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  1. You can print out statements and highlight/indicate her transactions. So did you get an ITIN and do married filing jointly for tax purposes? You were married in 2015 or before? In the first post you said tax returns now you say transcripts? And yes third party affidavits from any country are allowed. I think you're over thinking this. Just give them what they are asking for.
  2. Transcripts from the IRS are easy to get. You can make an account at irs.gov if you dont qualify to make one they will mail the transcripts to you. Do you both share a joint credit card? If so I would print out statements showing both are using it. How did you file your 2017 taxes? (Or did you marry in 2018?) And if they asked for affidavits then yes, they feel it is necessary or they would not ask. Why would you think they do not really want information they have asked you for?
  3. EandH0904

    Morocco Casablanca Consulate

    It wasnt denied just not approved. If a K1 gets Administrative Processing it often expires. A CR1 (spouse visa) doesn't expire. A K1 is valid only 4 months after approval. So 1 year for K1 then we got married about 6 months after K1 expired and then 1 year for CR1. Waiting for interview now. And yes, I specifically told you it took us 5 days to get married in Morocco
  4. EandH0904

    Morocco Casablanca Consulate

    It took us 5 days and roughly $500 to get married in Morocco. I've been there 5 times now in 2.5 years after an unapproved K1...and we speak same language and are both Muslim too. It wasn't what I wanted but rarely do people get everything they want. So if your K1 isnt approved what will you do then?
  5. EandH0904


    When was the last time you visited him? What reasons did they give you for not believing the marriage was bonafide? Have you corrected those issues?
  6. EandH0904

    Nvc question

    In a CR1 case you receive an invoice number and pay fees online....do you think they haven't given you the correct numbers or confused your case with CR1 ?
  7. I would go at 8. If they say come back at 1 I would just hang around the area and go back at 1....
  8. If hes approved in Jordan he could just come to US from there. If he does go back to Syria....other than the border patrol why is it anyone's business?
  9. EandH0904

    How a Petition Is Processed

    Most petitions are approved at uscis level so you end up seeing statistics like 95% k1 petitions are approved. It doesnt mean they get Visa at the consular level of course but their petition was approved. I think the USCIS fraud referral sheet is much more interesting. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://graphics8.nytimes.com/packages/pdf/nyregion/USCIS_Fraud_Referral_Sheet.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwi-suHKqIHfAhVm7IMKHYP0B0IQFjAAegQICBAB&usg=AOvVaw1dQfpF2KJ1sfvvyR4o2TOo
  10. EandH0904

    HELP!! Fiancé in Algeria Work Visa or K1 faster

    Congrats! You are now "too married " for a K1! So now you have no choice but to apply for a CR1 after returning to get married legally. Keep in mind you will also need to meet 125% of poverty line for 6 people too. Current processing time 12-16 months after submitting proof of true marriage. Pictures and chat logs don't usually cut it in high fraud countries either. I suggest you spend a LOT of time studying the process. A quick google search ahead of time would have shown you how terrible doing a traditional Islamic ceremony/nikkah would be. And if you think you just wont mention it, well you've already asserted you've been on news and all over FB. And lying about it? Committing visa fraud? Not a great way to get your husband here fast...or ever. Good luck! Nope you are not!
  11. You should never send originals. Only send copies. You will not get anything back. If you are concerned your fiance can take the originals to their interview. I'm not sure on the translation question. I would think if it's an unofficial document, letters or something it's fine. It may even be fine for official documents like birth certificate but just to be on the safe side we (and I think many others) used an official translator with credentials for official documents just to avoid any possible RFE or trouble at interview. I'm certainly not suggesting you'd falsify anything but uscis and consulate/embassy do not know that.
  12. In Morocco your address is in your passport. It's on the DS260. The 130. They dont need an ID to find out where you live they already have all your info
  13. After I wrote a response I am erasing it as I dont want my words here being shared with any legal team I am not privy to
  14. A friend who recently filed CR1 found out when filing that her new husband's brother had filed an F4 petition. She got this case number and after they filed CR1 realized his priority date was 2 months from being current. If the F4 petition becomes current, will he be able to come to the US on that? Or will the CR1 essentially cancel the F4 out? Petitioner and the husband's brother do not live in same states. She did know about this before marrying/filing CR1 but wasnt 100% sure of the priority date before. Her lawyer did not mention anything about it to her either way.
  15. A CR1 is different. The US citizen will fill out an 864 and the co-sponsor will fill out an 864a. This is done at the NVC stage after your approval