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  1. Thank you! I figured that, just wanted to confirm 😊
  2. Hello, Is the filing fee still the same for people adjusting status with military credentials? Spouse is adjusting status through marriage to a military veteran. Is I-485 still $1,225 and I-130 & $535?
  3. I pray you hear something soon! I know how nerve wracking this all can be! 🙏🏿
  4. After 325+ long days of waiting, I am so ecstatic to share that we finally received our approval today, right this moment! I checked this morning and there was no change, checked again around noon and the case was updated with a new date today. I logged in my USCIS online account to see what change took place and our approval letter was there. We are so happy this part of the process is finally over and we can move on to the next step! For all of you who are still waiting, hang in there! Your approval is coming soon! Service center: Potomac originally, transferred to California PD date: 08/26/2021 AR date: 09/24/2021 Updated AR Date w/Approval letter available on online account: 08/08/2022
  5. Yes, I’m keeping high hopes for us all! Soon we’ll be congratulating each other left and right on our approvals! ☺️ 🤞🏿
  6. Received a reply about my address change request, but unfortunately no change to my case. We’ll be going on 300 days tomorrow since the AR update on 09/24/21. This is what they sent:
  7. I just submitted an address change today. I moved around New Years, but left the address the same since my mother owns the home with the previous address, so I wasn’t pressed to change it. Now that I’ve seen this comment I’m testing out this theory. USCIS is telling me I should receive a reply by August 1st. My PD date is: 08/26, AR date: 09/24 out of CSC. I’ll keep everyone posted if anything happens.
  8. Exactly! We already surpassed the 8.5 months. If we are to make an inquiry in July then that means we can potentially be waiting almost a year for a final decision? This really annoys me because NVC has a wait as well even after that decision making and all documents submitted. Haiti, which is the embassy my case will finish processing out of, is already all over the place with interviews and severely back logged. Only God knows when we’ll have visa in hand.
  9. I was worried of this as well so I waited to talk to a live agent again then got this response. So at this point I think USCIS is all over the place.
  10. I connected with Emma again today even though they keep telling me I’m at CSC but after one of the agents did a little more digging they responded with this and ended the live chat. Does that mean they submitted my inquiry for me? Also why did they end it with VSC ? Does this mean my case is actually in Vermont? Or is it still in Potomac which in is Virgina? I’m so confused.
  11. I asked her on Saturday because that was my next thought, maybe they transferred it elsewhere, but no, it’s still at California service center. It started at Potomac. I’m going to inquire again today but as of this weekend it was CSC.
  12. My PD date is 08/26/2021 and I’ve been trying to put in an inquiry and they continue to give me this message…anyone else run into this issue? Do I have to wait longer to inquire about my case?
  13. Please disregard my post as I am unable to delete or edit it. Follow @Crazy Cat advice.
  14. My mistake. I’m thinking of the K1 way. I will edit my comment. or delete it if someone have permissions to do so cause I can’t.
  15. If you’ve already paid and completed your DS-160 abs created your US travel docs profile page to select DHL courier location: -You must have the beneficiary go get their medical exam done (ranges from 500-650). -obtain a police certificate if they’re over 16 years old. Also must have a police certificate for any other countries they’ve lived in for more than 6 months, if I’m not mistaken. -obtain passport pictures for their interview and assemble originals & copies of all necessary documents -ensure their passport is not close to expiring.
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