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  1. Yeah, but am just thinking how the fact that he was "was previously permanently barred for willful misrepresentation (working under the table) & overstating visa" wouldn't be enough to not grant it. I have seen some cases denied for less, I might be wrong but just my thoughts.
  2. Congrats, make sure you go with your wife for the combo interview.
  3. It's so nice to see all the updates on here! I am filing next week and can't wait. I have a pending I90 for an error on my 10 year green card, that might make things quicker or slower.
  4. Hello, I filed online due to USCIS error and I got my receipt number and filed for expedited and it was denied. I just called USCIS again to request a reason as it was clearly due to their mistake. So you can file online and add a letter explaining that they made a mistake.
  5. Hello everyone! Check your green card dates when you get it, It turns out that the 'resident since' date on my 10- year card was the date when I applied for my removal of conditions rather than the date I became a permanent resident in 2018. So, I filed I-90 online and called USCIS and requested expedited processing for my replacement green card due to USCIS error.
  6. New policy alert from USCIS 2020 Test withdrawn: https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/policy-manual-updates/20210222-CivicsTest.pdf
  7. Hello everyone! We got a notification this morning that my card is being produced! Thank you Jesus! I am praying for everyone still waiting for theirs and hoping everything goes well. You can see more details on my timeline, now on to N400!
  8. We should really watch the language we use when giving advice on here. Some people’s comments are pretty insensitive sometimes 😔 we should always ask would I want someone talking this way to me if I am in this situation.
  9. Hello everyone! I don't know if there a group already for 2021 March filers, but figured we could all get on here and share our experiences!
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