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  1. Hi everyone! I got married in August 2018, and didn’t work in the States that year. We filed for our 2018 tax return in February 2019, we chose to treat me as a resident alien for tax purposes only, this was before I had my green card, and we added my worldwide income and subtracted it so it would add to zero, which I know is completely fine and the IRS gives us the option to do. The thing is, our accountant forgot to send to the IRS the statement disclosing our choice to treat me as a RA for tax purposes even though I was a NRA. Now I’d like to amend our return to disclose that I wasn’t a resident alien at the time, but now I am. The numbers wouldn’t change, just the fact of me disclosing my status at the time. Has anybody done this? And could you give me any insight on what form to use when my return will stay the same? Thank you so much!
  2. I can’t upload the picture for some reason but basically USCIS will accept your form with our without the barcode, it just means they will have to type it in manually.
  3. Thank you so much, you’re a rockstar. Finally sending my package tomorrow, this was the very last detail I needed to cover.
  4. Has anybody had this problem applying for Advance Parole? I know the page is supposed to generate a barcode for my info at the bottom of it as I file it, but it’s coming out blank!!! I already tried using MAC and Windows, I don’t know what it could be. Don’t want my form to get rejected 😞
  5. Hi guys, I’m all ready to send my AOS! Thank you guys for all of your suggestions you’ve always given me. Since the form on the website for AP expired on December 31st 2018, I was just gonna request EAD with nub AOS and send AP later on when the new form comes out. I know it says on the website I can use that form until they come out with the new one, but I’m scared the adjudicator won’t know this and denies my whole application just for this. Also, should I just put “Filing along with AOS” as my reason for filing, or do I actually have a to show proof of my travel plans? What do you guys recommend I do? Thank you!!
  6. Hi everyone, can someone recommend me a good website where I can translate my Mexican birth certificate? Someone who will do the job to the dot and USCIS will accept. I know I can do it myself but I have no idea of what USCIS is looking for as far as the format, if they really want you to translate what’s in the logos, etc. Thanks guys
  7. Hi everyone, I am planning for file my AOS by the 28th of this month, which means I will file before filing for 2018 taxes. Our tax appointment is on February 5th, but I have an important event on the 30th near the Mexico border, in downtown San Diego, where there are often Border Patrol checkpoints and I am out of status, so I’d like to at least have filed before that in case we get stopped. My husband said to just wait and file after our tax return so we have the most updated info on the application. What do you guys recommend? Your input is much appreciated.
  8. Thank you! I will answer yes and then explain that I was a K1 holder, married within the 90 day period and overstayed my visa, would that be enough?
  9. I did marry before the 90 days. I googled the question and some people did say it was a violation... maybe I’m overthinking it lol.
  10. Hi everyone, I need help answering item 17 in part 8 of the form i-485 that reads as follows: “Have you ever violated the terms or conditions of your nonimmigrant status?” I came on a fiancée visa and my 90 days already ran out, so I would assume the answer is yes, but now, how do I explain that on my application? Also, on my application where it asks my current status should I put “none” or “out of status”. Thank you everyone!
  11. What about ticking it when you already have a SSN? Won’t that authorize them to give you a replacement card with your new name after marriage? That’s what I understood from the instructions and I was planning on filing my form like that.
  12. Thank you so much!! This helps a ton 😊 I will make sure to read the instructions carefully. P.S. If I’m not wrong, even if you husband didn’t meet the substancial presence requirement, you could still choose to treat him as a RA for tax purposes, you just have to send a written statement with your joint tax return. Hope everything turns out awesome for you two!
  13. Thank you so much for your always well thought out answers. I think you're right, the benefit is much bigger than the annoyance of the paperwork. My only problem here is that I don't really know what I'm doing lol. I have never seen a full tax return so I don't really know all that implies, I guess that's what's making me so nervous about it. And my husband doesn't help me, he has always had somebody else do his taxes so he's oblivious to the whole process. I just wanna feel like I'm informed so I know the tax guy is just doing his job right and I know how to respond to the IRS if I ever get questioned. I was an accountant in Mexico, where the tax system is extremely meticulous and people get audited regularly for even the smallest mistakes. So taxes here in the US feel so different to me. What's the real probability of being audited? So my question here would be, when you send your joint tax return, you send only one form, in which the USC does his return normally (with W2/1099) and the NRA only discloses their income and taxes paid for the year, no proof or Paystubs or anything else required? I belive the post I quoted earlier has a link for rates to convert foreign income to USD, so I would use that. My husband gets both a W2 and a 1099 , as he works for someone and also has a side job where he is self employed, I don't know if that changes anything for us.
  14. Hi everyone, With the tax season soon coming upon us, I'd like to be prepared andI have a few questions so I hope you can share your personal experiences with me. I came on a K1 and married in 2018. I will be filing for AOS this year. I read the post below and found out I have two options, file married jointly and disclose my worldwide income (RA for tax purposes) or file married separately so my husband can claim me (NRA). We would like to file separately so he can get an exemption for me, but I have the following doubts: 1. Can/should I file for taxes even if I didn't have any income coming from the US in 2018? This is so we can file separately, since I don't wanna have to deal with proving my income and translating all my Paystubs from 2018. 2. I have a SSN, do I still have to get an ITIN to file? 3. I live in California. Has anyone successfully e-filed in the first year as a non resident alien, or do I absolutely have to file over the mail? 4. If it's the case I shouldn't file taxes since my income was zero, can my husband file as single without claiming me? What's my best option here? Thank you everyone!
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