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  1. The packet 3 is actually clear on what originals they want: Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Termination of Marriages. Some other things they accept certified copies. But there's no mention to original on financial support. But I'll let you know how it went after the interview.
  2. Documents related to financial support can be copies. I emailed them about this, and that's what they replied.
  3. Every financial support document can be scanned and emailed to your fiancee according to the email they sent me.
  4. On the email they sent me, they said they only send it directly to the embassy if the medical appointment is after the interview, or close enough.
  5. Exactly. Since you do the exams after the medical appointment, you can't get the results on the same day. I'm asking a friend to pick my results and mailing them to me.
  6. NVC will only assign a case number and then forward it to the embassy.
  7. Yes, that's the NOA2. Copies are accepted.
  8. They say in 3 business days. Because you do the exams after the medical appointment. In Rio, you are required to do the exams before, so the doctor will have the results on the day of the appointment.
  9. Not exactly. They asked for the interview date and they asked me to bring the packet 3 email with me on the day of the appointment.
  10. You can also schedule the medical. I'm having mine next week, even though the interview is only next month.
  11. No need to wait. Fill out the form and schedule the interview.
  12. I sent them an email asking about that, and they replied saying copies are accepted.
  13. You can schedule your interview as soon as your case status turns to ready on ceac.
  14. Timeline: NOA 1: 05/11/2018 NOA 2: 12/11/2018 NVC Received: 12/26/2018 Case #: 01/02/2019 Left NVC: 01/22/2019 Ready: 01/24/2019 Interview: 03/26/2019 I called on Dec 27th and they told me they received the case the day before. On Jan 2nd they sent an email to my fiance with the case number.
  15. Interview booked yesterday for March 26th. That was the first and only day available. Did anyone have trouble showing a scanned copy of affidavit of support and related documents? We are wondering if originals with we signature are required, since it can take months for our postal service to deliver them.