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  1. Hi!!! Doing well! We've been in contact with the embassy in Ankara about the travel ban, but they said that the wording of the travel ban was very clear and to "decide accordingly" what our next steps will be. Lol I don't think it's a good sign. I'm planning on moving to Turkey instead this August!! My fiancé has already been interviewed for Turkish citizenship, so we're thinking of staying in Turkey for one or two years, and later, when we're able, to immigrate to the US. I just checked your profile and I can't believe you're still waiting for your NOA2!!! If I could have given you our NOA2 instead, I would
  2. Hi all, We just received an email from the NVC saying the embassy in Ankara has approved our request to expedite, but we never submitted one. Does anyone know what may be happening and why it could have been expedited?
  3. Hi all, Just got back from visiting my fiancé, and although the future is still so uncertain with him being affected by the travel ban, a NOA2 paper was here to greet me once I got home. NOA1: June 21st NOA2: January 4th No RFEs, no updates online.
  4. As heated as the debates are, can we please keep this thread focused on actual information relevant to those affected? It is exhausting to constantly see arguments on whether or not the person I love most in the world should be allowed to join me in my country or not or whether I should actually risk my life to move to him instead, as one person suggested. As much as I'd love to start another thread just to keep up to date, we always get moved back to this megathread where things spiral out of control.
  5. Yes, I've googled too! I was listening to NPR commentary on the ban, but I didn't see any commentary outright stating that. Sorry for the bother, but do you have links? If this is true, I might just move to Turkey instead.
  6. Do you have a link to where you read that? From my sources, I read that the Supreme Court fully instated the ban, not just partially. A lower court allowed bona fide relationships previously, but with the Supreme Court ruling, that aspect was removed.
  7. Can you send me info where it says that it's allowed until it reaches the Supreme Court? From my understanding, it was reinstated pending the results of lower court challenges.
  8. Hey, the Supreme Court let the travel ban go fully into effect, but that's only while it's being challenged in the lower courts. There's going to be two cases on it just this week and we're hopeful the outcome will be good. Even if the ban goes through other appeals, we're really crossing our fingers that at least we will have enough time to be issued a K1 visa in case the appeals reach the Supreme Court and they decide in the administration's favor. I have to say though, them letting the ban go into effect right now is not a good sign for the future. But don't lose hope yet! It's being challenged in court tomorrow!
  9. I keep asking why world politics is so against my relationship, haha. We were so in disbelief that they actually suspended all non-immigrant visas, it's so unbelievable. I'm sure it will be changed soon enough, but since I already qualify for Mexican citizenship by birth, we're just doing everything in our power to still see each other. K1 isn't affected by this, but the travel ban is! I feel like at this point the possibility of him still coming here is so drastically low, I'm just hoping against hope. But thank you so much for your kind words, they were desperately needed right now. I sincerely hope the state of this situation changes soon, too, for you as well. You're right, we should just hold our heads up high and stay strong!
  10. I posted earlier about visiting my fiancé for a month during winter, but it seems plans have changed... US Citizens aren't being issued tourist visas for Turkey anymore as of yesterday, so now we're back to the "wait and hope something changes" game. My fiancé and I are now strongly considering I move to be with him in Turkey, instead, at least for a year and applying for a spousal visa later. In the mean time I'm applying for Mexican citizenship to still see him in December, but the clock is against me, haha Sorry I seem like such a downer every time I post here! I know this process is difficult for everyone, so the progress today on Igor's list was at least a move in the right direction so that everyone can be reunited with their loved ones soon.
  11. For those who requested an expedite, may I ask how you did it? I called USCIS today, looking to get answers or anything really, as to what may occur under the travel ban. I was told she couldn't escalate my call to Tier 2 due to the high level of demand, but took my info down and told me expect a response from them in three days. Then, we discussed an expedite and she asked me if I thought my case fit into any of the criteria. I was a bit overwhelmed and just answered with emergency situation, because the new travel ban would be indefinite and I would not know when I would ever be able to be with my fiancé. I broke down a bit... and then next thing I know she told me that she sent it in? She said I would hear a response in approximately ten days. Is that all it takes to submit an expedite request? I assumed you'd have to submit evidence, but the Tier 1 officer just told me that she had already submitted a request and I'd hear back soon. It all happened pretty quickly and I'm not entirely sure what exactly I did.
  12. No K1 or spousal visas will be issued after October 18th for Iran. Eight countries are being affected by this travel ban and here is a chart so you can see how every country differs. Straight from the Department of State. I hope something changes soon.
  13. Anyone else here petitioning for someone from a country on the travel ban list? What are you doing right now? And can we form a support group, lol
  14. I got my hopes up for a second, but if you look closer that's for "Phase 1: From 3:30 p.m. EDT on Sunday, September 24, 2017 until 12:01 a.m. EDT on Wednesday, October 18, 2017." Phase 2, which begins on October 18th, says this: A bonafide relationship is not exempt from travel ban 3.0, unfortunately.