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  1. Sorry, but I am not getting the Labcorp reference. Are you saying to minimize headaches to get tested in the states at a clinic associated with Labcorp? I'm not up on all this testing biz so any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Glad to hear you got through. Welcome to Ukraine.
  2. Now... if only Ukraine would do the same thing. They still currently have the same 'revolutionary' requirement.
  3. I just learned that ALL foreigners entering Ukraine now need to get a successful PCR test within 72 hours of flying to Ukraine AND buy the covid-19 insurance (needs to be good for your ENTIRE stay in Ukraine) before you will be allowed into the country. People currently in Ukraine are exempt. I am not sure how long this requirement for a successful PCR test will last but it is not currently possible for ANY foreigner to get a PCR test in Ukraine or download Vdoma and self-isolate. My apologies if this was already posted in this thread.
  4. frodolives: I did reach out to Ukraine Today just now and they confirmed it MUST be a PCR test to be excused from the app and self-isolation. So you should check with JFK on the 2-3 hour thing. That suggests to me a rapid test which would NOT be sufficient. If it is a PCR test then it appears you are golden.
  5. 2-3 hours? JFK seems like a rapid test, not a PCR test. Can you confirm that with JFK? If it's a rapid test you should then ask visitukraine.today if it must be a PCR test to be excused from the app and self-isolation. If you learn the JFK test won't work for you I can say the cost of doing the PCR test in Ukraine is much less costly and the results come quicker. It's just some pain and suffering at the outset in Borisypl when you land.
  6. You will be faced with people in military garb who are only there to make sure you download the Dii Vdoma app. I had tech problems as I was not getting the code back to confirm my account in that app. After some discussion I was led to Customs who stamped my passport and then I got the test and set something up with someone at one of the tables there to get updates. I think it was < 24 hours when I was informed my test was negative so Dii Vdoma was no longer necessary. Ukraine, and Ukrainians, like people from the USA. I have found them to be very helpful and friendly. Your passport gets you 90 days there every 180 so stays of 90 days or less are perfectly fine. No problems whatsoever. They are happy to have you. Yes, you need special health insurance and can buy online at visitukraine.today. VERY affordable and the payment flow, though not slick like PayPal, works. Best to have a gmail address (they recommend it) because you will get a code to confirm payment via email and it doesn't seem to work consistently for other popular domains like Yahoo.
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