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  1. EandH0904

    Can't get Case Complete

    Yes. I legally changed my name with social security and on my passport, drivers license etc
  2. My case is currently at NVC. All my documents have been "Accepted" since October 5th but I have yet to receive a Case Complete notice. Next to one of my extra, non-required documents, there's a note that says "We are unable to this document. Please delete and re-upload in the correct section" I can't delete the document as it has been accepted. This document I included is my marriage certificate from my first marriage so they would be able to see how I went from AAAA (birth name) to BBBB (name on divorce decree) to CCCC (the name I currently use). My marriage license to my current husband only used AAAA so I was just trying to show the progression of names. I clearly labeled it has my PRIOR marriage certificate to correspond with the name on my divorce decree. I uploaded it to the OTHER section as I didn't want to put it under marriage certificate as it isnt my current marriage certificate. If they do not want/need this, they could simply discard it. I was trying to be thorough but I think I messed things up. Everytime I call asking why my case has not been closed yet, if all my documents have been accepted, I get the same, "a supervisor is reviewing it" . I've asked to speak to a supervisor and I'm told I cannot. I've also tried emailing without resolution. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I could speak to a supervisor or get this resolved to get my case complete?
  3. Yes a US passport will be ok for citizenship proof.
  4. You cant do anything until you meet in person so you need to do that first. A legal permanent resident cannot apply for a fiance Visa. So your choices are: 1. Meet, wait for citizenship then apply K1. 2. Get married apply for CR1. An F2A - marriage Visa to a non citizen, takes about 2 years. If citizenship is obtained it will go down a little bit to 12-16 months. Either way...meeting before you decide the rest of your life is probably the best decision
  5. Also agreed! I would be glad to look at your papers if you want. I've looked at others and given suggestions. No overstay of tourist Visa right?
  6. EandH0904

    Filing taxes in the US

    Your tax status on the last day of the year determines how you file. If you marry January 2019 the US citizen will need to file single (or head of household if that applies) as that was their status December 31, 2018.
  7. EandH0904

    Small question

    If what you are asking is, after you get married can you go back to Vietnam before you adjust and safely come back....no. The k1 is a single entry Visa and can be used only once. If you leave before adjusting status the beneficiary may not be allowed to re-enter. The US citizen can of course. If you want to do a marriage ceremony in Vietnam you should do that and file a CR1 instead
  8. There have only been 3 k1s this year in the whole world. 15 approved last year. Meanwhile there are 10,000+ CR1s approved. If you apply K3 chances are it will just be dropped and will be switched to CR1.
  9. You're right. My bad. I certainly did not mean to misrepresent but I'm not sure I can change it (?). And I read the article and I understand it but the implications are concerning to me. For example, some countries scrutinize heavily if a co sponsor is needed....asking how you can afford to travel if you need a co sponsor. (My husband country is like this) A co sponsor shouldn't be allowed if it's going to count against you. My concern is this will follow the same path. Even if you meet the 125% I'm worried it could no longer be seen as "enough" to some consulates.
  10. What do we think of this? https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/income-test-under-trump-proposal-places-tougher-hurdles-families-get-n917931?cid=sm_npd_nn_fb_ma
  11. Has your wife kept a US bank account, voted from overseas?
  12. Yes. This is correct. Your wife will also be under obligation to be up to date on her US tax requirements and show she has maintained US domicile. What has she done to show this?
  13. EandH0904

    How to make refused visa reviewd

    Theres a whole process called reaffirmation. Approx 6 months after your interview your spouse will get a letter detailing every reason you were denied. It's called NOID or NOIR (Notice of intent to revoke/deny). She will have a small time, usually 30 days, to respond and show proof of why they were wrong essentially. So whatever you think was the reason for refusing the Visa, work on fixing that so you can show valid proof. If they accept her submission after the notice you will get a new interview. If not your case will be closed and you will need to start again from the beginning. A 2nd interview is roughly a year from the first. Look up reaffirmed visa or NOID or NOIR and you'll find others talking about it
  14. EandH0904

    How to make refused visa reviewd

    What kind of Visa did you apply for? Some go through a recertification process others do not.
  15. You cannot complete the DS160 until they send you a certain number with which you can log on to the website. When my now husband had his k1 interview in Casablanca I emailed 2-3 times a week reminding them of the upcoming deadline and the interview request. They got back to me after emailing for 5 weeks. If you have been emailing and your deadline is approaching they will extend the deadline out. Also remember unless you're in a regional forum you need to speak English so others can benefit from info you are providing