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  1. We were also assigned the Texas Center (SRC) and our NOA1 was dated May 7th, 2021 (received it in the postal mail on May 13th) and our biometric letter was dated May 21st. So 8 days after we received the NOA1. Not sure how current you were looking for date wise, but that's what ours looked like. Hope this helps. Best of luck to you.
  2. @Nouchigang You might want to recheck the amount you need to send in. It should be $680 total ($595 + $85 = $680). If you send in $765, that's the wrong amount and it will be rejected. Hope this helps. (Attaching the exact amounts listed below from the USCIS website.)
  3. @elmers I also searched the whole instruction document for the I-751 (all 10 pages) and it didn't even bring up the G-1145 form name any where. So maybe they were using a different set of instructions? Or from a different source? Can you share where you read that information @Heri4me2 ? A link or a screenshot perhaps? Because we filled the G-1145 and we did receive a text message just like we were supposed to, so I am curious where you read this. Thanks.
  4. Ours did the same, and we just sent it that way...as it would not allow us to change it. And so far it's been fine. We sent our 751 and received our receipt notice, as well as our biometrics waiver and so far so good.🀞
  5. I think sending every quarter is totally fine. I'm sure whoever gets your packet will appreciate not having to sift thru mountains of paperwork (I know I would), especially if they can see there a continuation of use/record from the statements you do send in. This may not help, because we're still in the process... but we sent the past 6 months statements from our bank, as well as the last 3 months paystubs, utility bills, credit card statements, etc. (Which is really just a continuation of what we previously sent for the K1 - so I feel like a monthly copy for the past 2 years is way too much.) I thought they would appreciate not having every scrap of paper we could come up with to just fill the packet to overflowing - I believe they just want to see that yes, we do live as a genuine married couple and share bills, credit cards, expenses, life, etc. I think quality is much better than quantity in this situation. (But I'll be sure to update you if I find out otherwise. πŸ˜‰ ) We've sent our 751, received our receipt notice, as well as our biometrics waiver and everything is looking good so far. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly.
  6. @anjad22 I agree with alun, if you'd like to include the affidavits there's no harm, it can only help. If you include, I'd send copies and keep your originals to produce in person if requested/required. We did that and had about 3 affidavits during the first part of our K1 visa processing, and it went fine, no issues. If you're leaning towards not sending, that's ok too, it looks like you have plenty of good evidence. Hope this helps and best of luck! It's definitely a stressful process trying to have enough of everything you think they'll want. πŸ™‚
  7. Thanks! 😊 I tried to check the spreadsheet for April filers, but it looks like nobody has updated as far along as we are...or we're ahead (but I'm thinking they forgot to come back and update, as there's several that filed quite a bit before us.) I may try to find the March filers spreadsheet just to check. πŸ‘
  8. Thanks! Do you happen to know if there's a "SRC Processing Time" thread? I tried searching... but without much luck. I did see a few of the other service center threads... so was curious if there's one for ours. The next step is an interview letter, correct? Or a waiver if they decide not to interview...? Curious which they're doing more of currently? We sent a pretty solid package with a longgg relationship history leading there. πŸ‘πŸ™‚
  9. Hello all... more updates to add. We just got a notification on our USCIS account that "action was taken on our account". So I logged in to check and they have applied his previous fingerprints to this application. So biometrics waived I'm assuming? Our info is as follows: 4-20-21 Sent 751 packet (via USPS overnight) 4-21-21 Received by USCIS (Signed by T. Wright) 5-7-21 Receipt date on our 797 (extending GC for 18 months) {we included G-1145, got a text, but no email - for those curious.} 5-8-21 Received Text message from USCIS with receipt number, Assigning service center SRC. (@12:35pm) 5-10-21 Check cashed/cleared our bank 5-13-21 Hard copy of 797 Received in postal mail 5-18-21 Received email notice update from USCIS account that on 17th they used his previous biometrics for 751. Excited for there to be movement. 😁 Love seeing everyone's updates on this thread, it keeps things going for sure. πŸ‘ Updated the spreadsheet with the new info. πŸ™‚
  10. Just received our text message with receipt number. We are in Missouri and were assigned the SRC service center (Texas). A quick search says the wait time for processing the 751 at the SRC center is 4 to 10.5 months, so we're pretty excited. 😁 Filled: April 20, 2021; (via USPS) USCIS Received: April 22, 2021 Received Text from USCIS: May 8, 2021 (@12:35pm) (Looks like receipt date might be May 7th, based on the online info when we enter our case number. We'll see.) Waiting for hard copy in mail...
  11. Joining the April filers for I-751.πŸ‘ Definitely feels a bit weird having to come back here after 2 years of freedom and peace. Lol.😁 Filled April 20, 2021; (via USPS) Received April 22, 2021 Now we wait... again. Best of luck everyone! 😊
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