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  1. If she has the stamp the extension letter is not even valid. She can travel just fine with that stamp only.
  2. I would still do it in there shoes. It would fit with the timeline also. Be cheaper and easier in their situation.
  3. I would drop the K-1 and get married and do the the CR-1 visa that way when you enter you have the GC right away and if needed you could apply for a re entry permit good for up til two years.
  4. No mail in each name from the place that you live together even though it was short. No ID showing same address, no joint bank or credit cards at all? No lease to that place? What about joint health insurance from you came til you divorced? Anything? You defiantly should have joint tax returns from 2016 and filed as married her in 2015
  5. If you go to the interview then you can switch to a divorce waiver. Since you are separated you can do that already now. Forgot all that stuff you want to bring to the interview it will not help you. Instead you should focus on collecting more evidence from your marriage you should have more from you filed til now. No no you can not file for USC as you will be getting a divorce you will not be able to file under 3 year rule but will have to wait for the 5 year rule.
  6. Any updates from TX?? I see a lot of Jan 19 - Aug 19 filers hearing they are going to reuse their bio. And Transferrers from other offices get approved but seems like they are stuck with August 18 - December 18 filers. Don't see much movement there.
  7. It won’t effect it as she now has a green card. She can remove conditions on her own with a divorce waiver. Just a a side note have you tried marriage counseling? Her behavior could be that of being homesick and having trouble adjusting to life here. It has only been a month since she came here.
  8. She can tell the USCIS what she wants but she will need proof otherwise she will just sounds like a bitter ex. Sounds like you will be getting a divorce and therefore you should switch to a divorce waiver you can ROC by yourself.
  9. She can report what happened to the police he can not beat her. Basically she is just a person who overstayed her visa as they did not get real married she has no status here. Agree with above if baby gets born here there is the possibility the dad will not let the baby go back to home country with mom.
  10. Does she have the death certificate? She will need that. Does she trust the family? I mean it seems weird that NOTHING would have been left for her.
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