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  1. It’s because of the new rules per December 10
  2. Yes, when you look up your case online it says when you can contact them if you haven’t received it.
  3. Because of delays they went from one year to 18 months in July.
  4. So a lot of December filers have gotten their NOA1/Extension but it is all those accepted after December 10th where the new rules kicked in so I’m thinking there are separating those filers from the rest of you and that would explain why.
  5. Well, you may get your interview waived instead. I would switch for that! Haha Hopefully, you hear something soon!
  6. Merry Christmas to you too! Yes I think they may separate the filers after the new cut off December 10 that would explain why all of us got ours so fast while others are waiting.
  7. Hopefully, you will get it soon! Bio comes a bit later than the NOA1 Just saw we also had a Nebraska filer who also got theirs today! Hoping it will be good news for all service centers.
  8. Well, I can't help with that? Just hoping for everyone that they speed up their process for everything.
  9. Georgia16


    You have to read up on all this before you file. You will have an interview where they ask you some questions that you have to answer correctly and also a small written test nothing big but you can find it online so you can practice.
  10. Texas is fast also. I'm a December filer and I just got my extension today they cashed my check on the 21st and I got my text on the 20th and got my extension today in the mail. Did not expect that at all from reading how many waits so long. So hopefully they are starting to pick up the speed.
  11. Got an early Christmas gift in the mail today! Already got my NOA1/Extension letter. Did not expect that to come anytime soon so it was a big surprise
  12. Nope it is perfectly fine to get married on a tourist visa no problems there at all. CR-1 visa is definitely the way to go so she can get home now and such.
  13. Congratulations yes ear you can marry and then AOS (adjust status) she can not travel or work for at least 6 months. You can also marry and then apply for a spousal visa CR1 then she can leave when her visitor visa is up and then come back when she gets her CR1 visa. She can work and travel right away. Since she problably ably has all her papers and stuff in china a CR1 visa might be good so she can travel home and finish want she need at home with where she lives and so on.
  14. Georgia16

    Drug test and green card (Sweden)

    I don't know what is in your records and what is not. You have to figure that out. Contact the local police department and talk to them (yes you can do that) and see what they give you. I do not sound like you were arrested but like I said I was not there so I don't know but the best you can do is to go to them and find out before you answer the question so you get it correct.