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  1. If you will apply for AOS, then considering you will apply for EAD and AP same time, AOS is handled by local offices, and it depends on your local office's timeline. EAD and AP are handled by NBC, so all people are in the same queue for those, I believe current wait time is around 5 months now. Since some people's local offices are not busy, they get their green card sooner that ead and ap, but for those who has the busy local office wait for ead and ap, and sometimes, they need to renew as well while waiting for aos. AOS is dependent on the queue of your local office.
  2. When we apply for K1, our main purpose was to be together asap, and there was like 6 months difference between CR1 and K1, so we didn't care about the fees, didn't care about me not being able to work or travel here for a while, or aos stage. However, now what I see is that the only advantage of K1 looks like not existing anymore, there are slight time differences in the visa stage. For sure, it is up to the current situation of couples, but if I applied now, we probably would go with CR1. Attorneys may not be aware of current timelines, and still assume K1 is faster. Just my two cents...
  3. In my case, my medical was on July 2017, I arrived to US on September 2017, and married on October 2017. Filed for AOS on December 2017. I just had my interview on last Thursday, may 2nd. I got my approval letter, another medical wasn't needed. I believe it depends on the officer. I had brought I-693 instructions and uscis manual with me showing this exception for K1 in case officer is not experienced or request another medical. But, it is just my experience, I believe it is highly dependent on the officer.
  4. Today I had my interview and they didn't approve right away, but couple of hours later, status changed to "new card is being produced". Finally!! Take care guys, and see you in two years for those will be doing roc:)
  5. For just a general info how i-131 works, here is a statement from USCIS page( https://www.uscis.gov/green-card/green-card-processes-and-procedures/travel-documents/emergency-travel) : "If you file Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, to request an advance parole document and depart the United States without possession of an advance parole document that is valid for the entire time you are abroad, your Form I-131 will be considered abandoned."
  6. Ok, update: After talking with congresman, and officer thru infopass, my old local office transferred my case directly to my new local office by trespassing NBC. Then, today new local office expedited the rescheduling since it is their error, and rescheduled the interview. I am waiting for the letter to arrive for the time. Update status on old site and new site: They stopped to update the new site, new site is stuck in the first interview notice. Old site wasn't showing any status until this mess. Now, they are updating old site:) it is really so messy:)
  7. They just don't update the both sites, and these two sites are not related to each other, if one is updated, the other one is not automatically updated. Probably, you're gonna get your interview notice in your mail box in a week.
  8. Yeah, if that is the case, then tell them that this form is IRS requirement, not bank requirement, and since she is a resident alien in IRS eyes, then she cannot file this form, because this form is used for non-resident in IRS eyes, it doesn't matter how bank classifies her. In the form, it clearly states "DO NOT use this form if you are a resident alien". You can take a copy of this form and substantial presence test, etc., highlight and show them for them to fully understand.
  9. W8 ben is required by IRS, and your wife may be a resident alien per IRS. You can determine it with substantial presence test. The same thing happened to us, when I first arrived to US, I had to fill out that form for my own account because I wasn't a resident alien per the test. But couple of months later, when we went to open a joint account, I was a resident alien per IRS. Bank officer told me to fill that form due to me not having green card and not being a resident alien, but we explained the situation- which is the form is required by IRS so I am a resident alien per IRS. Then, she went to talk with her supervisor, finally they opened the bank account without me signing that form. If she is a resident alien per IRS, then they shouldn't request you to fill that form, just explain the situation and make them know you know your rights. Just a friendly advise:)
  10. I suggest you to call uscis and reach out the congressman because if your local offices are different now, most probably old office will not interview you, since jurisdiction is changed. I heard someone has been interviewed in old local office but I think it was luck. Just a friendly reminder:)
  11. Almost everyone remains in the similar situation for a while. It depends on your local office-where you live. Some local offices schedule interviews in 3 months, some in 2 years. It highly depends on the local office.
  12. Hello Everyone, After 15 months waiting patiently, finally I saw that my interview was scheduled. I got my interview notice today in the mail and guess what? It has been scheduled in Old Local Office based on my old address! I changed my address right away when I moved here in September, 2018, and I checked couple of times with them. I also wrote Congressman to make sure it is updated, and Congressman also confirmed. I also got an email stating that it is updated. Now what? After all the efforts that I have done to make sure it is updated, they messed up with the address change again. I talked with Customer Service, even the lady couldn't stick to script, and told me it is unbelievable and How it can be possible because when she checked she also saw it is updated. I reached out my congressman again, and they contacted NBC, and I got informed that I must be got some news from NBC in one week, and since it is their mistake, they should expedite the rescheduling. I was wondering if there is anyone in the same position before, and how it was solved.
  13. Another update guys- I got the notice in the mail today. Guess what? They scheduled the interview in the old local office based on my old address!! Although I made sure that they changed the address couple of times, and congressman also confirmed, they still made that mistake! I reached out my congressman again, and he got a response right away and told me that they will expedite to be rescheduled... I am really sick of this process.
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