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  1. congratulations!! They will send you a case number on your email (i received mine via email) then you can pay the fees.
  2. the approval is a case to case basis. And Yes, the ban is still implemented until dec.31,2020 depends if it’s going to be extended. they are just processing the approvals but no interview schedule yet coz of the ban.
  3. Hello to all, Just want to share my parent's timeline. IR-5 Timeline California Service Center - MOTHER: I-30 Online Application - January 08, 2020 NOA 1 Receipt Notice Received - January 13,2020 Approved (Approval Notice was uploaded online) - May 18,2020 NVC Number was issued via E-mail - May 18,2020 Submitted Documents on CEAC - July 23,2020 Documentarily Qualified - September 29,2020 Waiting for the interview schedule before doing the medical.... IR-5 Timeline California Service Center- FATHER I-30 Online Application : January 08,2020 NOA 1 Receipt Notice Received: January 13, 2020 Approved (Approval Notice was uploaded online) - October 23,2020 NVC Number was issued via E-mail - October 28,2020 Currently uploading documents needed on CEAC...
  4. Congratulations!!! I’m still waiting for ky dad. PD: January 08,2020 CSC I did an online inquiry for outside normal processing time but they said that the IO is still reviewing it and will just mail a letter when a decision is made. Note: I sent a message a month ago thru my USCIS account they said that my dad’s petition is at Texas Service Center. Then I called the USCIS on August 9, they said it’s in California. So idk where. but regardless if it’s in TSC or CSC, it’s outside of normal processing time. The last action taken made was on June 23,2020.
  5. this is what i’m about to ask as well. Still waiting for dad’s approval. Mom’s approved already. I believe we have 1 year to respond back to NVC before they terminate the application.
  6. Still waiting for dad too. Have not started mom’s NVC processing. Idk how long will it be for my dad
  7. I filed mine online for both my parents on January 2020 - Nebraska Service Center. Mom got approved 13 days ago. Approval notice came from California. i’m still waiting for my dad. Idk how long will it take. I have not started my mom’s nvc stage since I have to wait for my dad
  8. Do you think it's better to wait for the other approval before I proceed to my mom's NVC processing?
  9. I put their business name since my parents has one. I indicated there that they're business owners.
  10. I have the same situation. Mom got approved first then I am waiting for my dad. I will delay my mom's so that I can process them together when my dad gets an approval. Or else, one will be left behind..
  11. Have you checked your USCIS account document tab? It should be there. I submitted on January 08,2020 - Nebraska Service Center for my mom and dad. My mom got approved on May 18,2020 and was able to get the approval letter online. I also got the email from NVC the same day they approved my mom. Still waiting for dad's approval...
  12. I think your case will be faster in CSC than in Nebraska. I submitted my petition for both my parents on January 08,2020. Service Center was in Nebraska. May 18,2020 they approved my Mom's case and the approval letter came from Laguna Niguel, CA. I'm still waiting for my dad's approval..
  13. Congratulations!!!! I'm still waiting for my dad also. My mom got approved on May 18. Can't proceed to NVC as I'm waiting for his approval so I can do both at the same time.
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