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  1. I’m officially a US citizen! 🎉 I was super nervous before the interview but it was a lot easier than I thought. My appointment time was 12:10pm and I got called in at 12:45. The interviewer was very nice. Started with the 6 questions: What movement tried to end racial discrimination Name one state that borders Canada Where is the Statue of Liberty What’s the name of the national anthem Name two US holidays In what month do we vote for president After this he asked quick questions about my work, my husband, my most recent international trips and asked me if I wanted to take the oath today! All in all the interview lasted no more than 10 min. The oath ceremony started at 1:10pm. We were maybe 20 people in the room. I’m glad I got to take the same day oath and not have to worry about USCIS anymore Now off to applying for a passport! Thanks to everyone on VisaJourney for your help over the years! A page is finally closing!
  2. Thank you for your detailed experience! For the marriage evidence, did you bring documents similar to what was needed for 751?
  3. Hi everyone! I filed the N-400 only 3 months ago, and my interview just got scheduled for October 31st! Anybody else going on that same date?
  4. Got my interview scheduled on October 31st, at the Seattle office! Anyone in the same boat?
  5. Thank you! Field office is Seattle, and my I-751 was approved on August 5!
  6. Hi everyone! Just randomly logged into my USCIS account today and now my case status says that the "Interview Was Scheduled". There's no interview date, so I am guessing I'll get the letter with the actual date in the mail in a few days. I was surprised because it's only been 3 months since I filed, but it looks like a few of you too got your interviews scheduled fairly quickly. Looks like some of you already went through your interviews, or have them very soon! Would anyone mind sharing their experience? Thanks!
  7. Thank you! The RFE was because we didn't give enough proofs of commingled finances. At the time of filing we were living with my husband's father. Right after filing, we bought a house so we were able to send the house title as evidence when we got the RFE, plus the latest 2021 tax return. We originally filed from California and service center was CSC. Then we moved to Washington, and I'm not sure if the service center changed. 🤔
  8. My I-751 finally got approved yesterday! It took a little over a year! I filed in July 2021 and got an RFE in April 2022 that I replied to in June. I also just filed my N-400 in June.
  9. Exact same thing happened twice! Not sure what it was. Maybe about them mailing the physical receipt notice and bio waiver because I received them few days later.
  10. Not enough proof of commingled finances. We were both living at my father in law in order to save money to buy a house, so no lease to show for. Sent the ROC in July 2021 but bought a house right after in September 2021. And maybe so much time had passed (9 months) so they also wanted to verify we were still together? Hopefully the house will help to show shared assets.
  11. Filed in July 2021, received the RFE in April 2022 and replied In June. Service center is California.
  12. Hi! Those of you who got an RFE on your I-751, when did you hear back from USCIS after sending in your extra evidence? It looks like it can be anywhere from 60 to 90 days but read some stories where people had their green cards approved only after a couple weeks.
  13. Thank you! I just realized anyways that before looking at my travel history they will be looking at my 5 years residency history, and will see that I wasn’t living in the US 5 years ago So I think I’ll be fine! But yes, they could really be a little more clear in the instructions!
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