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  1. Oh I do, it’s just not been on my mind the last couple of years. I didn’t realize you had to until Covid hit, when offices were shut. I never felt comfortable having to post my green card in, on the off chance it was lost, so delayed doing it. Then life continued and it wasn’t on my mind.. until just now :D My main question is to verify that nothing “bad” happens seeing as I haven’t. It sounds like the main thing is employment verification, which hasn’t been an issue given I’ve been with my same company the entire time
  2. Hey all, I became a citizen back in 2021 and so my immigration journey is complete. With that said, one thing I never did was go to the SSA office to change out my card to remove the DHS authorization text on my social security card. It's one of those numbers I have memorized and never look at my actual card. Since becoming a citizen, we have relocated cross country, opened new bank accounts, and got on with our lives. No entity has ever flagged anything with my social security number; so I assume it's been changed on the backend when banks etc look up details. SSA offices are now open (they may have been for a while) and so I am looking to get an appointment to go and get it changed. With that said, is there a downside to have not got it changed already? For example, I pay my social security each pay cheque, would I still receive the monthly social security when I reach retirement age? Thanks in advance!
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