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  1. 6 hours ago, Nature Boy 2.0 said:

    I like LED bulbs because the tend to last forever and I don't have to get my old tired behind on a ladder and change them. 

    I think you may suffer from CRS.  My LEDs may last a LITTLE longer than conventional, but not enough to be noteworthy.  Just my personal experience.

    5 hours ago, Dashinka said:

    I actually have several CFBs that have lasted more than 16 years and quite a few LEDs that last only a few years.


  2. 8 hours ago, yuna628 said:

    That may depend on the brand, as we did have a box of bad ones once...but I've had LEDs still going strong for several years when regular bulbs would have been dead a couple times by now. Also: LEDs that are placed in an enclosed fixture may burn out faster in some situations.

    I haven't had an LED bulb last more than 3 years so far.  That's roughly half of the promised lifespan.  And if I try to go longer, I end up fighting with my thermostat which gets locked up by old LEDs.

  3. Manhattan DA Deletes 'Meet Our Team' Webpage

    The official Manhattan District Attorney website has conspicuously removed its "Meet Our Team" webpage as the complaints of prosecutorial conflict of interest reached a crescendo.


    Multiple reports noted the "Page not found" message as former President Donald Trump was headed to the Manhattan County Courthouse on Tuesday, when he was indicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records.





  4. 17 hours ago, Allaboutwaiting said:

    Energy efficiency? 

    "Officials estimate this will cut carbon emissions by 222 million metric tons over 30 years and will save $3 million per year on utility bills."




    And as you can see from the link, it is too late to have a choice, as it was finalized a year ago. Enforcement starts in July this year and not all incandescent lightbulbs are banned.


    In any case, it is an extremely outdated technology that uses lots of energy and produces an immense amount of heat. 



    Possibly a push to keep more energy "in the grid", since "experts" are now advising people to NOT charge their EVs at home overnight because it is drawing too much power and causing rates to go up (takes more coal and oil to charge more and more EVs).  If only this phenomenon could have been predicted...

  5. 17 hours ago, Ban Hammer said:

    the old ones have a good use - led's interfere with garage door openers.

    LEDs interfere with a lot of things, particularly as they age and begin to flicker, but it's still undetectable to the naked eye.  My digital thermostat falls prey to this, and then I have to figure out which & how many LED ceiling lights need to be replace for my thermostat to work properly again.  PITA

  6. Just now, Nature Boy 2.0 said:

    Is there any reason to use incandescent in a home nowadays? Just wondering if they serve a purpose? 


    We are all led as far as I know. We burn both porch lights all night as you know.


    Not that I can see.  Both generate heat, but I think LEDs are cooler overall.  And come in a variety of intensities and whiteness.  


    My previous truck had LED low beams and regular high beams and fog lights.  Now all forward lights are LED, but I think all marker and tail lights are regular?  Seems odd that they would mix-n-match.


  7. Quote

    This month, I was fired from my position as faculty director for the Office of Equity, Social Justice, and Multicultural Education at De Anza Community College in Cupertino, Calif.—a position I had held for two years. This wasn’t an unexpected development. From the beginning, my colleagues and supervisors had made clear their opposition to the approach I brought to the job. Although I was able to advance some positive initiatives, I did so in the face of constant obstruction.


    What made me persona non grata? On paper, I was a good fit for the job. I am a black woman with decades of experience teaching in public schools and leading workshops on diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism. At the Los Angeles Unified School District, I established a network to help minority teachers attain National Board Certification. I designed and facilitated numerous teacher trainings and developed a civic-education program that garnered accolades from the LAUSD Board of Education.





  8. 12 hours ago, TBoneTX said:

    Anyone who quotes Victor Davis Hanson deserves an upvote.

    We forget, however, that this is 100% political, and the judiciary and jury pool are hostile.  I predict conviction.


    Edited to add:  The link to VDH's piece is here:


    Thanks.  It was shared with my by a friend just as I pasted it. I had no idea who said it nor the source.

  9. 1 hour ago, TBoneTX said:

    Even bigger than the title question is whether the judge will issue a gag order (!).

    There will be no conviction.  Even if there is a "second woman".   How can there be?  What's the crime?  This is nothing more than a third, sad attempt at trying to discredit Trump.  Same as the first two failed impeachments.

    Consider (not my words, just sharing them)...


