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  1. We lived together for the last two months. The tax person who did it filed it this way since I didnt have an SSN, and lived out of the country for the 10 months prior. Plus we filed MFJ for 2021 and 2022 amd have evidence of us living together since Ive been here in 2020.
  2. Thank you! Now I do have another question. Our tax return for 2020 was filed as head of household since I was a nonimmigrant spouse. can I just add a letter stating why we did that in our packet? All of the other years its married filing joint and we have other stuff stating we are financally together as well
  3. Hi, I am trying to prep my stuff early before I file but so far I have water bill with wifes name on it electric and phone bills with both names car insurance with both names joint bank account lease with both names birth cert, kids birth cert (born here) joint credit card heath, dental and vision insurance showing then as beneficiaries photos (too much) Itineraries of 2 vacations from the past years last years tax with both names filing and soon to be this years with both names. What could I be missing? I have my green card but I dont have an i797 stating my approval status for it. Should I request one? Or would the green card itself be enough? Thank you all for being a big help in my journey so far
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