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  1. يافندم انا القنصل طلب مني family registration بعد المقابله واداني الباسبور وانا مش عارف استخرج القيد العائلي لاني مراتي امريكيه وانا كنت هناك قبل كده سياحه واتجوزتها هناك فلذلك انا مش متجوز في مصر ومش عارف استخرج ده ازاي دلوقتي 

  2. Hello Amy and Ahmed!  I hope this finds you both well.  I was wondering if I could message you in regards to some questions.  My husband and I have been together for 2.5 years, married in Cairo in March.  And now we are starting the CR-1 Visa Process.  Honestly, I am overwhelmed with questions.  Would you mind if I emailed you, or sent you a message?  Thank you so so much!

    1. Ahmed & Amy

      Ahmed & Amy

      Hi Allison. I apologize for such a late response. You can email me any time. amy.m.wilson.1008@gmail.com 

      I am more than happy to assist you the best I can. If you are stateside you can call me or if not, then we can whatsapp if you use it. Let me know and I will give you my number.

    2. Allison and Ahmed

      Allison and Ahmed

      I will send you a quick email shortly! :)  Thank you!


  3. Hi @abfar My sincere apologizes for my late response. Been so busy and had a death in the family. We took the original I-864 with wet inked signature and they did not take it. I even offered to give her the updated version for 2016 tax year as they had the previous year and all she wanted was to see the IRS tax transcripts for 2016. She took only the IRS tax transcripts. Every consulate is different, so I would also ask anyone who was recently approved at your consulate as well. Good Luck and wish for you the best. You're welcomed and Mabrooooooooooooooooooooooooook!!!!! That's wonderful dear, am so happy for you.
  4. Ahmed & Amy


    No one can say for sure if you will be placed on AP. If your name pops up in their database, than you can expect to be on AP for a few months. If this situation happen years ago and case was closed, then I really don't think you will have any issues. Try not to over think this too much and when it comes time for your interview, just be calm, friendly and honest. I hope for you the best. When is your interview?
  5. Hey! No worries dear You can take your mobile, just turn it off before you enter. Be sure not to bring any other electronic device with you and make sure you don't have any sharp objects of any kind (tweezers/nail files... things like that) in your purse. I say bring the X-ray, even though they won't take it. When we handed her the package she opened it and handed Ahmed back his X-ray CD. His X-ray CD was not separate but enclosed with the package. So if yours is separate, bring it anyways... it never hurts. Yes bring any chat logs you can. It maybe that the CO won't even look at it or even ask, but bring whatever information you have that proves your constant contact with your husband. Going with too much information is better than not provide enough. God Willing everything will go well. Wish you all the best and truly you are in my duaa. If you need anything else you can message me anytime. If you would like a detailed review of my husbands interview last June you can read my review here. http://www.visajourney.com/reviews/view-dos-cis-reviews.php?entry=21979
  6. Ahmed & Amy

    K1 Visa

    To be honest coming out of Cairo there is no true timeline for AP. I've seen cases (K-1, CR-1 and IR-1 Visa's) where someone was on AP for only a month, others 3 months, 5 months, 9 months, and one 13 months. It really is case scenario. If you had any red flag; ie large age differences, difference in religion, if they suspect that you are already married, type of work you do (because it could be on the Technology Alert List (TAL) which causes some people to be AP for a few months); it really can vary. Some people are placed on AP because their name pinged in the security database. I was acquainted with a women who had the same exact name as someone in that database and it caused her to be on AP for several months until they proved she was not 'that' person who was already on their security list. Usually I've seen Cairo ask for the family registry from CR-1 cases, but it appears that they want to be sure you are not already married. It tends to be more common for Egyptian Muslim men who are 30+. But this is not always the case for everyone, I've seen some men asked for it and many others not. If you have been asked for the marriage registry, it is very easy to do. Just get it done quickly and send it to them so that you can get approved (if you have not) and be issued your visa sooner.
  7. Hey everyone! I hope you are all well. I apologize that I have not been very active lately on VJ; been preparing our move and many other things before we leave Egypt. I wish everyone luck on their coming interviews; and for those who recently got CC, I hope so soon you are to be scheduled for an interview. You all take care and I will try my best to catch up with everyone soon .
  8. Frist: Good Luck, I wish you the best. Stay calm, you will be alright. Do not worry about not having your husband there; although it is always good for spousal support, it is not mandatory and in your case, I really do not believe it will have a negative impact. Second: There are no fees that you pay at the interview. If you get approved and are given the paper that says 'Congratulations you have been approved for your Visa and it will be issued X amount of weeks', then on that paper it will have the green card fee which should be paid prior to entering the US or right afterwards.
  9. Ahmed & Amy


    So glad you got in contact with them. Hoping so soon the AP ends and the Visa is issued and you and your husband be together so soon.
  10. @chamma You will do great. Go in there with confidence and a positive attitude and all will go well. I wish you the best!
  11. @J & K It took us two complete months from CC to get scheduled for an interview. Don't worry hopefully soon you will be scheduled. Cairo is a busy Embassy and sometimes they schedule quickly and other times no. I believe they tend to be the busiest during spring and summer months. Every Embassy is different and process quicker or slower than the other; although it is hard not to get discouraged, stay positive everyone, because what you will get in the end with make all this hardship, headache, and fatigue, worth it. My best wishes to all those who are still waiting an interview to be scheduled; Hang in there you are almost there. My best wishes to all those who are having coming interviews, you will do great!
  12. Guys, whoever stumbles upon this lady, know that she is like an angel. She has helped a lot and loves helping

    1. Ahmed & Amy

      Ahmed & Amy

      Thank you so much. I truly appreciate your kinds words and thoughts towards me. :wub: I am more than happy to help anyone who needs advice or help. 

  13. Yes we did. Thanks. Thank you so much.