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    Met and later married in India, filed for CR-1 in 2016. Visa approved on August 16th 2017! Against all odds (and tons of massive maddening red flags), we have made it! What a journey and the best part is yet to begun!

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  1. If I were you, I would also think of booking a wedding venue (hall, get a dress, rings, receipts, wedding invites etc, etc,) and submit this info with additional chats, family pics etc. Just my two cents... Best of luck!
  2. You can find my review here http://www.visajourney.com/reviews/view-dos-cis-reviews.php?entry=22377 Feel free to ask me ant questions you might have. A few tips -- be prepared (all paperwork!), leave your gadgets at home/car or locker (if possible), wear "business casual" attire (or traditional attire you are accustomed to), so no t-shirts with big logos or caps etc. - be polite, smile, but do not joke around with staff, do not chew gum...you know all the common sense stuff! Best of luck!
  3. We had no pictures at all from that day, but I front loaded (meticulously) and had a lot of pictures from our trips. We were never asked for them nor did that ever become an issue. This is extremely surprising coming from a very traditional and conservative Indian Embassy plus we had a lot of red flags. For us at least, the conscious front loading is the reason why we sailed right through -- the file I put together as a whole (peppered with pictures) was able to convey the depth and commitment to our relationship.
  4. From personal experience - my hubby (or his parents) has not received a call from the New Delhi Embassy let alone anyone regarding our marriage. He did have someone come to his house after he applied for his PCC. His parents disapproval (nor 5 other huge red flags we had) did not hinder our CR-1. We stuck to the truth all the way throughout the process (from application to the interview). Take your time and take a deep breath... ☺️ Please do not freak out by what you read here. Everyone has a slightly different case or story and yours might not be the same. Just replied to your pm, let me know if you have any other questions.
  5. It was my hubby that experienced this since he is the beneficiary. They asked him how we met, how long we were married, how often I visited, about his job status and that was that. Hope this helps....
  6. I’m wondering if this is one of those generic emails NVC sends after receiving mail. I sent our AOS and IV together and got an email like your from NVC and called them, was told it’s an automated email, means nothing really. Anyhow here is a thread about it - it might help you some!
  7. Awesome sauce 👍🏽 Best to your Dad!!
  8. We went through a tough Embassy with tons of red flags, so I made sure to front load meticulously and without the mushy stuff like “I love youuuuuu!!” every two sentence. However I did send in ample samples that showcased how we greeted each other every morning and night for the last 3 years, where we chatted about bills, home remodeling, what to do with my car when it was in the shop, illnesses, our workout routines etc. and I included all these with everything else (boarding passes, passport stamps, pics, and anything else needed for a CR1). Not every case here is the same and if you have red flags and are going through a tough Embassy, proper (planned not just loading it with everything!) front loading could be handy! Quality matters, but at times quantity is needed to achieve quality! 🤓
  9. amul

    The yellow envelope

    Exactly this! If you got your visa on hand it means that you have cleared everything! They don’t want anyone tampering with it, hence the warning on it. Just follow the instructions and you will be able to see what’s inside your envelope when it’s being opened in front of you by the CBP Officer. My husband was able to see what was in his during his POE. One suggestion, try not to act too curious or ask to see (or touch) all the documentation meant for the CBP Officer nor speak without being asked a question. Answer what you are being asked, be polite, don’t joke back but smile at “his/her” jokes and don’t ask questions that might irritate the Officers. 😅
  10. amul

    Where to meet up w/ fiance outside India?

    How about Thailand or Jamaica? Both truly beautiful countries. I would not hesitate to pick Thailand personally ❤️
  11. For folks not familiar with conservative Indian families, it’s easier to face the grim reaper than face your parents when giving news such as these. It ain’t easy taking on your family when family is all you are taught you have! So saying that he needs to “man up” isn’t gonna help a conservative Indian young man about to marry a white western woman whom he met online. OP, your American girlfriend is used to a different life when it comes to dating and marriage. Keeping your special someone hidden from family is very rare amongst Americans, hence why she might voice her concerns or disappointment. Is your family caste oriented? Or very traditional (conservative) Indians? I’m thinking that you aren’t a Sikh as they tend to be very open minded and supportive of their kids. Still, you might have one person in your family that can offer you patience and understanding. Think...an Aunty or your Bua (Aunt) perhaps? We had zero support in the beginning and now 3 people in his family accepted his choice. Also, I can’t recall if this was mentioned - have you and your girlfriend met face to face yet?
  12. Please ignore all the typos etc., as I’m uber sleep deprived lately 😅 Obviously I was trying to say nuances up there 😁
  13. My hubby is about to get his DL and his English is excellent, so I’m not quite in the same boat as you, but here goes. Your Dad can use an interpreter during his test, so all he needs is the basic info memorized and practiced. My friends in Maryland were able to use a Russian interpreter at their local DMV. Lastly, have you tried looking over some other states’ DMVs for Russian manuals? I mean, US driving laws apply across the entire country (with minor nuisance like, you can make a right turn on red in parts of Maryland unless posted). I snagged a manual from California fot you to review - https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/pubs/pubs I checked it briefly and the drawings seem to go over the basic US driving rules, so this might help you out a bit when it comes to studying. Let him drive with you in quiet places and try to build his knowledge. When he feels comfortable, he will be less stressed out and less nervous too! Best to your Dad!
  14. @vchvishnu He did not have this happen, but that does not mean it won't happen to you! In India, anything is possible, so no one here can offer any guarantees sadly. My motto is be prepared, but keep moving ahead.
  15. So we did not file a K1, rather went with a CR-1 (spousal visa), but here is our experience. We too did not have family support at the time of filing and really just went with the flow hoping everything would go our way. We were lucky. First, you will need a police certificate (PCC)! My hubby is from Ghaziabad and after he filed for his PCC, he had two inquiries: One from his local police station One from the LIU office The local police station inquiry was on the phone and the guy from the LIU department just showed up at his home for an interview one morning and his Mother was home too and witnessed the interview! No calls, no appointments, just knocked on the door early am! Secondly, he did get mail at his parent's address (since he lived at home like you) from USCIS! So, be prepared for snail mail! Do you have any major red flags? Such as her being older than you? If she is within your age group, I highly suggest you finding the strength to involve your parents. I also suggest that you go for a spousal visa vs K1. Get married, involve your family, have a Hindu ceremony and then file your petition. My best to you and your girlfriend.