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  1. I have marked the check box in form Ds260 to apply for SSN but when i went the ss office they didn't ask me about that or check that on her system she automaticly told me to wait it when she know i am a green card I feel that i am just wasting time and there is a few days and i will complete my third week and not receiving anything
  2. I have just arrived to US from 2 weeks with immigration visa and went to ss office tiwce to apply for one, they tell me that it will send to you automatolically to address you report to USCIS because USCIS integrate the process to gteen card applicant Till now i didn't reciece anything How long i have to wait? How can i speed the process? How i can track the application?
  3. I have faced the same situation My wife US citizen and i have IR1 visa and travel for first time {Buffalo NY} , the short answer is ( it depends on the landlord and the avialabilty of apts in the place you search for) After searching for a week finally find company to rent us apt without guarantor althought we don't have proof of income but we submit my wife credit score and my foreign bank statment
  4. Visitor visa is ok, but what am I afraid of the visitor visa rejection because the immigration officer may think she will immigrate to the US because she is a previously permanent residence but to me, visitor visa will solve the problem
  5. She will live between US and Egypt, but her stay will be extended to several months with no intend to work in US
  6. My wife is US citizen and I got the green card and will travel soon, this is just intro the question is my mother in law has expired green card from 15 years ago and we want her to join us in US What is the best choice to travel B1 visa or reapply for a green card (family based)? and which choice will have more chances to accept? and her previous status (expired green card ) will prevent her from travel ? Thanks
  7. my wife (petitioner) no because she is unemployed and have no income my joint sponsor yes
  8. what document exactly i have to get in addition form 1040 (2016) , W2 form (2016) , IRS transactions (2017)
  9. Hello i am filling i-864 for financial support as spouse for US american citizen and we attach form 1040 and W2 form 2016 for joint sponsor and when we get interview letter , the letter says we have to get updated IRS transactions in the interview _______________________________ the text copy and paste from letter "If a sponsor filed an I-864 (Affidavit of Support) AND provided NVC with proof of an IRS Federal Income Tax Extension in lieu of a Federal Income Tax Return, you must bring the sponsor's most recent Federal Income Tax Return to the visa interview." _______ i now have form 1040 (2016) , W2 form (2016) , IRS transactions (2017) do i have ask my joint sponsor to send me more documents
  10. Finally I have got my interview appointment 17 September at Cairo embassy 🎉🎉 My Cc 6April But I have a question . my wife make two separate petition for me and our baby (one year old) and we received to appointment in same date and time The question Our baby must attend or I can bring them her document and medical test? If must attend my wife (petitions ) will be allowed to go with her ?
  11. Last update I have that cc 3 April interview date in last of august So I hope 6 April to be first of September , but I don't receive any email yet
  12. I hope to get my interview in September insha2allah , after along waiting My cc 6 April Egypt Cairo embassy
  13. Really great news 🎉 but i still waiting for my appointment it may be in th First of september
  14. Cc 6 April And still waiting Egypt Cairo embassy Anyone have good news