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  1. If the Courts allow you to move with your son then are you aware that he can not go back to see his father for almost what would probably be a year? he can’t come back in without the AP without abandoning his AOS after you file that. could see that being a big issue with court comepared to a CR-2 visa.
  2. Kansas city is a fast Office. That was my office but I went 6 months over my estimate but that was also in the spring when things were shut down so I wouldn’t be surprised if it did take 4 months at that office.
  3. Don’t know about NYC. but know Atlanta and Kansas City don’t do it as they are always done by the courts. The courts are actually SO excited to do them as it’s mostly always negative things they sit with and therefore they get really excited about oaths because all the people are so happy.
  4. Yes our letter said that too. But everyone at our office had their spouse with them. Mine was in August. But could be my office in KC just let them in. Some are more strict with it others not so much. We had to wear mask of course.
  5. Mine was allowed in with me even though it said on the N-400 he wasn’t. But I had a pending I-751 and combo interview (only one question from I-751 so hardly combo)
  6. So sorry you are still waiting! Hope this service request helps.
  7. Applied: 08/29 Trackable/Check cleared: 09/04 Approved and shipped: 10/07 Received passport book and card: 10/10 Dallas passport center.
  8. It's gov yes. But it's not by e.mail they want it. They want me to send it in by real snail mail which I'm not comfortable with at all. Also they have an issue with his birth certificate (it's a certified copy in english and danish) we have used it through out all immigration and I have used the same kind for mine also. Mine got approved yesterday but they won't accept his. It is so weird. I have contacted the senators office for help with my son's passport.
  9. Just received a e-mail about my sons application. They want his certificate of citizenship (I sent in mine) They want birth certificate (I sent that in) They want GC/Stamp in passport. (I sent in a copy from his danish passport with that) They are saying that I have to send in his original danish passport for them to see as they don't take copies. Can that be right that I have to send in his danish passport?
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