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  1. Yeah, but pleading ignorance is not an excuse though. You should have known. You have to make it your business to know. I didn't know anything about how this all worked when I started this process but I put the time in to figure it out. This USCIS stuff is serious biz, you have to treat it with respect; you can't just make assumptions and hope for the best, and then go mad at everyone else when it doesn't play out your way. I don't see where being judgmental comes into it, it's just the straight truth. This said, I'm still sorry for your problems and I wish you the best.
  2. Yay! Phew! And good luck with everything else too. 🙂
  3. Send what you have now, OP. After you've sent it, start collecting more and more evidence. Then if they RFE you, you'll be ready. I saw someone here say ROC could be taking 800+ days or something crazy. So plenty of time to gather more. For this reason I'm not massively bothered about our I-751. I have more evidence than you but not that much more. Good luck! 🙂
  4. Damn, OP. What a nightmare. I feel traumatized just reading all that! I really hope it works out for you, all the very best of luck, take care. 🙂
  5. Not a foolish question, I've been wondering this myself for ages.
  6. As far as I know, bank accounts can't be changed in the UK to American ones. What I did was close my two Lloyds bank accounts, I rang the bank to explain I was emigrating and they closed them. But you can leave them open if you want. You'll need to go in person to a bank in America and show them all your paperwork. They take you into a little room and go over everything for about 40 mins. If everything's in order then they'll open you a new account. They won't do it without your American social security number. No doctor, dentist or optician in America will have your UK records. They won't trace them, they don't care about tracing them, I don't think they even can do it. They'll take you at face value. You'll have to start over from the beginning. But I suppose you could print out some info and take it with you to show new practitioners. Health insurance will take a while. I can't remember exactly but it was a pain and took quite a while. Try not to fall over and break your leg or whatever for the first few months. Basically you are starting over where nobody knows you, and as if you have no past. Nobody cares about your past aside from your spouse or some people that will chat out of novelty because you have a British accent, and even then there will be no real help for all these kind of practicalities - you will have to sort every step yourself.
  7. I opted to have mine delivered. I was paranoid that if I went to the depot maybe someone would mug me on the way back and take off with the precious passport/visa. 😅 I think you're supposed to sign for it? Anyway, I lived on the top floor of a huge Victorian mansion that had been divided into small flats. I popped out to Sainsbury's and when I came out of my big communal front door, there was my pack sitting on the step. Not inside in a hallway but actually on an outside step where anyone walking past on the street could have swiped it. I was quietly at home, the bloke delivering it just couldn't be bothered to buzz the flat 😲 .The depot was Bristol/Bristol area.
  8. It's simply about proof of an ongoing relationship since you were issued with your two year green card. USCIS leave it up to you to decide what to include. If they were massively fussy/particular, they would say so. Some people probably go way overboard with it IMO, but if they feel secure that way, that's fine. You really want stuff that shows you both living at the same address, joint names on a mortgage or apartment/house lease, and that you filed taxes together, joint credit cards, and suchlike. I'm not going to include a mass of paperwork 6 inches thick with a series of photos of us in different scenarios, and I'm not going to get a friend to write some sappy thing about what a nice couple we make or whatever. Firstly I don't have it at my disposal and secondly I just don't think it's necessary. Keep it simple and don't overthink it, it's commonsense stuff that I don't think anyone needs to get too worked up about. But randomly sending in your hubby's social security card or his driving license ain't gonna cut it. They want irrefutable and compelling JOINT evidence. I think the filing of joint taxes is a really big one.
  9. I packed up most of my flat in Bristol and sent it over to Austin. Coffee cups, cushions, candle holders, cafeteires, plant pots... you name it. Stuff other people would probably throw away. I just wrapped everything carefully in masses of bubblewrap and sent a series of boxes by DHL. Wasn't even expensive and not a single thing got broken. IMO, it's just too traumatic to leave for a new continent with just the clothes on your back. Well, it's a traumatic thing to do, period. Even if taking familiar belongings. Yes, it's exciting but there can also be a mental health toll. I love my husband but if I had my time over again I wouldn't do it. Anyway, sending stuff was not a problem at all, it's dead easy.
  10. I still can't believe how difficult it is to find decent instant coffee. So weird and annoying. This is the only decent one I've been able to find: - https://products.wholefoodsmarket.com/product/365-everyday-value-instant-coffee-da4903 - ever tried it/seen it? And yes, Hershey bars smell/taste like baby vom. Zoflora is on eBay.
  11. I think you'll be fine, OP. 🙂 I'm sure I read once that the UK has the lowest rate in the world of fraudulent visas. The USA likes UK and Germany applications the very best. Erm.. life in the USA really is no better than life in the UK. The standard of living is pretty similar except the US has no NHS and doesn't look anywhere near as beautiful as the UK. And the UK isn't looney with guns. People just don't really need seek out this whole nightmarish USCIS process, that is unless they fall in love. The fraud rate is really very low for UK/London. Yes, they will check you but they're just not mega suspicious on the whole. At no point in any of my dealings with London was there any attempt to trip me up. I see nothing from your explanation that would hold you back, though I understand your nervousness. Just be confident, friendly and very polite. I'm sure you'll be fine, good luck. 👍
  12. Mine needs renewing too. But I'm leaving well alone until next year. If you don't need to travel (and you shouldn't be travelling anyway with Covid exploding in the US right now) then it really doesn't matter too much. I"m not worried. I've lived in the US for 3 years and been to all kinds of places and have never once shown my green card to anyone. Covid rates in the US are obscene and likely to remain so for months. Yes, it's better to have everything up to date but I really wouldn't sweat it right now.
  13. Here you go: https://www.amazon.com/Walkers-Crisps-Prawn-Cocktail-6x25g/dp/B00MULG362/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=prawn+cocktail+crisps&qid=1593798090&sr=8-1 11 dollars for a pack of 6 😂 you'll have to savour every single crisp very slowly and very carefully. 😅 I've used that seller before. They're good, they shipped to me really quickly.
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