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  1. We were told we were approved less than a week later, but it took us a month to receive the visa due to mail delays.
  2. Don't know if you've gotten married yet or not, but this is the process I followed: Make an appointment at a US embassy for notary services. I went to Ankara, but the Istanbul embassy might also handle it. You'll need to bring your birth certificate and passport, but ask if they need anything else from you. At the embassy they'll give you an affidavit. You'll have to pay a fee. Take your affidavit and get it certified/stamped at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can do a walk-in, no appointment needed. (But this was pre-COVID, so rules may have changed.) You'll need to pay another fee here. You and your fiancee will need to do bloodwork from a local doctor. You can walk in, say you're getting married, and then they'll take your blood and in a few days give you your results. Keep them for the marriage license. Take recent photos of the both of you, I believe two each. Go to your local nikah hall, they will give you a list of any further documents you may need. I don't remember exactly what they were, but they were fairly easy from then on. Call to make an appointment, you'll need two Turkish citizens to be witnesses. They'll give you some gifts after the ceremony, we got a nice coffee set ☺️ Congrats on your marriage!
  3. Hi all, Does anyone have any experience with going into AP when your case was expedited? If so, how long did it take and which country was the beneficiary from?
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