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  1. Now that’s messed up. Being punished because someone doesn’t know how to do their job properly.
  2. I have the same issues. Got a ref for my parents marriage certificate on dec 5th because the reviewer didn’t do any search on the various acceptable documents he/she should expect based on the my country’s marriage laws. Well, I resubmitted the certificate with pictures from my parents marriage ceremony along with a link to DOS statement on acceptable marriage document from my country but I’m yet to get any notification and the website still says submitted.
  3. Thanks for the insight. Will definitely keep this in mind.
  4. Thanks a million. This says it all. I will reply the ref now and send them some pictures as supporting documents to consolidate my point. If they still cannot accept my explanation and picture proof then i will suggest they expunge the document from their record.
  5. I apologize. Got my date wrong. I submitted on the 22nd of October and yes I got a ref today. My parents had customary marriage in 1977 and the document issued by the govt is called testimony of native law and custom marriage act. Don’t know how to explain this to NVC and certainly don’t know if I could ask them to ignore the document and proceed with the others that have been marked as accepted.
  6. Hi everyone. I have a quick question to ask. I filed for my dad and submitted all documents to NVC on the 28 of October but included his marriage certificate amongst documents submitted. Now I got a ref for invalid marriage certificate. I just want to ask if submitting the marriage certificate was necessary in the first place for this petition and if i could request that NVC disregard the document since my petition wasn’t marriage based. thanks for your response.
  7. Hi everyone. I have a quick question to ask. Is submitting a marriage certificate necessary if it’s not a marriage based petition but a petition for my dad?
  8. Hi everyone. Submitted N-400 application for my mom 4 weeks ago, does anyone know the average time this process would take?
  9. Hi everyone. Just a quick question. Is there a way to contact NVC. Can’t seem to find any channel to communicate my issues with them. Since i submitted my case 2 weeks ago, I haven’t gotten any notification of acknowledgment that they received my case or that my case has Been submitted other than the website saying documents submitted. I was of the opinion that we should normally get an email at least. Case still saying I should fill form DS-260 and submit required documents. This is very perplexing. Please your opinion will be greatly appreciated.
  10. When did you file for your parents and where was their service center. I filed for my dad in July of 2021 and requested for expedited service on the same grounds as yours 4 weeks ago and still haven’t heard a thing from them. It’s just so frustrating waiting without any response or knowledge of how the process is being handled.
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