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  1. I only submitted 2016 tax returns to nvc and i got a checklist for 2016 w2 but the CO only asked for 2017 and 2017 w2 but when I gave him both 2016 and 2017, he returned the 2016 to me and kept the 2017 tax returns and w2 to him self.
  2. the same one I got in December. Please don't forget to go with your 2017 tax returns and w2
  3. Good day everyone, I want to let the house know that I had my interview yesterday and got approved. It as a very long wait but at the end it ended beautifully with an approval. The questions were direct closed end questions 1. Where my spouse stays, 2. Where does my spouse work 3. What do I do for a living 4. Where do I work 5. Where do we plan on settling down in the US? 6. Where did we get married 7. Whey did we get married in my country. 8. Does my spouse have any relatives in my country 9. Have either of us been married before? 10. When was the last time I saw my spouse? 11. How did we meet? 12. What state was my spouse born in the US They then returned some documents to me and said congratulations, "your visa has been approved". Was also told that my passport and documents will be mailed back to me within 2 wks A very big thank you to vj forum and every active participant. I am most honoured to have met this grp. I don't know how I wld have endured this long tortuous wait with my mind still intact if not for you all. This process is a true test of one's patience and I wish everyone who has gone thru this process wld never again in this life time hv their patience tested
  4. Does anyone have any comment or a word to share about this question? Still waiting for your response
  5. I came across this 2 annoying questions while exploring other vj forum but can't seem to wrap my head around it. Can anyone kindly respond to these questions or make a comment about it. Thanks. 1. As a couple, why did you decide to move to the US rather than your own country? 2. When do you plan on leaving the US after entry?
  6. Congratulations, if I may ask, we're you living in the US before now and what do you mean by your last sentence
  7. Open your whatsapp, go to the top right hand Conner and click on the option icon(3 vertical dots), then click settings, then chat then click on the email chat. Select your spouses chat number and email it to yourself. Select email chat without media. Then print it from your email. That's all.
  8. Nop, i expect it to take a couple of days perhaps next week for changes to be effected. We have waited for weeks, a few more days won't kill.
  9. Great. Wish you the very best. Sure you will get yours pretty soon.