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  1. Well, no biometrics for me, they're just going to use my old stuff. All this furlough drama and this is the fastest and clearest USCIS have ever been with me. 4 days after sending my I-751 I get a text to say they've received my stuff. 10 days later a letter in the mail to say my green card has been extended by 18 months, 4 days after that another letter to say biometrics don't need to be done. What's with the lightning speed and no-nonsense instant decision-making all of a sudden. 😆 🙃
  2. I would phone them. I sent mine with a G-1145 to Phoenix on 20th July. 4 days later I had a text to say they received it. Today (1st August) I had a letter in the mail to say my green card has been extended by 18 months.
  3. ^ Thanks! 🙂 Yes, I'm ready for that long wait. But I'm OK with it, I put a G-1145 on the top of the stack, once I get that text to say they received it, I'll pretty well forget about it until they contact me again. We've moved, I need to get around to updating our timeline. We're North Carolina now so it was Phoenix, Arizona. All the best with your filing/case. 🙂
  4. RE stuff like Flakes and Twirls, I made the most excellent discovery recently. What you want to do is look for Indian supermarkets. In my experience, they are not hard to find, I've seen them in numerous places in numerous states. For one thing there are so many immigrants in America, but they also seem to double-up as suppliers for Indian restaurants. So not only do they have rather fascinating stock ranges, and you can make mega savings on things like pulses, spices and rice, but the ones I've seen always have a British section! I guess Brit choc bars are eaten a lot in India? Or people are used to seeing/eating British stuff there. They have a big range of British teabags too. So I suppose these products are made in the UK, sent to India, and then sent to America. Well, it works out more expensive with the export/import costs. I think I paid about $15 for a handful of Flakes, Twirls, Galaxy Ripples, Chocolate Buttons, etc. But it's so fun and makes me inordinately happy to be able to just pop down a shop and come home with all my old favourite chocolate bars, rather than having to wait for them in the mail or bring them back.
  5. So long as you include the note as mentioned by Wuozopo, you'll be fine. I used to have a bit of anxiety and depression and was taking an antidepressant when I went for my medical in London. It was briefly raised by the doctor but it seemed to be in more of a chit-chat way, as in ''I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you're feeling better now'', and absolutely not in a ''let me shine a big light on you and try to gauge how crazy you are''. Depression and anxiety is incredibly common these days, nobody bats an eyelid now. You will need that note though. No need to take it to heart or get stressed out or upset about it, just look at it as another wee task to check off your list. 🙂
  6. Aye. Many thanks to both of you. We've put both addresses on - my husband's view is it 'can't hurt' and that's what he wants. And I just want it done/over with. Next stop - Fedex. Thanks again. 🙂
  7. I don't think it's necessary at all. And further, I think it looks odd/confusing too. Like saying you still live in the house you moved out of. If I was reading that I would think 'what are they on about?'.
  8. ^ Ok. But doesn't that render the 'enter your current mailing address' area pointless then?! If our current address isn't listed on Part 11, it's not like they won't know where we live now, it's listed right at the beginning of the form! Surely 'additional info' means additional or why use the word 'additional'! We've very clearly said where we live now and where we lived before; I think putting our current address in Part 11 is taking pedantry too far, but if that's what USCIS wants, then so be it (but it seems dumb to me, personally). My husband is hell-bent on it though and I don't care I (I just don't particularly want an RFE) so I expect what you said is what we'll do.
  9. In Part 2 of the I-751, there's a section about addresses resided in since the two year green card was issued. If this applies to you, you then put the additional info about your old address in Part 11. My husband reckons we are supposed to list everywhere we've ever lived since the two year green card was issued in Part 11 - including our CURRENT address. I say where we currently live does not count as additional info to input in the previous addresses/Part 11 area. We have already put our current address at the beginning/current address section of the form. He says we will get an RFE if we only put our previous address in Part 11 and not our current address also. I think it makes no sense to put our current address down in Part 11. So, who is correct? Thank you!
  10. Thanks, so I sign the two boxes under part 8 and she signs the two boxes under part 7. Right?
  11. My wife immigrated to the US. Part 7: Who signs "Acknowledgement of Appointment at USCIS Application Support Center"? Part 7 Who signs "Petitioner's Signature"? Part 8 Who signs "Acknowledgement of Appointment at USCIS Application Support Center"? Part 8 Who signs "Spouse's or Individual's Signature"? Thanks
  12. Yeah, but pleading ignorance is not an excuse though. You should have known. You have to make it your business to know. I didn't know anything about how this all worked when I started this process but I put the time in to figure it out. This USCIS stuff is serious biz, you have to treat it with respect; you can't just make assumptions and hope for the best, and then go mad at everyone else when it doesn't play out your way. I don't see where being judgmental comes into it, it's just the straight truth. This said, I'm still sorry for your problems and I wish you the best.
  13. Yay! Phew! And good luck with everything else too. 🙂
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