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  1. That is incorrect. I know of at least 4 people who got it. Even in this forum you'll find people who got it.
  2. He needs to: get accepted to a PRIVATE school, prove he can pay, apply for a visa, go to interview.
  3. Your I94 records, passport stamps, flight tickets...etc all work. I didn't have my old passport because we give them back after getting new ones, so I called my embassy and they sent me scanned pictures of the stamps.
  4. How did you contact your sponsors? I contacted the person on my DS2019 couple months ago and zero response lol.
  5. He should wait until college. High school is paid (expensive) for internationals and it is only for one year and I'm not sure if he can transfer credits and graduate here. I tried to bring my cousin but it's not worth it, better save the money for college.
  6. Update! now just have to wait, hopefully they won't take long.
  7. They say 6-8 weeks and you're right on 6. Should be very soon, hopefully. And yes, you do have all the documents (as long as you're a straight case with no gov funding that you have to explain.)
  8. Just do a SEVIS transfer once you're in the U.S. not a big deal
  9. Thank you, I only spent 6 months :( but hopefully that wouldn't be a reason to reject me.
  10. I was asked to email or fax them the number of days I spent in my home country. I emailed them. Do you think it's going to delay my application even more? Did you write down this in your application? I didn't cuz I didn't see it anywhere that we had to. At least I know they're looking into it now and they're not saying NO right away lol.
  11. I don't see why. Actually, if you didn't overstay, it just shows that you won't overstay your F1.
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