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  1. SF filer AOS from K1 Oct 2017. Nothing yet. Waiting for interview scheduling is last update for the past couple months. Just renewed EAD/AP since it’s taking forever to do aOS
  2. My EAD/AP is expiring March 2018, I filed to renew back in October. Do I have to stop working it if expires or can I still work while waiting for the new card? My AOS still pending, San Francisco is taking forever
  3. Anyone from San Francisco waiting for an interview or already had interview for 1485. It’s been a year since filing, I checked the site processing tine for SF is 15-30 months 😵
  4. Does anyone know a link to a checklist for EAD/ap renewal pending i485. Thanks
  5. Just came back from a month trip to Asia, 2nd time using EAD/AP card. Other than going to secondary, no problems. still waiting for interview at the SF office it’s almost 1 yr now from filing
  6. Has anyone here received a green card without going through the interview process
  7. Spoke to SF field office they said they are working on jan 2017 interviews right now
  8. October filer, San Francisco. Still waiting for interview. Already have EAD and AP
  9. Any San Francisco filers got interview scheduled yet?
  10. Flew WOW airlines, I couldn’t check in online on their app, or on the website so I just went a couple hours early to check in at the airport. They knew exactly what it is, so no problems with that either. Good Luck and happy travelling!
  11. Just wanna let you guys know, I just used my combo card to leave the country. Had no problems coming back in. Basically just got a stamped that said “paroled.” I asked the cbp officer if I can use it again for future travel, He said as long as it’s not expired it’s fine.
  12. I’m travelling using the combo card this Monday, anyone used it yet? I’m having anxiety
  13. Anyone received their green card yet?
  14. Just had an update on my green card status ”At this time USCIS cannot provide you with information for your case. Please contact the NCSC 1 (800) 375-5283 for additional information” what does this mean? We went from interview pending scheduling to this today. 😰
  15. Hang in there. We had to wait 163 days. Filed 3 SR one by phone two online. No response. Then we called senator, two-3 weeks later we received approval. Try contacting your representative, it might help. Good luck