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  1. You would want to look into rules regarding Consular Reported Birth Abroad (CRBA).
  2. for context: Aug 31 2021 filler, it was just under a year Aug 16, 2022 the i-130 was approved. I totally believe they are getting slower not faster.
  3. please add me, CR1 submitted everything on 5/12 and of course the NVC Timeframes page did not update yesterday.... fingers crossed that they don't issue an RFI for the back our marriage certificate....
  4. Correct choice. Silly that all this time the online form has been around they still require one to read the paper version to understand what to put.
  5. I have Brazilian residency, I show my "green card" and US passport when I enter and leave Brazil. I would expect the same with US residency.
  6. The sponsor if a USC does not have a A-number to put on the form. Just looking at my scan of the document, seems i checked Part 4 item 2, but failed to put my name there. I did not add any note about my spouse being outside of USA (other than the Address history showing her current address not in USA). I also did not bother writing N/A or Not applicable to any of the items. Just make sure you include all 7 pages (including the empty page 7).
  7. Well definitely submit it to ceac site and make sure you are submitting what they are asking for. Also if the joint sponsor is married, an i-864a should be filed for them also.
  8. I filled out the i130a after talking with my spouse, and put myself as the preparer including signing it (in the preparer on page 5). We passed thru UCSIS stage with 0 RFE.
  9. It should be noted the ultimate IR1 vs CR1 will be determined by when you use the non-expired spousal visa. (eg when it gets stamped by the US border agent).
  10. It's generally regarded as very difficult to get a B2 tourist visa after the immigration intent has been planted with the i-130 submission. But you are free to try, it's only $$ and time. Please report back whether you were able to get the B2 visa.
  11. Also for timing purposing, reminder the spousal visa will likely expire 6 months from the date of the medical interview. And you can slow things done by not finishing the NVC stage. with the tip to if you are delaying more than a year, this bit of instructions I failed to note the author of: "Use the AskNVC web portal. Only a simple message is required, such as “I need more time for our case. This is my record of annual NVC contact.” Upside: You will receive an immediate automated e-mail record of your contact with NVC including all the communication detail. In the e-mail, it states: “Please retain this email as a record of your contact with NVC”."
  12. uh, the i130 instructions (02/13/19 version) I read has his: What documents do you need to show that you are a U.S. citizen? A copy of your birth certificate, issued by a civil registrar, vital statistics office, or other civil authority showing that you were born in the United States; A copy of your naturalization certificate or certificate of citizenship issued by USCIS or the former Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS); A copy of Form FS-240, Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA), issued by a U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate; A copy of your unexpired U.S. passport; or An original statement from a U.S. consular officer verifying that you are a U.S. citizen with a valid passport. If you do not have any of the above documents and you were born in the United States, see the What if an officialdocument is not available section of these Instructions. those are an "or", so 4 "A copy of your unexpired U.S. passport" is good enough to proof that they are a U.S. Citizen.
  13. Passport proves Identity and Citizenship. Why would you need something other than passport?
  14. Affidavits are a very poor source of information. Time spent together is much more important for the i-130.
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