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  1. Hey Steve... 

    Basit and I wanted to reach out to you and significant other to let you know were denied Mar 13th based on age difference and Facebook connection.  We also only had one visit, but nothing was said about that being a problem.  We also tried a visiting/business Visa right after and was denied.  As we search our next steps, we want you to know we are open to you for any questions you might have.  If you two are on Facebook, look us up... CaryLSnyder@aol.com & basitkhanb@gmail.com. Best of luck.

    1. steveblue


      Thanks for letting us know. I'm sorry about what happened, it's very scary dealing with Embassy so I don't know what to think. What plans do you have at this point?


      Best to you both.

    2. Pakyman


      How about chat?  I will say your visit to the embassy will be safe, don't worry.  Basit and I left our cell phones at the hotel and used another old phone programmed with phone numbers just in case we found ourselves in an emergency.  That phone we stored at the depot inside the shuttle area that takes you to your check in.  We can help you prepair... I think we could be friends.  With my other half being 9 hours ahead of my EST of 8pm, I can usually catch him beginning around 9-9:30pm or it can be a weekend too.  I would say your interview date may fall in the next 2-3 weeks. Take care.

      Cary & Basit


      P.S... I've been in the dog house over giving you a wrong email for Basit.  It will have same email name, but only when using yahoo.com.  Look us up on messenger.

  2. As of today.. there are 12 other K1 requests, all with dates similar to mine on visajourney all showing NVC receive dates except mine. I called the center this morning... nothing. 😔
  3. Mr Greenbaum.. I saw in one of your responses a detailed list of items needed for a consulate interview. I am hoping you can help me... I am typing up my employment letter for my boss' signature today, and I wanted to use an example I believe you have provided somewhere else previously. I thought I had it saved and can't find it. Would you be so kind to provide it again? Thanks!
  4. Happy Thankgiving to all my fellow classmates here. I have come to join the class. We received the good news of our NOA2 on 11/20... NOA1 was dated 5/23. Our projection dates started out about 11/30-12/5 and kept adjusting right down to the date we got approved. We came in earlier than expected, and visajourney predicted our approval date to the day. Impressed! I look forward to following this group and being mentored by the Mr Greenbaum if something comes up.
  5. Thank you much for this information... its actual timing is so helpful for me right now. I have been trying to plan ahead and now can estimate my own timeline. Congratulation!
  6. Hi ABK... hope all is well. I would like to ask if you had to provide blood test results from the last 6 months during your 2nd doctor's visit? Thanks
  7. We have decided to avoid this idea... thanks everybody for your input.
  8. Our K1 application has yet to be processed, so we thought it would be a good idea to squeeze in a visit. We hoped it could help support our upcoming case, show our true intent with what we've started, and allow him a chance to meet my family. Both situations obviously require DS-160's.
  9. My fiance is planning his first visit to the US and wants to do so while we wait for Homeland approval. This also requires a DS-160. Does anyone have any experience or advice on this subject?
  10. Wow... thank you for the wonderful encouragement. I agree with you... why would anyone want to choose this route of marriage and try to be fraudulent too. In sharing all this with my fiance, he is now scared to have me join him in Islamabad. At first, I thought it couldn't hurt anything... it would allow them to see more than what is visualized on paper. But he feels if he is detained, I could be in danger being by myself in a strange city. So I still plan to go hopefully in time for his presumed January interview, but will stay behind visiting his family and hope for the best. Just pray for us. P.S. Thank you everyone for all your input. I am so glad to have asked my question. You have made us feel very welcomed here in the VJ group.
  11. I hope to be there in person with my fiance... if this happens, I will certainly let you know. Thanks!
  12. I actually met him online through Facebook and flew to Pakistan about 3 months later. Early on, i sought out an immigration attorney who gave us the advice to meet while we considered our visa options. His family just learning about him, surprisingly welcomed me. I am hoping to return in time to travel with him to Islamabad for his interview.
  13. I am new to your forum and have a general question. Has anyone here had any experiences with K1 visa requests in countries that condone gay marriage? I met someone from Pakistan, and our plan is for him to move to the US and become my husband. I would like to hear from others about their experiences and/or advice.