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  1. Hi All On the day of my interview, my husband stayed outside because the letter didn't said he has to come with me and when I asked in the entrance they told me no. When the USCIS officer called me in, we went inside to her office and she asked me if I brought any new documents/photos to add to what she already had. Then she ask where is my husband, I told her outside and she said he needed to come in and asked for his phone number and called him to come inside, meanwhile she asked basic personal info like full name, DOB, SSN and what was new in our relationship since I became a permanent resident and what were the plans for the future, meanwhile she also look through the pictures and documents I brought. When My husband came in she asked him the same questions she previously asked me and everything matched. Then she said I was approved and that I could apply for citizenship soon. In general she was very nice. The extra documents I brought were: - Recent pictures since I became a conditional resident. - Wedding albums for both my civil and wedding celebration. - Mortgage statements and dead for our new home - New of car title/Insurance - Job benefit/insurance cards with both our names - Utility bills -Christmas cards -Mail directed to both of us
  2. Good morning all I just wanted to share the news with you that I had my interview yesterday and got my conditions removed!! this morning I got the notification that my new card is being produced!! Hopefully you will get yours soon!
  3. Hi I finally got my appointment for January 18th. The letter explains Covid protocols what and who to bring. Something strange, in the section "who should come with you" doesn't say I have to bring my husband. He will go with me anyway just to be safe.
  4. Hi Even I had the same problem. I wrote a detailed letter explaining my whole process and what the I-797 was and attached USCIS webpage info on the extension and they accepted it.
  5. Hi! According to USPS informed delivery it was arriving last Saturday but it didn't. Hopefully today 🤞 I'm worried the mailman delivered it to a wrong address because all the other mail was delivered except my letter.😐
  6. Yes, informed delivery is a must! My interview appointment was scheduled to arrive on saturday and it didn't. Hopefully today🤞 I changed my address recently and when i got the biometrics appt it went to the old address (I requested to change it previously), so I called USCIS and they updated it. My interview appointment is coming to the right address now.
  7. Good Morning! MSC february filer here, I woke up to a text and email from USCIS saying that my case case is ready to be scheduled for an interview! I wasn't expecting this so soon at all!!
  8. No, It will happen after, they wait for an interview is long for MSC and think also NBC.
  9. I received my biometrics appointment letter today (MSC). USCIS didn't update my address as I requested, and I submitted the AR-11 a couple months ago. Luckily the letter was forwarded to my new address. Does anyone know how can I effectively update my address with them?
  10. Hi Kayee! Great news I still waiting on my biometrics appointment and my case was received on 2/10/21🥴. I read somewhere that MSC times are so long that you end up doing Naturalization at the same time. Time will tell...
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