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  1. Immigrant Visa Fee Paid: May 6, 2022 Date of Entry: May 8, 2022 Port of Entry: Austin (AUS) SSN: May 17, 2022 Currently: Waiting for GC 🥰
  2. I also did MFS these past 2 tax years this is correct ⭐
  3. Immigrant Visa Fee Paid: May 6, 2022 Date of Entry: May 8, 2022 Port of Entry: Austin (AUS) Currently: Waiting for SSN and GC 🥰
  4. The error was adding a W2 from 2020 on accident. However I only worked that job for a short amount of time and made very little like $600~ so I believe it wasn't a huge deal lol I've informed my husband to not bring it up and if they ask for affidavit of support to give them the ones from 2020 that we submitted. I just wanted to have this covered in case they do ask for it for whatever reason. It must not be that obvious an error considering the tax person didn't notice and the person above them that double checked everything didn't notice either 😅
  5. Doesn't this mean I have to wait since I filed by paper not electronically. Wouldn't it not count as filed until they received it? Tax person said to wait until I get the refund.
  6. I filed 2021 taxes a week ago, paper submission and just noticed on my copy the tax person did them incorrectly. I contacted them and they said they can't amend my taxes until I receive my tax refund. When we submitted our financial documents for NVC back in December the taxes were from 2020, so I was just gathering updated taxes for this year because I read that after April 18th they might ask for updated taxes. Our interview is May 3rd and I doubt i'll get my return by then. The tax person is gonna prep a form to amend my taxes that I can send as soon as I get my return, should I have copy of that for interview or can I get a letter from tax person explaining the situation in case they ask for my updated taxes? As it is I don't make enough so we have a joint sponsor who makes enough and their taxes are correct so I don't know how much it matters. Any advice appreciated thank you!
  7. Ah okay yeah lol we submitted ours to NVC and our interview is next month. I heard for people after April 18th you gotta submit updated taxes so was wondering if anyone was asked for them yet lol Congrats on your interview tho! ❤️
  8. Your experience sounds pretty standard I wouldn’t worry lol btw did they ask for 2021 taxes at your interview?
  9. 😅 Same happened to me! Guess it takes awhile to update. I was just gonna try again Monday.
  10. I think for the medical it's 24 months and interview is less than 1 year for some odd reason. I found this information under Pre-Interview Checklist.
  11. We received our Interview Letter email at 5:49 AM CST! 🤩 DQ: Mar 21st Interview Date: May 3rd @ 9AM 🙈💗
  12. I've gone back in this thread and collected some data from December 2021 to now. I only wrote down peoples NVC DQ dates and date when they got their Interview Letter as well as calculated how many days between those dates. I hope this was helpful 🙈 ======================== DQ - IL (days) ======================== Dec 1 - Dec 13 (13) Dec 8 - Dec 30 (23) Dec 8 - Dec 30 (23) Dec 8 - Dec 30 (23) Jan 31 - Feb 7 (8) Jan 18 - Feb 7 (21) Jan 3? - Feb 7 (36)* Feb 7 - Feb 16 (10) Feb 17 - Feb 24? (8) Feb 17 - Feb 28 (12) Feb 14 - Feb 28 (15) Feb 22 - Feb 28 (7) Mar 18 - Mar 23 (5) Mar 19 - Mar 23 (4) *this person transferred from another consulate to London consulate
  13. because I feel bad for all the people who have refused status lol
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