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  1. They will most likely ask you to wait for your SSC to have the married name before applying for the new DL.
  2. You can't get a EAD issued without biometrics, therefore, you can't request to expedite it if your biometrics haven't been done yet. So after biometrics are done, you can request to expedite it again.
  3. The form automatically adds up 1-7 when filled out on Adobe Reader. If you use another app to fill out the form, it will stay at 1.
  4. On the top you will see: Don't count someone twice, and then before question 2: people not being sponsored. So yes, the answer is 0 to question 3.
  5. They take in consideration all the income before any deductions.
  6. You only need 1 that qualifies. If your spouse doesn't qualify, then you need 1 joint sponsor that qualifies by themself (or with the help of a household member). I remember someone that sent 3 sponsors (they all qualified by themselves) and got a RFE because the IO was confused.
  7. The IO was correct. The vaccines need to be current at time of the medical. If waivers were given by the doctor (not available or not in season), the IO is supposed to waive these vaccines for AOS as well.
  8. Treat every form as a separate application. Read the instructions for each form and gather the required documents for each one individually. Like passport photos, you need 2 for each form (484,131-765), copy of your passport, 1 for each form, if last name changed, marriage certificate for EAD and AP as well... You said Tax record. Make sure you're getting either the Tax RETURN transcript or the whole 1040 return with all the schedule, +W2. I don't know what transcribed into English medical report means. Your medical forms should already be in English and they were inside the envelope you handed over at POE. So no need to that in the package. No need for a 693 if you're filing for AOS within 1 year of the date of the medical. Are you using your 401k account because you don't have enough income to support the immigrant? Don't know how it works for 401k accounts, but for regular accounts they ask for 1 year os statements, I would send that as well just in case. Everyone counted from question 2-7 are people not being sponsored by the affidavit, so you can't count your spouse there. The answer for 3 is 0. Save the marriage proof for the interview. The only proof needed for the package is the marriage certificate.
  9. I don't think anyone here works at your local field office. No one will be able to answer your question besides the IO handling your case.
  10. It's all lies... Hahahaha They did the same thing to me the first time I applied. Second time I sent a copy of their own instructions manual that says "The only time you may process an SSN application in a name that does not agree with the name shown on the immigration document is if the person legally changed his or her name after the immigration document is issued. In these situations, the legal name is the name shown on the evidence of the name change. For information on evidence of a name change, see RM 10212.010." Got the card 2 weeks later.
  11. Unfortunately that's an issue a lot of people face, even though their instructions says the opposite. You didn't need to wait for GC or EAD to change the name with SSA, as long as your I-94 was still valid. After that, yes, EAD/GC is needed. In my case, I changed my name in the court after my EAD was issued with my old name. I was able to change my name in my SSC, by just sending the court order and the EAD with the old name (and a copy of their instructions to make sure they wouldn't deny it again).
  12. The marriage certificate is a name change document accepted by USCIS. That's true even if the marriage certificate doesn't list the new last name (some states have a field for new last name, some don't). There's no need to update the SSC before filing for AOS with the new name. The same applies to the SSA. You don't need to update your name with immigration before changing the name on the SSC, as long as the name change document is dated after the last issued immigration document they have, and their status is current.
  13. If the I-94 is still valid, your spouse can just go back with the marriage certificate and apply for a new card with the new name, because the marriage certificate is dated after the visa. Remember to fill out all the AOS forms with the new name.
  14. There's always the chance the officer will want to transfer your case to the new office since your physical address is changing. My interview started with the officer asking me what was my current physical address. Since you're keeping the old place, just explain the situation.
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