    1) Trump did not violate federal law, as did Hillary Clinton, by destroying federally subpoenaed emails and devices in order to hide evidence.


    2) Trump did not violate federal law, as did Hillary Clinton, by sending classified government communications on her own, through an unsecured home-brewed server.


    3) Trump did not violate federal law, as did Hillary Clinton, by hiring—through three paywalls—a foreign national, who is prohibited from working on presidential campaigns, to compile a dossier to smear her presidential opponent.


    4) Trump did not violate federal campaign laws, as did Hillary Clinton, by hiding her payments (as “legal services”) to Christopher Steele through bookkeeping deceptions.


    5) Trump did not, as did Bill Clinton, use a crony to search out a high-paying New York job for a paramour in order to influence her testimony before a special counsel.


    6) Trump did not, as did Bill Clinton, receive a $500,000 “honorarium” for speaking in Moscow while his wife, our secretary of state, approved a longstanding and lucrative desire of the Kremlin for North American uranium to be sold to a Russian consortium.


    7) Trump did not, as did Barack Obama, promise Vladimir Putin that he would be “flexible” on “missile defense” if during his own reelection bid Putin in return would give him “space”. That quid pro quo arrangement led to the U.S. abandonment of key joint missile defense systems with Poland and the Czech Republic, and, reciprocally, less than two years later a Russia invasion, mostly unopposed by the United States, of eastern Ukraine and the Crimea.

    Cool Trump did not boast publicly, as did Joe Biden, that he used U.S. foreign aid monies as leverage to have the Ukrainian government fire a prosecutor who may have been looking into the Biden family’s efforts to sell influence to corrupt Ukrainian interests.


    9) Trump did not, as the Bidens did, set up a family consortium to leverage monies from Ukraine, Russia, and China, on their shared expectations that he might soon run for and be elected president and become compromised. Trump is not mentioned, as is Joe Biden, in family business communications as a recipient of a 10 percent commission on such payoffs.


    10) Trump did not, unlike Joe Biden, remove presidential papers—without any authority to declassify them—and leave them scattered and unsecured in a garage and various residences and offices.


    11) Trump did not, as did the FBI, wipe clean subpoenaed mobile phone records.


    12) Trump did not, as did interim FBI head Andrew McCabe, admittedly lie under oath on four occasions to federal investigators.


    13) Trump did not, as did CIA Director John Brennan, admittedly lie on two occasions while under oath to the U.S. Congress.


    14) Trump did not, as did Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, admittedly lie on one occasion to the U.S. Congress.

    15) Trump did not, as did James Comey, claim amnesia or ignorance 245 times while under oath before the U.S. Congress.

  10. Just now, Boiler said:



    Another Bragg story, OMG


    A Manhattan parking garage attendant who was shot twice while confronting an alleged thief — then wrestled the gun away and opened fire on the suspect — has been charged with attempted murder, police said.

    Good ole Bragg.  


    Remember this story?  We talked about it here in CEHST.  Bragg went after the Bodega owner who protected himself, got locked up, and later went back to the Dominican Republic after his shoddy treatment by Bragg & NYC.


  11. If the father wanted to keep the goat, he should have won the bid, or never took it to auction in the first place.  What he did was steal from another person because his daughter threw a tantrum.  Please, let's DON'T continue this particular trend.

    And this is why America is in the sad state of affairs that it is today.  Between participation trophies and giving kids everything on a silver platter, we have created weaklings in our society.

  12. On 3/29/2023 at 5:49 PM, LIBrty4all said:

    Agree 110%, but you gotta know that doesn't sell like the BS headlines they come up with.

    Don't worry, they will make herm a martyr before it's all over with.

    I said this 3 days ago.




    3 hours ago, Dashinka said:

    Saw some stories about the candlelight vigil the other day.  Why were some holding up signs showing seven victims?  Was there another victim of the murderer?


    And now this.




    2 hours ago, Nature Boy 2.0 said:

    Nope saying she is the 7th


    Sad the female murderer is being made into a martyr.  Kinda called it though.

  13. It is sad that the toxic jabs people were coerced into taking can cause things like GBS, shingles, Bells Palsy, myocarditis, etc.  Gotta admit, Pfizer made a VERY smart play by getting a law passed that prevents them from being sued, eh?  And to top it off, they recently paid cash for the heart medicine company Arena.  Wonder how much they will make off THAT business venture, with all the heart problems arising from the jabs?



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