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  1. When we filled our visa K1 I had tourist visa and I continued used it while the process , the interview day the officer hold and canceled and my tourist visa , I am from Mexico , I am not sure if in another countries this happen also
  2. Thank you everyone for your opinions , I think finally I follow the law and I will carry my GC all time because I would not like to be a situation where I could have issues for that and more because the letter and the law mention that like mandatory thank you All again
  3. I am October 2018 filer and received my Green Card in September in the Approval letter said for law it is necessary I bring with me all time? I read in Uscis page and there say that also but I worry about I could loss it if I bring with me all time thank you for your opinion
  4. I am almost 6 years older than my husband , he was the petitionary and I came to USA with visa K1 we get married last year and just yesterday we had the interview for Green Card and we were approved, they never mentioned the age difference , I think you will be ok
  5. Hi everyone Just yesterday my status changed to Interview was schedule , I come here with visa K1 in August 2018 and sent my Aos in Oct 2018 , I had my medical exam in my Country in May last year My question is I need other medical Exam for Aos Interview? Thank you in advance for your help
  6. for the form I865 Sponsor’s change address , is necessary to send some Evidence or photos? Or only send the form thank you all
  7. I hope all is ok, I remember when I moved to Dallas from Mexico last August, The officer at Dallas airport only asked me for my Fiance folder , the wedding date and if I had gifts or food and that was all the best and congratulation for for your wedding
  8. I am agree with Georgian in 2017 I started my K1 visa process and I visited 4 times to my fiance during my process and never had issues for that
  9. That maybe depend of the Country in Mexico in my interview the officer asked me the B1 visa and he told me the visa was canceled in that moment . In fact he did not return it to me
  10. The cost of medical exam is 220 plus taxes and plus vaccines in case you need them. I paid last year 450 for vaccines. Biometrics doesn’t have cost I had my medical exam at Clínica Medica Internacional
  11. All looks good for me, I sent a lot information also in my file when I applied for K1 visa, later I read that is not necessary but I thought was better more than less but later I was worried because maybe were a lot information but I had my interview in Juarez Mexico and the officer made me only few questions and he did not ask me for nothing additional then I think was good the information I sent. But all depend the officer, country. You can read my Interview experience in my profile 😊 😊 The best wishes for this process
  12. My Uncle bringing with a Chihuahua pet from Mexico some years ago in the plane and the thing asked for Vaccination report and a Vet letter where say the pet is healthy. I am sharing you a link for more information https://www.state.gov/m/fsi/tc/34600.htm He used American Airlines
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