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  1. This is very close to our timeline. We are also Atlanta. I keep hoping they will 'produce card' without interview.
  2. Many people in a Facebook group that I am in are saying that they have simply called USCIS and expedited their EAD, which triggered a biometrics appointment. Apparently, they don't even have to give a reason for expedite. These same people are saying they haven't had any luck expediting the biometrics, as it is set by the nearest service center. I don't know if this will work.....I am about ready to try. I am 90 days waiting for biometrics. I know that many have waited longer, but I am seeing lots of movement in this particular Facebook group with people in the same or close month; February, March, April filers.
  3. Yes, I also checked it on my online account and there is nothing about an appointment. I'm just waiting on a callback, which to be honest, I already know that I"LL be the one calling back. Fortunately, the the representative told me that the appointment date was scheduled for June 29. So, it's still in the future, but shows as cancelled. I will get this straightened out!
  4. I was advised by a knowledgeable person to call USCIS and check on the status of our biometrics appointment. Apparently there had been several people who 'missed' their biometric appointments, but had never gotten notification of the appointment. USCIS AOS package received date 4/08/2021. No biometrics had been scheduled. I called today and got a live person who said that our account showed biometrics appointment had been scheduled, but "cancelled per request". Of course, we didn't do this. The representative forwarded this matter to a tier 2 supervisor who is to call me back. This is concerning.
  5. Our package arrived @ Chicago lockbox on April 8th. Check was cashed today, but no text yet.
  6. Except for me and my fiancee being in the first round of plaintiffs from a non-travel banned country and we are getting married this Thursday.
  7. Either way, this is big news. The I 944 is an overwhelming document. Also seems hard to justify the I 944 with all that is currently happening at the border.
  8. Guess I should have been more clear in my wording. @HRQX explained my thoughts much more clearly.
  9. What is your take on it? Certain attornies are claiming that it's over.
  10. I am hearing that the Public Charge Rule is now 'dead' again. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/supreme-court/biden-administration-ditches-trump-plan-limit-immigration-financially-dependent-n1260239
  11. Do these members still have interviews scheduled? I know our interview for July 1 has been cancelled due to ongoing closure of the Embassy. Any discussion about this is appreciated.
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