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    Met through social media. Our love of music and philosophies on life made for an instant connection. Over the following months we built a strong bond. I cannot imagine a life without him.

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  1. I appreciate your insight and advice. I’m not here to seek vengeance or retaliation. I’m here to share my story and my experience. I am hoping to bring awareness to NPD and make a difference in a positive way. I have spoken with over a dozen women who sponsored Jamaican men and their stories are the same as mine. I have a couple friends that live down there and have witnessed things first hand. It’s not all Irie and unsuspecting Americans are being taken advantage of. Yes it happens everywhere. Bad people live and hurt people from everywhere everyday. I’m telling my experience. I will let go and move on to heal most definitely. It was a huge learning experience. I pray no one else will be tricked into believing in a false persona, a fake “humble Rasta” who cried before the court of his love and devotion yet stabbed me in the back at every opportunity with his constant lies, cheating, mind games, and deceit.
  2. Oh yes they do indeed. I’ve read several posts about narcissistic USC bring spouses over here and abusing them. The unsuspecting victim can come from both sides in any country. Thank you for sharing this. We all need to be aware. I hope you are healing and finding the help you need.
  3. I know I am looking ahead. I just feel the need to speak out about this so maybe others won’t get hurt like I did. Reporting him may be too late for sure.
  4. Ugh you know I had WhatsApp transcripts that i cannot locate now! 😭
  5. ROC complete. I assume he will quickly file for naturalization. He wanted us to file for his mother while we were married. I didn’t want to. He wasn’t working fast enough for her and she visited with a muli entry visa in 2020 and never went back. He told me he wants to file for her and “lots of people get through”.
  6. Thank you. Any advice on how/what objective evidence includes?
  7. There is actually a category on the ICE reporting site for fraudulent marriage. But knowing USCIS for reporting is good information too. He is currently trying to get his physically abusive brother here through a young American girl half his age that my ex works with. She has no idea what’s going on. His mother is here illegally housed at hotel chain who supplies her a room in exchange for room cleaning.
  8. Thank you. I remember you from way back when! I hope you are doing well!
  9. Ahhh! Boiler now I remember that name! It’s been awhile eh?!
  10. My research has led me to this information: there are types of NPD - Overt narcissists are the more obvious loud boisterous arrogant ones. The outwardly draw attention to themselves commanding attention and admiration. Their abusive traits are more verbal and physical, frequently belittling, berating and even physically hurting their victim. Covert narcissists are much more subtle. They can even be self deprecating and appear weak to gain validation and attention. Their abuse tactics are insidious and slight but many. Like 1,000 bee stings pinging away at your mental health little by little. There is a spectrum from just possessing some traits to full blown malignant psychopath or sociopath. Tactics can be any of all of pathological lying, manipulation, gaslighting, triangulation, blame shifting, isolation, stonewalling, silent treatment, “crazy making” and cognitive dissonance. Stages are love bombing, devaluing, and discard. Right! I pray Mike doesn’t ignore that red flag!
  11. Thank you. I will look for them. I haven’t been on VJ for several years. Thank you for your insight. Yes, I agree probably so but I can’t help feeling if I knew of NPD I would have been more aware and cautious. I never knew people like this existed. I wonder if victims of this are encouraged to support it to homeland security? I always heard don’t bother they can’t do anything. But statistical information and potential avenues for change could help.
  12. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been on this site participating in discussions. When my husband (now ex husband) was first denied in 2014, I took it as my mission to help others in my situation. I did that for a few years. Well now I’m back here trying to turn another negative into a positive and hoping my pain can again help others. After 5.5 years of marriage, I have discovered that I am a victim of a covert narcissist who (along with the enabling of his family) used me for a green card and a new life. I am here to speak my truth and hopefully bring awareness to Covert Narcissism, a personality disorder rampant within a society plaqued by systemic poverty and survivalist mentality. Yes, now looking back I see the red flags I ignored and signs of deceit but it was so subtle and not knowing anything about covert narcissism I was completely blindsided. My intention is to make future posts to help point out the signs of narcissistic personality disorder so others have the knowledge that I didn’t have. Being in a long distance relationship makes it very difficult to really know a person’s true character and intentions because of the limited time spent in person. It’s so easy for these people to hide their real self and create a fake persona of who you want them to be. I have personally heard the stories of over a dozen women that have been take advantage of by these types of people. The events and behaviors are almost identical. I encourage anyone who has experienced this to share your story. I am a safe place and you can also private message me.
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