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  1. NBC=MSC. IOE case numbers means the case is been treated as a E-filing application.
  2. The injuction has nothing to do with the 864a. The injuction only blocks the I-944, which is related to the 864, that's why the warning is on the page as well. I answered them on the August post. 864a for the spouse is not necessary as long as you also send the w2 for the joint Sponsor.
  3. You don't need a copy of your whole package. For the interview. Everything you submitted since the K1 is sent to your local office, so they will have at least 2 copies of that.
  4. Oh I see. I use the app Case Tracker, which supposedly uses the old site, and it's working with the IOE case numbers.
  5. A6 is for K1 when you apply while your I-94 is still valid, and the EAD expires when the I-94 expires. So it's worthless. C9 is the EAD for a pending AOS.
  6. That could explain the rejection. EAD category is C9, which is free with AOS. Since you chose A6, there should have a payment with it, explaining why the total fee was incorrect.
  7. 1. What did you answer on Part 2, question 2? 2. What category did you choose for EAD? 3. Since you already have the rejection, I assume you filed before July 29th, did you send the I-944 (it was required before that).
  8. Old: https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do New: https://myaccount.uscis.gov/
  9. Exactly. You just start using your married name, even if it's not on the marriage certificate. If you want to change it right now, you're gonna have to file a I-90, pay the fee, you will receive the same conditional green card with the new name. if you want to wait until ROC, you can. After getting the new green card, you can go to the SS office, DMV and update your name there.
  10. Calling them won't do anything. Check if the name of your spouse isn't misspelled throughout all their documents (marriage certificate for example). Fill out a new 864 for your spouse and send it out.
  11. According to the 1999 public charge rule, "Programs (including Medicaid) supporting aliens who are institutionalized for long-term care e.g., in a nursing home or mental health institution)." May be considered for public charge. According to the new one (that was suspended while COVID is on), "Most forms of federally funded Medicaid (with certain exclusions) " may be considered for public charge. So, I think you need to check if your free health insurance is somehow federally funded. If it's only state funded, I believe you should be okay.
  12. For some states, if you don't specify on the marriage license that you're changing your last name, you can only do so with a court order (NY for example). Check if your marriage certificate has a field for "new last name" or something like that. If yes, and you didn't write anything, than you need a court order. If not, than you can just apply for ROC with your new married name.
  13. Sometimes the officer at NBC send the latter by mistake. It happens. It doesn't mean you need a new medical as long as you filed within one year and you completed vaccination.
  14. Why don't you apply for citizenship. The price is gonna double after October, so that's the best time to do it.
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