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  1. This time I saved myself the stress and waited for the physical letter, but with my husband's petition I checked every two minutes like a crazy person
  2. Hi guys! Haven't checked in in a while... Just received a letter from USCIS today. Was expecting it to be maybe biometrics for my husband's i-751 which we filed last December, but nope! We just received approval for my stepson's I-130! We're at the Potomac service center... Took a little over 90 days for approval. Petition has been sent to the NVC now.
  3. I'm filing for my stepchild, which is the same category. The timeline is not any different as they are all immediate relatives.
  4. Do you know about the May 2018 I-130 filers thread? While you are welcome to hang out here, we are all way behind you in this process So it may be helpful to connect to people with similar timeframes! That thread is located here:
  5. My husband was denied a tourist visa, so I only ever went to visit him. During the process I actually moved back in with my parents so I could use all of my money towards flights to visit him every three months. Plus, constant WhatsApp, phone calls and video chats!
  6. We received our mailed notice yesterday from Potomac Service Center. Wahoo! That's crazy, considering we filed my husband's ROC three months ago and only received a notice nearly two months later after we called and complained 😜
  7. I love that app! The only other bit I found slightly helpful is to search as far back to find large groups that still say "Case Has Been Received" so that I have an idea of realistically how long things are being processed. For example, even though it says Potomac (where we are) is "super fast," I see large chunks of cases from five + months ago that still haven't been touched. So I think it's honestly more like six months? Who knows though.
  8. During this process for my hubby, patience was NOT my strong suit... I was one of those people who literally refreshed webpages probably 60 to 70 times a day waiting for things to happen. I think it was almost slightly helpful that I didn't find this website until about four months in to our USCIS wait, though, because once I joined here is when I learned a ton more info and learned about new ways to obsess about every little part of the process haha. Everything you're feeling is perfectly normal!
  9. You should still get e-notification! I also put my cover letter first, but I did indicate on the cover letter that the G-1145 form was attached. I then had my check payment as tab 2, and tab 3 contained G-1145 + I-130. So there is still hope! I didn't receive a text until a day or more after the withdrawal hit my bank account. EDIT: Additionally, you can call in about one month after your petition was delivered to get your case number. Trust me, it feels "exciting" to have it, but it makes NO difference! Your petition is still just sitting... and sitting... and sitting... Along with the rest of ours So don't fret, dear!
  10. UPDATE: Well, apparently everything I used to know no longer applies, because I just received a case number which begins with YSC and is the Potomac Service Center. Interesting! I have no idea what their processing times are, so I'm excited to go check it out! Good luck, everyone!
  11. Well, more accurately, depends on where your "home base" is; eg. I'm in Minnesota, so I am always routed to Nebraska for these types of petitions. It's true that some centers only process certain types of petitions so that doesn't apply to all cases. I used to remember all those little details when I was constantly scouring these forums during my husband's petition process, but now my memory is fuzzy about some things! The ROC process is almost two years right now. However, since my hubby is already here, I'm much less worried about the wait time He also becomes eligible to apply for citizenship 90 days before his three-year stint as a permanent resident, so we will probably file that even though ROC is still pending. Many people choose to do that to shorten wait times. I thought I knew Spanish really well, until I actually moved to Mexico with hubby several years ago. Turns out I knew very little 😂 I have learned a lot though and absolutely love the experience!
  12. Yes, it completely depends on where you are filing from, unfortunately. I already know that I will be sent to Nebraska because that's where my husband's I-130 was processed from and where his ROC is being processed, too! I can't wait until they're both citizens and we're finished with all of this!
  13. Oh, interesting! I wonder how we'll get ours?! I just saw that they cashed the check this morning so I'm hoping the case number arrives shortly Did they withdraw from your account yet?
  14. Did you get your receipt number via text? I sent in the form and am hoping to hear back today or tomorrow. Did you file in Phoenix or Chicago?
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