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  1. We still think that we can't be apart as a married couple, so if we were to apply now, we would still apply to K1 despite waiting for greencard in the US. So i would not name it as short term vs long term since my and my hubby's emotions/opinions for what marriage mean didn't change ☺️ Eventually, it comes to a point what one can risk and compromise and not. In my case, we could and still would risk of not working and not having the greencard in the US for sometime but we can't risk of being apart as a married couple vs. in your case you can't risk not having greencard asap, and you can risk being apart as a married couple.
  2. If you don't have any romantic opinions regarding getting married and being apart while married, i would advise to get married asap and go with CR-1 since timewise it is not that different from K1 nowadays and due to fact that you have greencard in hand as soon as you arrive to the US.
  3. That may be the fastest timeline i have seen in VJ, and i am member for 5-6 years. Congratulations! Which local office is yours? I am moving there 😁
  4. Hi all, filed on 5th of February online. I saw receipt notice and biometric reuse notice in the documents section on the same day. Local office: San Jose. Good luck!
  5. Hi All, Filed on 02/05, and saw that biometrics will be reused. @Misscloud, you may want to check 'documents' section. That's where i saw my receipt letter and biometrics letter vs. status show 'case is being actively reviewed'
  6. I think at some point WAC transferred some cases to NBC to get rid of some workload and get them faster processing, thread: These cases were sitting in WAC long time and after a short time transferred to NBC, they are approved without interview, so I don't think your being transferred to get you interview, and status probably got updated just to transfer your case. It will still probably be waived imo.
  7. I am in a stage that it is ok if it is just for money. They could take my money and send a 10 year card right away instead of issuing numerous receipt letters and extension letters, since all processing thing is ridiculous anyway since 95% of them is approved. I am willing to pay for the card, if only thing they want is the money, haha. I wish there was an automated website checking the evidence automatically, like collecting points from your evidence and if your evidence is above threshold, your 10 year card is on the way 😁
  8. Not every time. Ours wasn't updated online, we were only notified by mail.
  9. Ideally, they should update online status as well... But, they didn't update mine. I got my biometrics letter in the mail, and even usps's informed delivery wasn't showing it. My online status is still stuck at case received.
  10. MSC is a slow center, so i would check separate MSC filers thread in VJ, but I don't think yours will be waived.
  11. I think deciding to get married is to be engaged in US culture, contrary to some other countries, like my home country Turkey, meaning people have engagement ceremonies with some senior family member presenting the rings to the couple and the rings are attached with a ribbon, and the ribbon is cut by this senior member after couple wear the rings:) It would depend on how they perceive 'engagement' in the home country, and in some countries, it may even mean 'too married' if you plan to make some kind of party. In some countries, it may help the case, since embassies are generally aware of the culture of the country but either way, engagement is not an official status and there is no such requirement for uscis. Your meeting in 2 years is enough.
  12. I wouldn't risk it. As far as I know: As a spouse of us citizen, he will be considered as resident per IRS, and IRS requires residents to report income overseas as well (doesn't matter which bank it is paid from, what currency it is paid in, which company it is paid from, income is income) and foreign earned income exclusion is not applicable. So, the conflict here is how one reports income to IRS without having work authorization. For me, that's not a gray area, and I didn't work even I was offered to continue working remotely just like your fiance. It was just not worth the risk.
  13. yeah, i am using this app to check multiple cases. Surprisingly fast for WAC, they approved 95% of i751s during this couple of days, that were received ~ 9th or 10th of February. Cases around me got approved, but mine is still received but I keep my hopes up! Congrats!
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