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  1. I said if you come back to the US to look for a job you would not meet the requirements as you have to be a resident there, so if you come back to work then you aren't a resident any more
  2. When did you apply? If it was recently she will not be able to move by June...even DCF takes a few months. If you do not meet the financial requirements you will need to find a co sponsor that does. If you come to the US first to get a job then you no longer meet DCF requirements and will need to do a CR1
  3. It is my understanding that the apostille certifies the documents for international use. We could not think of a time he would need those papers in the US so we did not apostille them. No one has asked him for them yet either.
  4. They specifically ask for no folders, binders, etc. I just out rubber bands around my packet https://www.uscis.gov/forms-filing-tips
  5. That's what he did; what I did when we got married and what most people I know have done. It took a week at the most
  6. You can order it online and pick it up at your local courthouse.... http://casierjudiciaire.justice.gov.ma/Accueil.aspx?culture=en-US
  7. My husband got his from the city he lived in...why would he need to go to Rabat to get it?
  8. My husband's expired a week after his interview so we got a new one just in case and they only wanted the one that was uploaded. They also did not take our apostille certificate, only our marriage license
  9. My husband (from Morocco) said she should see a lawyer. If she was born at a hospital the court can find her original records. If she was not born at a hospital he said it will be very very difficult. He also cautions that the court may just assign her a birth date (this is what happened in his family many times but not with him specifically) so there may be a mismatch between the new birth certificate the court provides and her current passport/ID
  10. https://www.immigrationboards.com
  11. As an ER nurse and PHRN for 12 years this does not surprise me at all. The only thing does is how cheap your Zofran and Propofol were! This is also charges billed to insurance. If you had no insurance at all and were billed direct pay it would prob be 10-15% of what it is. The insurance issues raise the price of big pharma too. They will bill Blue Cross for $946 for a med that out of pocket cost is $33. And I hope your wife is feeling better!
  12. Do you mean you haven't seen each other in over two years? Or you haven't dated for 2 years? You must see each other IN PERSON within the past two years to file K1. And why did she apply for B1/B2 and not just use ESTA?
  13. I feel immigration attorneys often make mistakes. There are 196 countries and 395 Visa types. Each country with slightly different cultural and social norms. I can see an attorney specializing in a region or Visa type they are more familiar with, but like if you have a rare type of cancer and you go to a general practitioner they usually refer you to a specialist.....same thing here, it's just too much wealth of constantly changing information to have a one-size-fits-all immigration attorney
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