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  1. Still waiting for interview date to be scheduled... :pop: 

    1. hbanna


      Hello Ahmed and Amy 

      I am following your timeline because I feel both have suffered from the delays 

      have you tried to call the NVC after the 6 weeks time frame to try to speed up the process ? and what exactly happens after they tell that you case is complete ? does it take long time to send paper to the embassy ? and does the embassy has any role in speeding up your case ?

    2. Ahmed & Amy

      Ahmed & Amy

      Hi hbanna. How's everything going with you?

      Our case completed on March-7. We still have not been scheduled an interview at the Cairo US Embassy. Every consulate/embassy is a little different; so some are very quick with scheduling and some are not. It seems like other's from Cairo, a few months ago were scheduled much faster, so I'm not sure why it seems so slow recently.

      After we got case complete we received an email the next day stating our case was complete and that an interview will be scheduled soon. So since then nothing. Once an interview is scheduled they will send Ahmed and I an email stating what he needs to bring to the interview and of course the date of the interview.

      I call NVC usually twice a week... I have not called today yet, but will call later in the evening, as last Friday we still had not been scheduled. I figured I'd give them some time. God Willing we will be scheduled soon. I can always request an expedite, but I have no reasons I can provide them that they would even approve such a request. So I just need to be a bit more patient and wait it out.