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  1. We've contacted them multiple times and we keep getting different answers. Now they're saying the processing time for EAD/AP is 4-7 months. We're reaching out to our Congress Rep this week.
  2. TexasHeartsIndia

    December 2017 AOS

    Congratulations! That's great news!
  3. We got married in October so I wanted to change my name before the end of the year that way I could just change everything at once. We filed the adjustment at the beginning of December (everything had my maiden name) then I changed my name around the middle of December. We received a RFE for the GC because they wanted updated financial information (which I learned is pretty standard since it's a new year). I mailed all the evidence which now has my married name. So far no issues. I think because it's a social norm here for married women to change their name, I really don't think it's an issue. In fact, it's probably a good thing as it proves as evidence of a bona fide relationship. Plus your SS# and DOB will match and your new name will match that of your husband. Congratulations on the K1! And best wishes for your wedding and AOS! And P.S. the EAD/AP is taking forever, so just prepare him for that. We still haven't received my husband's EAD/AP.
  4. TexasHeartsIndia

    Who do we contact?

    That makes sense. Well, maybe he'll receive his GC soon and we won't have to worry about the EAD/AP.
  5. TexasHeartsIndia

    Who do we contact?

    We haven't done an InfoPass but he did talk to a Tier 2 officer which was extremely frustrating. The guy had a very thick accent (so imagine my Indian husband speaking to a French guy, both with foreign accents, having a hard time understanding one another). The officer had NO idea where our case was or even what my husband was trying to explain to him. I came home from work that day to a very frustrated husband.
  6. TexasHeartsIndia

    Who do we contact?

    We have not had any RFEs in regards to the EAD/AP. We had an RFE for the Green Card asking for updated financial information since we are now in a new year. He put in three service requests for "outside of processing times" and each response was, "Now our processing times are __ months longer" etc. He put in an expedite request but I have a feeling it will be denied because we don't really have a "valid" reason according to USCIS. Thanks!
  7. From our experience, they say whatever they want to say to placate whomever they are speaking with. First they told us his EAD would take 3 months, then it was 4, then 5; now they're saying up to 8. He's fine without the GC - he would just like to start working.
  8. We've been waiting since the beginning of December for my husband's EAD/AP. He's tired of sitting home all day without being able to do anything productive. Who do we need to contact? I know some people have contacted their government reps, but I'm uncertain who specifically it is. Is it the Congressional Rep? State Senator? US Senator? All of the above? lol
  9. That's ridiculous!! Had you contacted anyone about it during that time? We are thinking of contacting our Congress person (or whoever it is we need to contact) and see what can be done about it.
  10. We filed in the beginning of December and we are still waiting for EAD/AP...
  11. TexasHeartsIndia

    December 2017 AOS

    Congratulations! Glad to see your case is going smoothly!
  12. TexasHeartsIndia

    cultural differences

    Financially speaking, one of the most helpful things I did to help my husband is show him my monthly budget. I have a great Excel sheet that I update monthly with our income and expenses. He was shocked to see that my check is around $800 less than my gross, between taxes, insurance, SS, etc. He was also surprised to see how quickly basic living expenses add up, without any luxury! But it helped him understand why we can't buy certain things or take more trips, etc. Now he understands why I have so little savings and why I needed to work extra side jobs to help pay for the wedding! One of the hardest adjustments for my husband has been language. He started learning English when he was in fourth grade, has a Bachelor's degree in English, taught English in secondary schools, spoke mainly English at work and yet he still struggles to understand American accents and slang. He was so confident in his English (and he really speaks well) so I think it caught him off-guard to realize that it wasn't going to be an easy transition. He really depends on me to translate for him especially in casual conversations. I don't know how to prepare someone for this kind of adjustment other than to explain it to him/her. The only remedy is to gain experience in speaking with Americans. One funny event... I woke up in the middle of the night one time because my shoulder was really hurting. I guess my moving around woke him up and he asked me what was wrong. I told him, "My shoulder hurts. I think I layed on it wrong." He said, "No, you lay wrong. Lie. Lay. Lain." Then rolled over and went back to sleep. My husband corrects my English grammar in the middle of the night!!
  13. TexasHeartsIndia

    cultural differences

    I love this! He sounds like a very caring and thoughtful guy. And not to mention it makes your relationship more meaningful and rich. I wish you two all the best
  14. Met online September 2016 I went to meet him November 2016 (I know, right?) Filed paperwork February 2017 Went for a second visit March 2017 and he formally proposed Visa granted September 2017 Arrival/Wedding October 2017 It was a crazy whirl-wind and I wouldn't exchange it for the world!
  15. TexasHeartsIndia

    December 2017 AOS

    The website said the case was received then it said a request for additional evidence was mailed. It took about a week to receive the actual letter. About two business days after they received the evidence (we sent it priority so we could track it) the website said evidence was received. There haven't been any changes since then...