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  1. If she hasn't already done so, have your lady reach out to Medikom for the medical. Medikom always gets rave reviews (not sure about the other place). My lady was quite impressed with Medikom. Nice facility, very professional. Others will say schedule the medical soon before the embassy interview. My lady had her medical 2-3 weeks prior. The plan was always to bring her here ASAP so, unless your lady has some personal affairs to attend to that might delay her arrival in the states, this should work fine for you. When my lady called Medikom she was booked for an appointment a couple of weeks into the future.
  2. Be sure to keep us posted! 🙂 The email from the embassy will come eventually but you don't have to wait on it. It just provides some links to things you can already find on your own.
  3. Mike: LEARN FROM ME AND MY STUPIDITY when it comes to scheduling an embassy appointment in Kyiv. When I was in position to schedule the interview, apparently they did not have the entire June and July schedules built out yet. So I had to settle for a mid-August appointment which was like 2.5 months into the future. I was shocked the wait would be so long. My lady was crushed. We thought we could get an interview in 7-10 days like many of the people who came only a month before us. Several days passed and it seemed hopeless that I would get anything sooner for my lady. So I went and booked a flight (I wanted to be with her at the interview). My typical luck. Like a week later someone came on here and said they were suddenly able to get a June appointment. So I went out to the website and there they were... several open appointment slots in June and July. Needless to say I ate the cost of rescheduling my flight for an earlier interview but, if I was a bit more patient, I would have saved myself a couple hundred bucks. Just keep this in mind before settling on an appointment time and booking a flight (should you wish to be present at the interview).
  4. Hi Mike: You can call 703-988-7107. There is a prompt to follow to specifically get to Kyiv and then another prompt or two to get to a live person.
  5. This was part of the point of my original post on this topic. UIA is a nickel-and-dime airline that, on the surface, may look like a decent option financially. However, after they're through with the body cavity searches it isn't such a bargain after all AND their service is lousy. We flew the Kiev-to-NYC nonstop flight and hated every minute of it. Never again. We will pay the higher fare for a better airline in the future.
  6. I totally understand your feelings. We're a step or two ahead of you. Both have raised our kids. I'm 56 and waiting for what seemed like an eternity for the I129f approval was killing me. We're not getting any younger and a lot of it seemed like wasted time to me. It still does. I can't get those months back. It's so nice now having her here. We're starting the AoS/Green Card process and there's more waiting coming but at least she's here and we're enjoying being together now. I think you/she will find the interview is a snap. For your lady there will likely be a countable number of questions and, in all likelihood, she'll be out of there in an hour with her approval letter in hand. Hang in there... better days are coming. 🙂
  7. I am very sorry to hear about this setback. Frustrating I'm sure. At least you can have your interview so focus on that, ace it and put this unfortunate situation behind you for now. In a couple of months, everything should come back fine and then it's onward and upward.
  8. We had our interview bright and early Monday morning. My lady is from Vinnytsia and we had her visa in hand at the TMM office in her city that Thursday morning. So... three business days and we were golden. Here's the catch. We had NO Ukrainian or U.S. holidays getting in the way. A fellow Ukraine petitioner said they had their interview about 10 days before ours. His lady is from Dnipro (further from Kiev than Vinnytsia) and she got her visa at her local TMM office in 3-4 business days. Therefore, assuming no holidays or other complications, it seems 3-4 business days has been the turnaround time recently. I pause in telling someone they are safe to book a flight in, say, 5-7 business days because any hiccup can cause costly flight reschedules. You just never know. I would counsel someone to NOT book anything until the visa is in hand and ALL data on the visa has been validated as being correct. That's what we did. Though probably infrequent, a name or DOB could be incorrect and then where are you? Back at the embassy and you're rebooking flights. As it is I cost myself hundreds through some stupid decision making because of the choppy way this whole thing works. At least from now on I can book flights in advance with a certain degree of certainty things will be as they are.
  9. For K-1s from Ukraine, when flying your lady back I encourage you to choose ANY airline except UIA. What a horrible experience. For every other airline I have flown (and there have been many), checking in and boarding the plane has been a seamless experience. No extra charges. UIA will weigh EVERYTHING. They will measure EVERYTHING. They will nickel and dime you for EVERYTHING. No smiles. Nothing. Not a good customer experience at all. I can't tell you how many people were sent to the cash box for different things the day we flew back. Lots of grumbling by passengers. Much crying and gnashing of teeth. Simply not worth it.
  10. Thanks. There's no way I could have done this without all of your help. 🙂
  11. Sorry, still in Ukraine. Haven't had much time to read up lately. We fly Thursday. Doing the medical exam and interview in the same trip will work if there is at least one day between the exam and the interview. To be safe, I would allow for 2 or 3 days between them. Rusk, go to Google and type in something like 'U.S. embassy Kiev interview checklist'. One of the things that comes back in the Google search is a direct link to the embassy checklist which I found extremely helpful. Use that list! Make sure you have all things before the interview! We were out by 9. Mostly waiting. Only a few questions. We had all documents, relationship proof ad nauseum. It was a smooth experience. We were really happy. TAKE YOUR TIME! YOU'RE ALMOST THERE!
  12. So same exact time (of day) but one week later? I wonder if the wait will be longer that day if they are overbooking to accommodate for the day off this Friday. Or maybe spreading appointments out over the course of next week to lessen the load each day? In any event, I am glad you at least got an email clearing up some of the confusion.
  13. Sorry, I wish I could be of more help. Unless another woman from Belarus responds with another option for you I think your next step is to send a message to the Warsaw embassy directly (see link below). I have to think they have encountered this before with others from Belarus. They require government-issued photo IDs. Maybe they can suggest something. https://pl.usembassy.gov/embassy-consulate/contact-us-form/
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