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  1. If it was their error to send the notice to your old address even if you had changed your address and confirmation email, then you could reach out your congressman to solve this. We have been thru the similar issue. We had updated address and also saved confirmation page and also confirmed with agent as well, they had sent the notice to our old address and they had scheduled it based on our old address. I reached out to congressman, and he was able to transfer my case directly from one local office to the other one and they expedited the interview. I had the interview in a month after i reached out my congressman.
  2. I doubt it. OP is considered resident alien for tax purposes. Resident Alien must report all income including overseas, it shouldn't matter if it is paid to his home country bank. That contradicts with work authorization. How can OP report this pay without having work authorization for that period? However, if OP already has approval letter in hand, and presuming what @carmel34 has an official source, then OP already should be ok working either overseas or in US.
  3. I read that ban will start on may 4th, so you may rearrange your ticket and fly today or tomorrow if possible.
  4. Congrats to all of you! WAC seems to be the slowest one, i didn't see a single case that proceeded🙄 in my AOS, I was in CA, it took almost 2 years, then i moved to VA but just before roc, I moved back to CA, my luck😭😭
  5. Yours is rejected, not denied. In order for uscis to even start to request for more evidence, they need to accept the application first and cash the check, they don't review any supporting evidence without getting paid. They haven't even accepted and started to process your application, so it is definitely not to request evidence. As all others indicated, rejection is regarding initial evidence, it is either payment issues, or form. Have you used credit card? That's the most common rejection reason in terms of payment. Have you filed within your 90 day windows? Have you signed your form and put a date? Have you checked if you used the most up to date form? You can chat with uscis via Emma to find out but not all customer service rep answers it. You either wait for the letter if you are curious about the reason, or you can review all of the possible reasons, and send with a new dated/signed/filled form and new payment asap.
  6. Congrats! SRC filers are so lucky!! SRC seems to be the only service center working on i751s nowadays...
  7. Date of marriage doesn't matter. Clock starts based on your green card date. You are eligible to apply 3 years from the date you obtained your green card (it is written in your card) if you will apply via. marriage to your spouse, 5 years if you will apply without your spouse, considering you meet all other requirements to apply for citizenship. There is no way to know when you will become citizen or if you will become citizen, it will depend on the processing time that your application will be processed.
  8. the uncertainty and frequent changes in vj estimate is because there are a lot of cases transferred between service centers. I wouldn't count on the estimates right now in this covid era.
  9. it will depend on service center, SRC seems pretty fast these days, but as for WAC, i got no updates yet after they received my case, no biometrics or such.
  10. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/while-abroad/birth-abroad.html " Form DS-5507 may be signed in front of a notary or at a U.S. embassy or consulate. "
  11. I don't think uscis cares about it as long as money is paid without a problem. On a side note, It is really easy to order check book online through your bank, and it is delivered to your door in a week. Or you can order check book online even from Walmart. I think you should consider handling these payments by yourself since there will be couple of more payments with uscis later on considering you are now filing i-129f. Just my two cents;)
  12. It is not certain that all biometrics will be waived. If you arrived with CR1 and never went to Biometrics Center to have your fingerprints taken in US, my guess is it will not be waived. But for K1 filers, most of them is waived currently, but still not certain, it may depend on the case. It is true that waived biometrics increased last year and this year due to covid.
  13. I think yours is an exception. Correct me if I am wrong but looking at your timeline, you reside in California, right? It is not the case all the time, but previous number being in EAC is rare, and getting WAC now seems more appropriate.
  14. It will most probably be assigned to the same service center. It may not be the case all the time but 90% they are assigned based on location. But i assume it wouldn't be same number. the previous case is closed as rejected, now you should be assigned a new number.
  15. Hi, 1. Most people aren't getting any email/text notifications nowadays, uscis seems to have problems sending those due to huge backlog. Since you get your noa, it is not a problem anymore. 2. When you move, you'll need to change your address via form ar-11, and your sponsor will need to change address via form i-865. Theoritically, this should be enough for uscis to transfer your case. But (a huge but) uscis is seldomly successful at changing addresses. Therefore, please make sure you forward emails through usps, and make sure checking your status frequently. Most people got biometrics waived, and fingerprints have been used from aos. That may not be the case for you, but it will most probably be waived so you wouldn't have to worry about changing addresses in terms of biometrics.
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