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  1. Yes that’s what we figured they thought he had a record but luckily he did not.
  2. That’s what the requirements were, but they did still end up asking for them. I spent a stressed out day looking up Spain’s and found a website where someone in Spain ordered it for us for a fee and then I had it shipped to my husband. Once they finally received all the police clearances they approved him 3 days later and he is now here.
  3. My husband (CR1)had interview today at the Algerian Embassy. He got a 221g because they asked for police certificates where he was living illegally 6-9 months. Spain, Finland. France was easy to get did it online but Spain and Finland I can’t figure out how to get it ordered online. He’s in Algeria and can’t return to those countries. Has anyone been in this situation? Also is it a good sign they kept his passport and all our proof?
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