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  1. Thanks, you just answered my follow-up question. 🙂 Since my wife is married to me (a U.S. citizen) and so she can file for naturalization after 3 years it seems we could do this while the I-751 is still happening.
  2. We are still a while from completing the I-751 but wanted to get some early intel. Our apologies if this kind of question has been asked ad nauseum in the past. We did a cursory review of recent posts but couldn't see anything that asked this particular question but maybe they are there and we're just plain missing them. As far as timeline goes for ROC, does it matter what your local office is (for us it would be Boston) like it does with the AOS? We think so since there's biometrics, interview, etc. but maybe the service center (I think, in our case, that would be Vermont) is more pertinent. We're trying to get the lowdown on how long it could take end-to-end to complete... TOTALLY understanding that timelines can change from one year to the next. Just looking for a ballpark based on current state so we can set our expectations accordingly. If the local office does come into play for the timeline it would be appreciated if any fellow Boston folks can respond. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Check out our timeline under the AOS section. I wrote a novelette. Ha ha https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/profile.php?id=330856 But one think about these interviews. They're like snowflakes. All are different. Depends on agent, USCIS office, etc. Ours was a little interesting. More questions it seems than several others but not confrontational really. Just Q&A. You'll be fine.
  4. Green Card received in the mail today via USPS Priority Mail. Delivered by our normal carrier at the usual delivery time. No signature was required. We're off for two years but will check back in occasionally to see if we can help out in any way. We will return regularly for the ROC forums at the appropriate time. Any questions? Please feel free to write us directly or here in the forums. We'll do our best to help. Good luck to all !!! And thanks for all the guidance and encouragement along the way.
  5. A word of warning. I have only had one real positive experience calling this number. I coincidentally called a day or two after our I-129f was officially approved. The approval was not yet reflected online (this happened several days later) so I just happened to learn the good news as a result of some VERY lucky timing. All other times calling this number have been a complete waste of my time. Tier 1 agents have maybe a tad more information than you. You may read tales about people speaking to Tier 2 agents and getting a whopping amount of helpful information. I am skeptical and think several of these people are full of what makes the grass grow. I tried the Tier 2 route a number of times and it didn't benefit me one bit. I am just trying to set expectations here. In many cases, calling this number will leave you frustrated.
  6. I don't think you need to be worried. I believe it depends on your local USCIS office. Some are quicker than others. Our office has pretty good turnaround time and we feel VERY fortunate about this. Based on USPS tracking, we are projected to receive my wife's GC tomorrow. We feel for those who have a longer 'tail' than us. Here is a link on this website with processing times for various offices. Maybe this can help you gauge things: https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/aosstats.php Of course, I hope your turnaround time is quicker than what this link may suggest. This link is only historical and reliant on people keeping their timelines accurate. Good luck. 🙂
  7. I believe I had this status at one point, too. You will notice your status will start changing often at this point. If you were told you were approved I believe you are good. So smile. 🙂
  8. One thing I wanted to add. At one point in time a tracking number was ostensibly provided when a GC officially went out in the mail. However, we have no tracking number for our case at this time. All we know is the GC has been mailed. Has the practice of using tracking numbers been discontinued? Or is that provided ASAP after the status has changed indicating the GC is in the mail? Thanks in advance for any guidance.
  9. Our status changed today. GC officially in the mail. Almost at the finish line. Looking forward to the 2 year break for some R&R. Good luck to all others at various stages of the process.
  10. We already had our interview and were approved. The GC will be on its way to us soon I think. EAD and AP have been dead in the water for months. And I suspect (and I certainly COULD be wrong) that the closer we got to the actual interview date the more likely they decided to table our EAD and AP. Why finish adjudicating and sending a combo card that would have a shelf life of 19 minutes?
  11. We did apply for EAD and AP but it was still outstanding when we got approved for the GC. We should be all set soon.
  12. After work today I'll be stopping off at our local post office to get the skinny. I'll engrave her name onto the box if I freaking have to.
  13. SSA told us to take a hike until we were fully processed through immigration. I really don't know how some have pulled off a social beforehand. Anyway, we just got approved and are waiting for the GC. Once that comes in the mailbox, bright and early the following morning we will be in SSA's grill to get her a social security card/number.
  14. We had our AOS interview today and got approved. The agent mentioned we should make sure her name is on the mailbox as they won't deliver a green card to an address where the person's name does not appear on it. We rent an apartment. Our box reads our last name but doesn't itemize each resident. Do I need to stick something on the box that has my wife's name on it? Or is the last name sufficient? Has anyone had an agent say this to them before and does anyone have experience with this and can advise how best to make sure the green card actually ends up in our mailbox? We don't want any unnecessary delays.
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