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  1. Hi, starting to gather documents for ROC, Please check if these are ok. Thank you! -Joint tax returns 2017-2019 -Joint Checking, Savings -403b showing spouse as beneficiary -Apartment lease 2017-2020 -drivers license with the same address -utility bills: PGE, Phone, water and waste -Health/dental/vision/group life insurance from employer covering both spouse and US Citizen -joint car insurance -Advance medical directives for both of us -2 affidavit letters attesting to our marriage -vacation photos, and, boarding passes Wedding picture, pictures with family, cards
  2. Received 2yr green card 3/2019, what can I do now to prepare for i751, so everything will be ready when it’s time to remove conditions?
  3. Almost a month later after the SF interview. “New Card being Produced” thank god, what a relief!
  4. my status is still pending further review, it’s been a week after interview, feeling anxious 😥
  5. Btw guys, for us the officer didn’t need a new medical, last medical we did was for the k1 done June 2017, AOS filed oct 2017.
  6. So we did the interview, brought in everything. The only thing he asked for are things showing joint accounts, bills taxes. Took 2 photos that’s it. Questions he asked: 1. Names both me and spouse 2. Work and what you do and where 3. where do you live 4. Last trip, have the last date you entered the United States. Available with I-94 5. How did we get to the interview then he gave me a slip saying “Your case is being held for review” and that we’ll find out in a week or two.
  7. Just want to give you guys an update. For San Francisco Filers, my AOS is now scheduled for an interview. filed Oct 2017, that was a long wait but it’s here! Nervous but excited!
  8. SF filer AOS from K1 Oct 2017. Nothing yet. Waiting for interview scheduling is last update for the past couple months. Just renewed EAD/AP since it’s taking forever to do aOS
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