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  1. Hello all, I was on the USCIS website, and noticed there was an option to file the I-130 online. Has anyone done this or is it relatively new? A quick search on VJ reveals most of the filing online has been for N400 petitions, not I-130.
  2. We are disclosing everything and have been in communication with the embassy about his citizenship status. As I said above, the embassy has already informed us that he is not subject to the travel ban because the second nationality is not restricted. We are aware that there may be a long administrative processing time, thank you for your concern.
  3. We've already asked this question to the embassy, who informed us that he would not be subject to the travel ban because his second nationality is not restricted. Thanks for your concern.
  4. No, but it does allow him to actually be able to get a visa instead of waiting indefinitely for a waiver as his other nationality is still blocked for entrance to the US. Do you know if the A-number included from the NVC documents is his alien registration number, and if we include it?
  5. Hi all, I'm filing the I-130 for my husband. Three years ago we started the K-1 Visa, but ultimately withdrew it at the embassy stage due to the travel ban placed on certain nationalities. Now that my husband has a new nationality, we are applying again but are wondering if he was given an Alien Registration number through the K-1 visa application. When the I-129F went though the NVC, we were given a number that started with "A-" Should we write this number in the I-130? Thanks in advance.
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