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  1. Exactly. This isn’t going to be a months’ long wait. We’ve already been doing that. I know we will succeed.
  2. Yes. Cairo, Egypt had originally cancelled all interviews through September. Everybody thought they would start again in October. Now they are saying to contact them at the end of November. I seriously don't know what's going on.
  3. You can force the embassy to provide an interview via Milligan vs. Pompeo.
  4. Bottom line is Embassies are processing plenty of non-immigrant visas, but very few immigrant visas. That's it. Now we need to know how they have the authority to do that.
  5. New emails from the Embassy say contact them end of November. 😡
  6. Because it's also in "Unread Content" and if it had Canada in the title, I would have skipped over it, instead of reading it!
  7. Can this thread be retitled " K1s being rescheduled in Canada"?
  8. Senator? United States? My Senator and Congressman have both reached out. The Embassy is not in control, but the Department if State is in control.
  9. No. Not yet. All interviews cancelled through the end of this month. Maybe something will open in October.
  10. Yes, but in the link you provided, this form is probably being used in AOS, it is being quoted by a CR/IR1 case. The spouse has been in the US and has most likely earned income. If you google this form and how to fill it out, it is not very applicable to fiances, except for the health insurance part.
  11. @Mc2020 I remember telling you that this was only for income earned in the United States. 🙃
  12. Yes, I know that. I'm not sure why I said "not exempted". A month and a half has passed since I said that. Now that some things have changed, such as the DOS bogus announcement....I don't know why only a few embassies are acting on this. I was watching the DV2020 live on FB today, people are complaining about a few specific embassies (Cairo included) that are not open due to "local conditions" and are still not processing the DV2020. That seems to be the case also with Cairo and the K1. While they are unable to process these due to "local conditions", they are stll processing tourist, student and athlete visas. I am just bewildered.
  13. I haven't looked at Moscow visa statistics, but if they are anything like Egypt, processing plenty of tourist, student, athlete visas. SMH
  14. People are always talking about "the Embassies", but then when they see that I'm in Egypt - say, "oh you're in Egypt, you don't need to worry about that." The OP was talking about Embassies not under travel ban being able to act on K1 visas. I wanted to hear why mine hasn't. The OP seemed to be sure of what she was saying. I really wish somebody here would try to explain why countries not subject to travel ban are not processing K1 visas with the recent DOS announcement.
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