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  1. Ashley is hurt. That is why she's lashing out, repeatedly calling him, and yelling. She spent alot of time and money forcing this marriage. She's upset with him. She's upset with herself. She's at a loss of what to do. He was way too young and not ready to be tied down in a committed relationship. I feel bad for both of them.
  2. You may want to correct your profile info as you are not removing conditions. This thread is for those who filed for ROC in March. It seems you filed the spousal visa not ROC.
  3. I applaud her for canceling the visa and staying strong. I hope she gets in touch with the embassy in time. Please keep us inform and tell her we will keep her in our prayers.
  4. Your post is confusing. Your wife filed a I-130 for you and now wants to file a I-485 with EAD for you? As in this situation: https://www.visajourney.com/content/i130guide2? The NOA paper from the I-130 filing is lost? If you can’t locate your receipt number the only thing I can think to do is contact USCIS by phone and see if they can help.
  5. The needed documents and a sample of the intent to marry is available in the guides. Yes you can also send in the new pics and trip info just make sure you send every item they asked for! Processing time for your RFE info just depends. No one can tell you for sure how long it will be.
  6. OP is talking about the passport photos required, not evidence photos. We just used simple sandwich pages with a white label sticker to write the name on it.
  7. I made my timeline before I even filed. You can wait until you receive NOA1. It really doesn’t matter. Either way is fine.
  8. Your wife needs to petition for you. Follow the guides: https://www.visajourney.com/content/i130guide1 Mod: this topic should be moved to the appropriate forum.
  9. Received NOA1 (dated 4/1) with 18 month extension yesterday. If you don’t require new biometrics is your $85 refunded? 😂
  10. We sent ours to the same location and it was received on that same day 3/28. We got our text Monday 4/1. I’m just wondering when we can check our case status. It still shows error when I put in the case number they sent us.
  11. It appears so but how does your embassy schedule interviews? Each embassy’s process varies a bit. There is a tab on VJ for Embassy info. Look up your embassy and see how their process works. At our embassy in Jamaica you go online and schedule your interview. You haven’t created a timeline or listed your country on your profile. Therefore, our ability to help you is limited. When you don’t list your country in your profile your posts do not go into your country portal where others working with the same embassy can offer advice and help through this portion of your journey.
  12. Interesting I only sent about 5 statements for the two years. Let’s see what happens lol
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