks very very familiar. I know the face but can’t remember where she is from. I get my beer and i remember it was the consul officer in Kyiv who did our interview. I turn around and walk back over to her, tap her on the shoulder and ask her if she worked in the Kyiv embassy. She said yes and I said I thought you looked familiar you did my wife’s interview for her k1 visa. At this point Iryna is back and says hello. The.co smiles and says she is happy to see us together sad tells us she just got back from her tour in Kyiv. At this point I say well I am sure you don’t remember us but I wanted to say hello and she smiles and says sorry I don’t remember you, I did 100 interviews a day. Which I thought was a very high number. She wished us luck. Small world.
  9. This is 100% correct and is exactly what I did. Once you are outside of normal processing time they can expedite your case and we were promised an answer in 30 days. And we were not expediting based on any specific criteria - just that we were outside of normal processing time for the AP/EAD. The rep at the State Senators office told me they have a seperate telephone line to the folks at USCIS who serves as a congressional liason. Once they put a request in, the case is flagged as a congressional inquiry. We were advised that we would have an answer in 30 days and on the 30th day we received our approval. At the time she advised it could come earlier but to give it 30 days the first time. I will have to say that the rep I was dealing with was very very proactive. I did speak to the other congressional/state reps and chose the one that I felt would offer the best service. YMMV Thank you. Best of luck to you!
  10. Iryna had her green card adjustment of status interview in Baltimore, MD this morning. We arrived at USCIS at 810am for our 830am appointment. Went through security and then checked in with the reception area. Sat down and got called back for our appointment at about 9am. Was in the room for about 30 minutes. Very very easy process. She went over the application line by line and asked me (the US citizen the names of her parents) and asked Iryna for my Date of Birth, her date of entry into the US, which airport she arrived in the US and our date of marriage. She asked for additional documents and we provided joint bank statements for both checking and savings, authorized user on credit card, joint car insurance, joint tax return for 2018, life insurance beneficiary , 401K beneficiary, joint health and dental insurance, joint insurance on engagement ring, about 80 photos of us together (of which she only wanted to keep about 15 or so because it would make the file too big). She said we had plenty of other evidence. Said everything looks great and that Baltimore policy does not too approve on the spot and gave us a letter which says to give them 120 days to review everything to make their decision. She advised it shouldn’t take nearly that long as this file seems pretty straightforward and she wished us good luck. All in all a very very easy process.
  11. Just received notice that my EAD was approved yesterday on 9/5 and that card is being produced. AP still says says case received so I assume that it will be a combo card? Really we dont care about the EAD we just want the AP so that we can do some travelling. Noa is 1/11/2019. I did engage my local state senators office as we were outside of normal processing time and their rep did an outstanding job. I contacted their office in the end of july and shortly after contacting her I received an email from her that I will be receiving an RFE in the mail because I the US citizen put my name down as the preparer because my wife is not perfect in English. They RFE basically said that they wanted her real address and the beneficiary can't use the address of the preparer. The rep at the State senators office advised me that i would be receiving an RFE but that she already took care of it and I could ignore it - in other words she cleared it with them. The adjudicator just had to look at our names and we both have the same exact last name as she is taking my last name on all of her documents. I told the rep from the state senators office I have very little faith in USCIS and that I would be sending them another copy of our marriage certificate as well as a photocopy of both of our drivers licenses in response to the RFE which shows that we are married and that we reside at the same address. She said it wasn't needed but I didn't want a denial for failure to respond to an RFE. 11 days after it was received it was approved. And we have the GC interview on Monday. Baltimore doesn't approve on the spot and could take a few weeks to months to get approval. The process never ends!
  12. Thanks. This is exactly what I was looking for!
  13. Absolutely 100 percent zero issues. I did the same thing and no issues.
  14. Couple of questions about the ukrainian passport process My wife is hoping to head back to Ukraine very soon to visit family once AP or GC gets approved. She still has the old passport (non-biometric one) and that one expires in a year or so. Its time to get a biometic one for a number of reasons. 1) If she goes back to Ukraine for a week or so can they turn around a new passport in a week? 2) In the US when renewing you passport you have to turn in the old one, and when they issue you a new one, they return the old passport with holes punched through it. Will she have to give them the old one? 3) If she gets to keep the old passport, can she travel with the old one as long as it is valid? Her other idea that if they cant turn it around in a week - is that she request a biometric one when she returns this time when she goes back the following time she will pick up the biometric passport (she said she could let them know this or have a family member pick it up, etc, etc) If she does that my concern is that they invalidate the current passport as the new one has been issued. Then she could have trouble returning to the US, etc 4) Other option is to have the Ukraine Embassy in DC do it but can't find out if 1) you have to get them your current passport and what the timeframe on that is. Thanks for any help.
  15. Every state is different. My wife was able to get her real Id driver license with the expired i94 and a copy of noa1 of the i485 to show it’s filed. It’s only good for 8 months and by that time hopefully you have ead to extend it.
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