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  1. Thank you so much this helped a lot! It was truly the only question I was stumped on.
  2. Hello! I'm trying to get the I-131 form filled out as it says everywhere I should have my foreign spouse apply for it, however, I believe he'd have to apply for the Advance Parole as he'd still be in the AOS period when we submit it. I'm confused on what I have to put on the "intended travel date" section as it says I need to have that and prove what illnesses, family emergencies, etc. warrant this approval. He doesn't have any medical issues and his family is fine - but we'd like to have permission to leave the US for the next two years if something were to pop up that was an emergency. Since nothing truly warrants it - should I not do the document right now? Any guidance on how in the world to fill this form out is helpful - I'm not sure why it's tripping me up so much, but it is. Maybe because it's the last one in this giant AOS packet and my brain is fried🤒
  3. Thank you! That is what I was wanting to do because I feel it's ridiculous to seek out someone to translate something I can easily do - I just wanted to see if someone else more recently did this. Appreciate it!
  4. Hello! I've seen some conflicting information and am hopeful someone can give me some guidance on their experiences with the following: - I am doing an adjustment of status and I need to have my fiancé's birth certificate translated from Spanish to English. I am fluent in both languages and feel that I can confidently do the translation myself. Is that acceptable for the AOS or do I need to have an unbiased party do the translation? Does anyone have any templates they've used when doing the translation? Is it just typing out what the certificate says on a word doc (down to the stamps)? Thank you!
  5. Now I just found under the immigrant visa inquiry that my case is ready so I’m doubly confused as I thought it was a non immigrant visa . I’m assuming I just wait for a letter saying an appointment has been scheduled? also the I797 expired March 2024 - I need to get an extension?
  6. Hello - I got a notification from the NVC in December that they sent my petition to the US consulate in Peru. They sent an email that said they’d contact either me or my fiancé when the petition was received bur nothing yet. The websites say I can start inquiring but I’m not sure how to get ahold of anyone at the embassy - I’ve tried calling and emailing. I guess my main question - after the NVC sends the petition off - do we wait for a letter from them via mail or email? Is it just a waiting game? Should I be concerned since I haven’t heard anything in two months? I started compiling all the paperwork and we did the DS160, and now I’m feeling stuck bc I’m not sure how to proceed. I’m not sure if we schedule the interview or if we get a letter telling us when the interview is. Sorry for the long post - so many questions 🥺
  7. Nevermind I think I finally found an answer. Idk how to delete posts on here. Thanks!
  8. Hello! I got the I-797 notice of approval on December 19th 2023. I then received an email stating that the NVC transferred my case to the US embassy in Lima and that this could take several weeks- which is vague. Considering it’s been almost 2 months, is this normal for a wait time for the embassy to confirm receipt? How can I check they’ve received my case? Or is it just a waiting game? Any help is appreciated on what to expect. Thanks!
  9. Thank you both. I always forget about the guide - I’m not on here that much since I waited a year for any movement hahah. I will also check out the website. Thanks again!
  10. Hello! I just got my petition approved and an email sent to me saying they were sending my petition off to my fiancés country, Peru. I’m uncertain if that email means my fiancée should start getting his docs together or if I have to wait for a physical letter in the mail telling me that Peru received my petition? Fiancé is anxious as he isn’t sure when he should start scheduling medical exams, etc. Also, for financial support affidavit - can that come from either me or him? It says he has to provide it but I thought I read he could use my paperwork showing I can support him during his stay? Thank you!
  11. Thank you! Luckily not needed anymore I just got my NOA2 today! 🥰
  12. Update:  just got my NOA2 today 12/9. Exactly one year after filing. 

  13. Hello!


    I'm from USA and my fiance is from Peru - was the process overall easy for you to follow/complete?  I'm still waiting on NOA2 after a year so I'm curious on how others who have Peruvian SOs are handling (or did handle) this process.  thanks! 

    1. BlakePeru


      Hey, we are in the final process, waiting for interview letter from us embassy in lima. We applied for cr1 visa in August 2022. Not been an easy process as I have to fly to peru every few months to see my wife and then come back to the USA, hard to be long distance. I have only seen a few peruvian usa couples on visa journey. Hoping to have my wife have her interview soon. I am from Kansas. It's been almost two months waiting for interview letter after DQ

    2. Stephanie8889


      Oh, i wish the very best for you!!  I am happy to have found you as I too, haven't seen may Peruvian/American couples on here either.  I am from Nebraska so I feel we're neighbors! :)  I hope that your interview letter comes soon - the hardest part is waiting because you have no control over any of the timing.  We just started the K1 visa so it'll probably be much different in some aspects than the CR1 - but I'd love to hear about your overall experience once all is said and done.  I feel very alone in this process.

  14. Hello! I'm sure I've seen this asked on here somewhere before, but it's been almost a year since I last logged in and can't find it. I'm finally within my NOA2 delivery window, and I just had to move and I did update my address with USCIS. However, I keep getting notices saying that my approval date is past due and I should call them. Every time I try to call them, I get the annoying robot that won't get me anywhere. I wanted to call them and triple confirm my address was changed and make sure I didn't miss any mail because I've been having issues receiving mail in general (it isn't getting delivered). Any tips on how to contact a real agent? Thank you!
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