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  1. If you are in a western country (I agree with someone in your posting history who mentioned it sounds like you are in the UK, so that's my assumption) then there are absolutely resources for you. Homeless shelters, food banks, domestic violence shelters, government assistance programs for food and shelter and income assistance - there are programs you could definitely qualify for. Is your partner not able to help you financially, at least enough to get away and support yourself for a bit? Listen, your situation is extremely sympathetic. It sounds incredibly difficult. Many, many people immigrate to the United States because they are facing hardships at home. If the US government allowed everyone who attempted to immigrate illegally slide because they had a sad story (and to be clear, coming to the US on an ESTA with the intent to adjust status is illegal immigration) then everyone would do that. I'm not trying to be harsh, but I'm trying to make you understand that escaping your situation via illegal immigration isn't an option, no matter what kind of story you can tell them if you get caught. The best thing you can do for yourself right now is try to make your life bearable in the meantime.
  2. I really feel for your situation. Unfortunately, nobody here would condone that path, as it is expressly against the law (as you have acknowledged yourself) and it goes against VJ TOS to give any advice that would not be a legal option. Also, for what it's worth, there's a lot that could go wrong with that plan that would just land you back at home, and even potentially with a ban from entering the US at all, or at the very least with your current K1 now under more intense scrutiny. Rather than focusing on marriage as a way out of your situation, I would really encourage you to look into whatever community resources are available to you in your area of the world. Domestic violence shelters, etc, to get you away from your parents and on your feet independently, first. There is no quick way out of your situation that is legal and involves immigration to the United States. If you fill out your timeline, or at least tell us what embassy, others may be able to tell you how much longer you have to wait in the K1 process, or even point you toward resources available in your country. I'm very sorry for everything you're going through. It sounds extremely hard.
  3. The Hep B vaccine is a 3 dose series, but if you get the first dose, the medical center will be able to waive the requirement for the remaining two due to the time constraint. My partner got his first dose of the Hep B vaccine with his GP because we saw another review that mentioned that vaccine isn't always available at the clinic and we didn't want any hold ups. Same with the Covid booster.
  4. Understandable - I'd definitely still take the evidence just in case your officer is more concerned with your situation, but I wouldn't stress too much about it!
  5. Personally, with London I think you should be okay. YMMV because I (the USC) have income above the poverty guidelines so I did not need to joint sponsor. However, at my fiance's interview on Tuesday, they asked for just the I-134 form, but he didn't give them any of the evidence. They never asked for it, and his visa has now been issued, so apparently it wasn't a problem. I don't think London weights it very heavily. As Boiler said, just make sure you have it all worked out when it comes time for I-864 at the AOS stage. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  6. Yeah, this actually makes a lot of sense in hindsight because when I was looking for info on Cleveland as a POE, it wasn't listed on this site nor anywhere else. However, I believe Dublin and Toronto are currently its only international connections, so it makes sense why Cleveland isn't listed when technically Dublin (and Toronto, which also has US preclearance) is the POE. This conversation has definitely cleared a lot up for us and hopefully this thread can be useful to people in the future!
  7. After seeing your comment we started looking into the pre-clearance at Dublin (we had no idea this was a thing when we booked!) and it does seem like since we booked both Manchester -> Dublin and Dublin -> Cleveland on the same itinerary, our bags should be checked all the way through. Thanks a lot for bringing this up, we had no idea so now we're much better prepared, lol. Thank you for this!
  8. Oh, so does this secondary processing take place before we depart, or when we enter the US? We'll be flying Manchester -> Dublin -> Cleveland. I was under the impression that this would take place when we get to the US?
  9. Great, thanks to both of you! Just knowing that helps a lot.
  10. Hello all! My fiance's K1 visa was approved yesterday! As such, I'll be traveling to him in early June to help pack up, and then we'll be returning to the US together. Our port of entry will be Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Can anyone walk us through what to expect when we arrive with his K1? Will we just go through border control as usual and show the officer the visa in his passport and packet? Is there anything additional we should know? Both of us are a little anxious and just want to know exactly what to expect when we arrive in the US. Thank you!
  11. Hello! Now that my fiance's visa interview is near, we are looking ahead at the requirements for the AOS packet, as we'd like to get it done ASAP once we're married! I just have a couple of questions on the EAD form: Part II, Question 18: List all countries where you are currently a citizen or a national. Will he be considered a US national? Or should he only list the UK (where he is immigrating from)? Part II, Question 24: Immigration Status at Your Last Arrival (would be K-1 Fiance) Part II, Question 25: Your Current Immigration Status Would question 25 still be K-1 Fiance? Or is there a more suitable response since we will be filing the EAD with our AOS packet?
  12. Once you get to the interview stage, the US citizen will fill out form I-134. Along with that form, they'll gather evidence of their ability to support you financially, including IRS tax transcripts, a letter from their employer verifying salary, and/or a few recent pay stubs. They can scan and e-mail that to you, and you'll submit it with other required documents at the interview. As a side note, it has been extremely helpful to my partner and I to really study up on the K1 guides here on this site: https://www.visajourney.com/guides/ The flowchart and K1 visa guide give a really detailed overview of the entire process, including giving you an idea of what to expect at each stage. Since you're in the waiting portion right now, it's a great time to become an A+ student in immigration. Studying up helps relieve my anxiety a lot and I think it may also help you and your partner wrap your head around everything. Another great resource is the consulate reviews page on here.
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