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  1. Oh just checking again and the date was moved up "The earliest you can submit questions is July 18, 2022. Please do not contact us before this date"
  2. You get a Tax Return Transcript from the IRS, you do have to go thru the hoops of signing up thru id.me for the auth, but after that pretty easy. Note if you file jointly, you need to include you W2 + any 1099's or other documents which show your income.
  3. a Green card holder has increased wait time when filing for a spouse. First they need to find out which service center has his case via Emma (eg on Monday during east coast business hours). Then go to USCIS Processing Times eg I just looked for a green card resident filing for a spouse at CSC, it jumps to 25 months vs the 8.5 months for a US citizen.
  4. CSC still has not processed August 2021 i-130 fillers. fyi.
  5. I would suggest contacting Ask Emma, live agent, to find out where your case is being handled. Then referring to the USCIS Processing Times, to find out when you can submit an inquiry. Imo, not much a lawyer can do.
  6. Heh, mine is back to Any Date Now! (after a week of July 12th, and July 15th before that). But that links to my profile.
  7. Since you failed to wait for your secondary anniversary to use the visa, marriage date is irrelevant now. It's saying you have a CR1 visa that is good for 2 years, and 90 days before the end of that 2 years you need to file for ROC.
  8. Hello another tax year, another tracking thread. We filed our 2021 taxes on the evening of March 9, 2022. I sent the state forms overnight to CA FTB on March 10, 2022, and i just got the refund posted to my checking account this past May 11, 2022. And on May 13, 2022, my wife's ITIN was received. Where's my refund still not finding our 1040.
  9. Not usually, you have to usually ask a live agent where your case is being processed via emma, or if you are gluten for misery, over the phone.
  10. as one of the three, I'm thinking maybe a good time to play the lotto
  11. Reminder that only works East Coast US business times roughly.
  12. He needs an ITIN. And the number of people that can do that is limited. I am in the process of getting one for my wife, as she was with me in USA (on a tourist visa) when I filed this year(TY2021). Anyways, read that link for ITIN, and see if Nigeria has any place where that can do the ITIN certification bit.
  13. Yes, though I have not gotten any response to the Service Request yet.
  14. Huh, they just changed USCIS processing times site and now for my 8/31/2021 PD it is saying "Your case is processing normally." and I can submit a ONPT request on July 31, 2022. They also removed the table that was there previously.
  15. That does should suspicious like you are with Vermont, as mine Service Request ended with CSC. And would explain why you where getting not eligible for ONPT.
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