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  1. I just filled the I-130 form for my dad online and they didn’t request for form I-864 or anything in addition. Perhaps maybe I really do not know what I was doing or could be that the mandate to end “affidavit of support” has been effected. Well, if anyone has any comment or 2 about this topic don’t hesitate chip in.
  2. Wow.. this is certainly mind draining. Well, I hope they conclude everything very soon. You should have applied for naturalization. I’m Pretty sure the biometric wld hv come in sooner if you did.
  3. Wow! Big Congratulations to you and be sure your N400 will be just fine and soon too.
  4. Hi everyone. Can anyone highlight where I can get information on i130 application, the AOS and the necessary documents for the application. Planning to apply for my dad. Thanks
  5. Oh wow! This is troubling. I can only imagine the psychological trauma they must have put you through. It almost feels like they lost you case and rediscovered it or perhaps the person in charge of your case was fired and then rehired. Crazy crazy crazy....
  6. A question that has been on my mind for a while now. Got the same follow-up message approximately 27 days ago on my case. In any case, just know that it may take while longer before you will get scheduled. Some say it all depends on how busy your local USCIS office may be.
  7. True. I did too. The majority of us do this ourselves.
  8. Well, I filed on the 20th of February and just like you, haven't heard a thing from them since covid-19 interrupted my biometrics capturing in March. My service center is Texas too and things seem to be on a halt over there. So cheer up cos you are not alone.
  9. ROTFL. Indeed a life time. That was funny. Dont worry, it will all come to a beautiful end soon.
  10. I want ro believe you have nothing to worry about because many others hv received the same message before now. I filed in late February. Got the invitation for biometric which was initially scheduled for march 28th but covid19 happened and all uscis centers were closed for business by 22nd of March and I haven't received any update since then. I tried calling them on june 8th but it seem's like I could only speak to their virtual assistant as their directory have changed. I couldn't even send them an email as my case still reads "case received" on their website and application. Really not so sure what to do at this moment.
  11. Well, I have check on their regular website but unaware of other means to check. However, if you hv a link to the other site, kindly share with me. Thanks
  12. Good evening everyone.. Got my NOA1 on the 26th of February 2020 and capturing appointment letter on the 3rd of march but wasn't able to attend the data capturing which was initially scheduled for March 28th due to the corona virus pandemic. Just curious if anyone here has the same issue and if USCIS have started issuing new appointments for data capturing
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