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  1. Downloaded case tracker app today and entered info and it said case approved for EAD and AP. so now we wait for it i guess. Does anybody know how long before it changes to card mailed?
  2. So i filed my wife's AOS paperwork already. I didn't check my mail for like a week or more. social was already issued and probably was sitting in my mailbox when i sent her aos package. Is it a problem that i didn't put social security number on her paperwork?
  3. I am planning to file my wife's AOS pretty soon. My question is since this it is 2020 already do i need 2019 taxes? it will be Some time before receive my W-2 and file my taxes. Or should i be okay with 2018-2017-2016 transcripts and job letter? Please help thank you.
  4. Thanks guys. now i have to explain this to my fiancee. But the question remains does i-134 effect i-864?
  5. my fiancee will be coming to usa to get married. her parents and sister and brother in law are going for visitors visa interview. Agent told them they should get a i-134 from USA. now question is it going to affect AOS process when filling i-864? i am kind of worried. i know i dont have to as its not a requirement for b2 visa. but if i choose to do it. I have already submitted one for my grandpa once and obviously for my fiancee also
  6. email them if you really want one, but don't need it.
  7. my fiancee had her interview on oct 10 at 7:15. got there at 6:30. there is no line just people sitting and waiting outside. 7:15 appt people were called at 7 am. She chose Punjabi as her language. people with Punjabi preference were put in separate line. A Punjabi guy sorted her paperwork. only took i-134, W2 and may be tax transcript. didn't take job letter or pay-stubs or bank statements. she was interviewed by a Punjabi speaking guy. Not a English speaker with translator as i thought it would be. So they sort it out for you.
  8. My fiancee did it in punjabi and got approved. Interviewer was punjabi speaking guy. Dont know if it will hindi speaker co or a hindi translator.
  9. Congratulations, did you appeared for the interview with your fiance or she attended by herself? What kind of questions were asked at the time of interview?

  10. i dont know about extension. i have heard they extend it automatically or try emailing Support india. Now you didn't need to wait for embassy to contact you to book interview. You should book you interview already. May be you will be able to change it later.
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