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  1. Thanks for the advice! If I can't find a new slot, could I just cancel my original one? and wait until I have another option? Or would that be look bad for the embassy?
  2. Hello! I need to reschedule my fiancé's K1 interview at the embassy but when I log into ustraveldocs and go to the 'reschedule appointment' option, its say no appointments available. I emailed the email address on the embassy website but have not gotten a reply and am concerned given the appointment is set for the 19th of March and its already the 8th. I'd appreciate advice from people who have dealt with this in the past especially at the Managua embassy! Should I be worried? Is there someone else I can email or call? Thanks in advance!!!
  3. Thank you for replying. My question is, can I qualify as a sponsor by adding my savings account and evidence of it in the affidavit of support?
  4. I am currently filling out the affidavit of support for my K1 visa. I am the US petitioner. My question is, if my income from taxes isn't enough to qualify as a sole sponsor for my fiancé.. can I include my savings account in the affidavit? I was thinking of doing this while also including my mother as a joint sponsor, who technically doesn't make enough either but I figured it could only help my case?
  5. Hello. I have started the K1 Visa process and am currently waiting on my NOA2. I'm a student and have no income yet since I'm finishing university. I knew when I started this process, I would definitely need a joint sponsor. My cousin is willing to do it and we've established that she meets the requirements for doing a joint sponsorship. My question now is, can someone please explain to me in normal, everyday words what it means to be a joint sponsor, like what responsibilities this person has and how that may effect them in the future. I've read about it through the USCIS website but they use a lot of verbiage that goes over my head, so a simple explanation would be greatly appreciated! I guess my biggest concern is if my fiancé will somehow effect how my joint sponsor files her taxes in the future or something like that? That part is really unclear to me and would like more information from anyone that has dealt with this!! Also, will it negatively effect my case since on my side of the financial aspect, I am providing practically no income, since I'm a student and have been a student the past three years... (I am getting all the financial support to do this K1 Visa through my mother, but she can't file as my joint sponsor since she doesn't meet the minimum income requirement. Either way, I am graduating in June and will be working immediately.. this whole visa and financial thing just caught me at a weird time but I preferred to try to do it asap since I, obviously, would like to have my partner by my side ) Thank you in advance for the help
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