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  1. Why does your attorney think he may not be eligible?
  2. A little update: December 5: Packet arrived at Phoenix Lockbox January 10: Called to get case number (we're at Nebraska service center again), rep tried to transfer us to Tier 2 about not having received extension but never completed the call. Filled out an online request for missing notice. February 1: Received two ... copies?... in the mail of 18-month extension letter, plus a notice recognizing our request for missing the extension letter. Can someone please remind me how I know if we received two copies or an original? I read through it and it didn't say anything about it being a copy. But they look pretty crappy, imo...
  3. Just scheduled an infopass for 2-12. Card expires Feb 28th. There wasn't anything in the mail last night.
  4. Congratulations!! Our first babe was born in August last year, though she was very early (33+5). That will be much more fun for you to focus on than immigration matters
  5. Our petition was received on December 5th and we have received no correspondence whatsoever. No extension letter, no biometrics appointment.. nothing. All these other people confirming about theirs is making me nervous, too! Hooray!
  6. Yes, I remember the thread very well. I was not disagreeing with you, only pointing out that yes, it is becoming abusive in a way. And maybe you took "buy her a ticket home" too literally; it was just a quick way to say to get her the heck out of here, as everyone suggested a millions times before, in this post and the previous. You also literally upvoted the same comment when aaron2020 said it. No need to be rude, I'm not the OP
  7. Financial abuse is very real. What are her choices if he is withholding money to buy her a plane ticket home, or if he is refusing to help support her financially knowing full well she will be an undocumented immigrant with no way to help herself?
  8. In this day and age, can't anyone figure out where this guy is from/who he is so we can contact his "fiancee" and help her get away from this terrible person? This is getting to be absolutely ridiculous. I can't tell if you're a troll or if this is real. But, to answer your question, neither option is valid. Buy her a ticket home and stop this nonsense.
  9. Our package arrived on December 5th, 2018. We called a couple weeks ago to ask for a case number but they said it "wasn't yet available" (bs) and to call back if we hadn't received our extension later 30 days after they accepted the documents. Called again last night and we were given our case number; being processed in Nebraska, just like our I-130. The rep also said, "Oh, well, it's been five weeks, you should definitely have your letter by now. Let me transfer you to a Tier 2 rep." We then waited on hold for twenty minutes, finally said screw it, and hung up. I really doubt they can do anything about it? If we don't receive it in another couple weeks I suppose I'll fill out a request for missing mail online.
  10. Resided. So only where you've lived.
  11. Where is there a part that asks for previous addresses? I just scrolled through my form again and don't see that...
  12. Nope. It's your legal right to get everything in your file. And well, in my case, it was easy to get the money back because he CLEARLY lied. I don't have experience getting your money back with just a crappy attorney who filed but doesn't communicate properly or forward you the notices.
  13. From the beginning I was concerned because he took too long to respond to my questions and had to ask me the same thing two times over (on two separate occasions). I caught an issue in one of the documents he created, and he blamed his paralegal (it is the attorney's responsibility to QC all work, so even if she made a mistake, he should have caught it). I didn't know about this website yet and didn't understand the visa process at all at this point, so I just thought all the waiting was normal. He told me he filed it and that it would take a few months for a receipt, so I let it go. Then one day I realized I could call USCIS myself, and did, and they said they couldn't find anything under my name. I called the attorney and couldn't reach him for over a week. He finally got back to me and said, "Oh, I'm on vacation! I thought I told you? Well, I don't have your paperwork in front of me obviously, so I'll call you when I'm back in the office next week with your case number." Welp, imagine how I felt when he never followed up with me and when I finally got through again he said, "So sorry, but I made a mistake, I thought I filed your paperwork but I didn't... Also, I need x, y, z forms from you before I can even officially file..." I asked for a copy of everything in my file, got my money back and started all over. I don't think I've ever cried so hard in my life (besides the first time I had to leave my husband, of course). Lawyers can be terrible, so just brace yourself for that. But do yourself a favor and get the answers IMMEDIATELY from USCIS, then decide what you want to do.
  14. There is literally an option when you call to select that you don't have your case number. I did it during my CR-1 process, and again now for ROC. They have always been very helpful. EDIT: Also, I'm not saying you SHOULDN'T be huffy and puffy. This literally happened to me, I lost six months of filing time with an idiot attorney, so I GET IT. But calling and complaining does nothing. Call USCIS, get the necessary information, and then fire your attorney or do whatever action you think is appropriate.