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  1. No chance lol “Please allow at least 30 days for the original office that made the decision on your case to receive it from the appellate authority and to work on your case before contacting us.”
  2. I received the approval letter but in it it was written the DOS sent a favorable recommendation when in my case it was NOT favorable. I asked my senator to email them to double check and of course they emailed her back saying it was approved in error and they are reopening the case. I feel like this should be illegal to play with people's future and emotions like this. RIDICULOUS.
  3. Yep, that means they’re gonna reject it and the approval was a mistake
  4. Anyone know how long it takes for USCIS to respond to a senator? It’s been a week 😢
  5. A response to a senator’s email taking months? What? 😱
  6. Hello, Any idea how long it would take for USCIS to respond to an email inquiry from a senator's office? It's been a week. The office said 30days but it's way too long 😕 does it really take this long? Thanks
  7. What’s the second stamped envelope for? I have received only one of them from the DOS. USCIS sent me their own.
  8. I've seen a lot of people from India applying under No objection, it takes a long time to get the NOS but they do give it. What do you mean your country doesn't issue NOC?
  9. I just edited my previous response. The laws have changed: volunteering, temp agency, online work are not considered part of the STEM OPT so you can only do them for yourself for free.
  10. I also believe the rules have changed recently so I would double check with your school as they are aware of all the rules like the ones for self-employment. EDIT: https://isss.umn.edu/fstudent/stemoptextension.html As noted on this website, the rules have changed, you have to have an employer other than yourself and receive training on site not online, so no you cannot have a paid job online sorry.
  11. As an F1 STEM OPT you're allowed to work as many hours as you want above 20 as long as the employer is on E-verify. If it's self-employment, you have to register your company on E-verify.
  12. https://myaccount.uscis.gov says we received your case. and the other one says approved. I didn't know they were two different sites lol
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