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  1. Okay you have to fill out the I90 and then sent it back with that and choose the one where it says it was their mistake.
  2. What is your timeline? When did you get married? And when did you enter the US?
  3. What ever you feel most comfortable with. A lawyer can't really do much for you when your case is not complicated.
  4. Depends on the country. In DK you do not have to wait to get the NOA2 or case number to get the medical but I would recommend anyone to wait because of the date they print in the visa if anything goes wrong or extra wait time.
  5. He can do that yes but it depends on when he moves and when his wife can file.
  6. But they also need time to transfer your case so you can’t just compare yourself to those who have been at that local office all the time.
  7. I just looked again it said 4 am so that fits with Hawaii time which is 4 hours from MO time where I'm at.
  8. Not MO time because I live in MO and applied at 8 am and time stamp on the e mail said 5 am.
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