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  1. You do realize Brazil is still coping with 1000+ deaths a day from COVID-19? Same as India and USA. I have not seen any news about RJ opening the visa processing center.
  2. And to be clear, it's a tax transcript for 2019 is the preferred document. Which you can request from the IRS
  3. I believe you can ask NVC to re-open the sections. Which would allow you to delete and replace the DS-260
  4. And what have you already sent for evidence of a bonafide marriage?
  5. scanned, the NVC should indicate what the size limit is for that section of uploads. ensure your uploads are less then that size limit. You might have the lower the quality of the documents to ensure they fit in the size limit. The blank i-864 is 512K, your scanned version should be under 2 megabytes.
  6. Your mom should file a i864a. You would include your i864 and your joint sponsor's i864 and his wife's i864a as separate uploads in the same area. With the appropriate description selected.
  7. The answer to that would depend on if your spouse is a US Citizen or Lawfully Permitted Resident. For a US Citizen the priority date is the received date on the i-797.
  8. No, filing single would be wrong, but even that might probably does not have an impact on the immigration process. USCIS/DOS != IRS
  9. honestly it is probably easier to file Married Filing Separately, listing her as a NRA (Non-Resident Alien). Once she gets here and has her SSN, amend to Married Filing Jointly. And the Tax forum is found here
  10. Since the NVC letter said "bring/upload" I would upload the most recent taxes. This allows the interviewer the chance to go over the docs before they see you. And the more reading of quality data they have done, the more likely they will want to approve you.
  11. Mine is empty, not missing. I am still waiting to return to Brazil to marry my girlfriend. In fact was planning on calling the Department of State to see what was holding up the authentication of my CBRA (that was delivered on August 12th).
  12. Unless asked to upload them to CEAC, just bring them to the interview.
  13. Congratulations. If you come back for help, it would helpful to indicate in your profile which country you are coming from. And if you file in your timeline this site can predicate when to expect an answer and generally helps the rest of the community.
  14. Based on what I have read it is really hit or miss. I think the general guideline is to wait 2 weeks, then contact SSA.
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