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  1. We had our interview Sept 18th at the Abu Dhabi embassy and everything went well. Hope to post an updated review soon. Best of luck to you guys getting ready! ๐Ÿ‘
  2. We have the interview coming tomorrow... so feel free to give us any and all tips that may come in handy. ๐Ÿ‘ Like was officer nice? Tough? Ask lots of extra evidence? Etc, anything you can think of to share is appreciated. ๐Ÿ˜Š @kokokrunch @Goldfish_0529 @LMDXB @Anloooom and m @RickyandJoc Thanks in advance everyone!! God bless โค
  3. You're quite welcome. And thank you! We're a bit nervous but praying for a good outcome. ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Im not LMDXB but I can tell you some of the above ๐Ÿ˜‰ See the bold text for the answers. Hope this helps!
  5. We are also waiting for our interview at Abu Dhabi VickeySis. Good luck with your process and let us know how it goes. ๐Ÿ‘
  6. @sidd.ikram yes, let us know. Praying you get soon!
  7. @sidd.ikram Oh okay, yes...we tested out the USPS mail sending a card only (a few months ago) and it took 3 weeks for the card to reach him from here...then I sent another card (just to check) and it never reached at all So that was a bit stressful...but glad it was only a card. We are still trying to check for mailing services, because the other services are almost $150 to send it across if its more than 60 pages... Really hoping your package arrives soon!
  8. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that! How did your fiance send the documents to UAE? We are still trying to decide on the courier to use to send our documents across. How long have your documents been in route?
  9. @sidd.ikram Hey there, was just stopping by to ask how your interview went?And if you could share any helpful details with us? Hope all went well! Thanks!
  10. @kokokrunch when did you schedule your interview date? Is it near or far off? Hoping you get packet 3 soon!
  11. Ben & Jela

    Letter of Intent to Marry

    @kokokrunch hey, sure I'll send you our letter that we will be using (you would need to insert your info into the appropriate places) Let me know if you have any questions!
  12. Thanks @K1visaHopeful I think you are right....this is too stressful to have to argue something that even logically doesn't make sense to someone with immigration law experience that is supposed to know better. Thanks again for all your help!
  13. haha...I think you're right! She's been a mess!! And YES - we wont retain them further, this is insane! And beyond stressfull!! We retained them before we knew much about the process and after paying, thought well, its better to have someone that does this daily to look over our 134 (they ONLY do immigration law) especially since we had already paid them. Anyways...she recently sent our financial packet to me in the mail (they are from another state...we dont have any immigration lawyers near me) and its full of mistakes! I had 8 sticky notes highlighting errors she made and blanks she left. Was NOT happy at all. So emailed her a list of all the errors - she then informed me to just hand write in the things she left blank! And being so particular about things myself, I couldn't believe it! Told her I was not okay with this. So needless to say this is just another issue to add to the reasons why NOT to use a lawyer. She is totally stressing me out, as I wanted to have sent this packet to my fiance by now. We just received packet 3 email that we had been waiting for all this time, so he can now schedule his interview - BUT here we are and I STILL have the packet with me. Paralegal is 'making corrections' - but I am about done with that. I have already corrected all the errors and am wanting to go over things once more with my fiance before sending across. I do have another question (Lawyers office left these boxes blank) when filling out the "wholly dependent" or "partially dependent" on the 134, what would we mark? My co-sponsor does not receive any child support for her 3 children, so would that be "wholly dependent"? I do receive child support, so would that be "partially dependent"? OR is that not how its decided? Any idea?
  14. Yipes! Sorry for not being clearer @K1visaHopeful it was very clear in my mind Yes - I am the USC (petitioner) Sorry! And YES! 5 THAT is what I thought!! Arrghhh...after having a slight heart attack receiving that crazy email from our lawyers paralegal this morning. Thank you for mucking it out with me and clarifying what I thought!
  15. @K1visaHopeful Sorry, no - I am not sure how I made it sound I have no income. I do. Just barely short of the requirement... I (Petitioner) am not claimed on anyone elses tax return. Separate household totally and separate income. Co-sponsor claims only her 3 children on her tax return and has her own income. My lawyer is saying we have to have the income to support household of 7 (I believe this is wrong) I believe it should be 5 (co-sponsor, 3 kids plus fiance) My household of 2 (myself and child) is NOT part of my co-sponsors in any way - but lawyer is now saying it is...so became confused.