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  1. Haha it’s sad how it works!! But no you will still be a permanent resident even if your extension letter expires.
  2. Cheating is unfortunately not enough to prove fraud. Cheating is terrible but happens in all kind of marriages around the would. He can't file for baby mama for a long time so at least that they can't do. Don't ever be alone with him. He is already thinking of how to get his ROC with abuse waiver it sounds like.
  3. Okay then you can't withdraw anything that is too late. If you have proof and it has to be hard proof of immigration fraud then you can submit that to USCIS. There is nothing he can go by for domestic violence now (is he talking about the 10 year GC)? What id the timeline. Coming to us, getting AOS approved?
  4. What's you complete timeline? Did he get his 2 year GC already? Because then you can't pull it.
  5. That's weird. I just asked for the date and she told me right away.
  6. No just the regular misinformation line they can see the date right away on their computer.
  7. Nope haven't gotten it yet and I'm on day 5. I called and got the date because we have to plan as my son have in school and the ceremony is 3 1/2 hour drive away so couldn't wait anymore to know the date.
  8. Well there is also the problem that people show up when interview is cancelled. When we were in the waiting room 2 got sent away. One left right away and the other they had to spend 15 min explaining that they already called them several times and left messages and update to online system that it was cancelled because they hadn’t received their paperwork yet. So it also takes time away from anyone else waiting because they have to deal with that. Right now it just all a big mess they can’t keep up with everything at all.
  9. GA has 14 so not even sure he was the one representing you. Look it up here. https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/GA#representatives
  10. Grocery store maybe? Would suggest you look into English classes for her while she waits for new job to help her improve and that would probably help her job opportunities (and life here) in the future as well.
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