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  1. Thanks you are correct, i received it exactly 7 days after approval
  2. sometimes they dont interview and just cancel it and take a positive decision without it, keep fingers crossed either ways
  3. first number in that range is 50% of cases, 2nd number is 93% of the cases. Also take these numbers with a pinch of salt.
  4. Btw how long did it take for u both @See7 @iceman81 to recieve the approval notice and the green card in hand from online updates
  5. Planning to file n400 in June 2021, have started collecting documentation for the same. Seems like I will be doing it online like majority of the people. The traction at MSP field office on this forum seems to be slightly faster than mentioned on the USCIS official processing website page. do let me know if you guys/gals have any tips or pointers I should be careful about. best of luck
  6. Yeah in 2020 Filer threads people have complained about saved files disappearing especially if you review your submission multiple times. sombody suggested to just upload all files at once rather than adhoc over multiple days and sessions.
  7. Hello, I am planning to file June 15 too, planning to E-File. I have seen complains about attaching documents with the N400 online on this forum, does anybody know if those problems have been resolved or not ?
  8. Yes don’t wait for the i751 notice, it will be most likely a combo interview and you need to bring your husband and the supporting documents for ROC. I would suggest just getting the extra documents that you have not submitted already to USCIS, like updated joint statements, etc best of luck
  9. After literally posting my above comment on this thread, i got my ROC (i-751) approved on March 6 2021, my priority date was 18 June 2020, so it got approved in exactly 8.5 months, initially i could not believe the eyes when i saw the email because nebraska center is averaging 50% cases in 13 months and 93% cases in 28.5 months so i did not expect much. However, i have seen atleast 2 more cases on this forum from LIN which got approved in below 9 months recently. Best of luck to everybody else in Nebraska Service Center.
  10. Update after 8.5 month of waiting, i got an email from the USCIS the card is in production as of March 5 and today March 6 the status changed to petition approved for ROC. To say i am elated would be to say the least. I could not believe my eyes because Nebraska center is averaging at 13 months for 50 percent and 28.5 months for 93% of i-751 cases, so to get this approved right at 8.5 months after filing is such a relief. Now can finally sigh a breath of relief before I file for N-400 online. Best of luck everybody.
  11. This thread seems to be a little inactive, I recently noticed there has been some traction at LIN, people are even getting approved in 8/9 months. I am in the June 2020 filer boat, it would be awesome if people can share the traction on their end.
  12. today received the official biometric update letter from Nebraska center too. Just hope that we are able to get some good movement before n400 time comes in June 2021. Wishful thinking i know 😵 but there are no taxes on dreaming 🤗🙃
  13. this thread is literally back from the dead lol Also always use the USCIS early filing caluclator it makes life simple https://www.uscis.gov/forms/uscis-early-filing-calculator
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