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  1. يافندم انا القنصل طلب مني family registration بعد المقابله واداني الباسبور وانا مش عارف استخرج القيد العائلي لاني مراتي امريكيه وانا كنت هناك قبل كده سياحه واتجوزتها هناك فلذلك انا مش متجوز في مصر ومش عارف استخرج ده ازاي دلوقتي 

  2. Hello Amy and Ahmed!  I hope this finds you both well.  I was wondering if I could message you in regards to some questions.  My husband and I have been together for 2.5 years, married in Cairo in March.  And now we are starting the CR-1 Visa Process.  Honestly, I am overwhelmed with questions.  Would you mind if I emailed you, or sent you a message?  Thank you so so much!

    1. Ahmed & Amy

      Ahmed & Amy

      Hi Allison. I apologize for such a late response. You can email me any time. amy.m.wilson.1008@gmail.com 

      I am more than happy to assist you the best I can. If you are stateside you can call me or if not, then we can whatsapp if you use it. Let me know and I will give you my number.

    2. Allison and Ahmed

      Allison and Ahmed

      I will send you a quick email shortly! :)  Thank you!


  3. Step 1: Register your account on https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/SiteRegister?country=&language= *** Best browser to register on is through Chrome. If you have slow internet or share your internet, know that it may take a long time to load the pages and information. You may need to refresh the page multiple time. Have patience. Also, sometimes when registering or logging in you may experience an error notification; relax, it is nothing. You just need to refresh the page ((( multiple times))) or wait foe sometime and try again later. Step 2.0: Registering your address with Aramex. Note all the boxes below will never change, even after you have registered your address and once you've been scheduled an interview. So don't freak out, this is normal. You can update your information at anytime by clicking on the tab 'Update Profile'. Step 2.1: Continuation of registering address with Aramex IV Address Registration is for all Family Immigrant Visa Types; Immigrant Visa is exactly the same as IV Address Registration but is used for those who are getting their visa via Lottery; Non Immigrant Visa is for those who are not immigrating; i.e. work visa, student visa, tourist/visiting visa, and K-1 (Fiance' visa). Step 2.2: Continuation of registering address with Aramex - Select Visa Class It is a long list as it lists all visa types, so be careful and choose carefully the correct visa. Step 2.3: Continuation of registering address with Aramex - Passport/Personal Information I will continue the next steps 2.4, 2.5, and an example of what the Aramex Confirmation print out page will look like in PART 2