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  1. My receipt number doesn’t exist in their automated system either. I’ll try the new site. We received a letter for our biometrics appointment.
  2. Nebraska that's right. LIN Lincoln. Thank you. I was able to speak with two people at USCIS. FIrst one told me she couldn't find anything so we have probably been rejected. Rejected for what? I sent everything needed, my check was cashed, and I got extension letter and nothing else since then. No rejection letter. Hung up and called back again. Second person Isaac found everything said its all find, not sure why our case number is not linked with our file but knows they have been having issues with that. He assured me no reason to worry. So I guess that is where we are at for now. I'll keep waiting. Thank you for your response.
  3. Hello Everyone. I have a few questions I thought maybe you could help me with. I'm on hold for USCIS now. We filed for ROC and our petition was received 03/27/19. We received the 18 month extension letter. The receipt/case number starts with LIN. What service center is that? Also, we have not heard a word since receiving the extension letter. I get email updates of processing times. I have attempted to review our case status online and by telephone with USCIS and all I get in that our receipt # is not found. I went to that link to register awhile back but still every time I try to check it says case # not found. Should I be worried? Are we supposed to have a biometric appointment?
  4. Pictures at landmarks are good when you need evidence proof of visits. Secondary or not. Emails, texts, and chats are all good ongoing relationship correspondence evidence too. OP you’re doing right collecting these things. Keep doing what you’re doing.
  5. Yes it’s tough. I asked for a stamp at Canadian border and on my return border patrol had 1,000 questions. “Why is your passport stamped? what were you doing?” I was held up almost 1/2 hour over it. All you can do is your best. Keep receipts of everything and take pics at landmarks. I don’t think flying direct is going to make a big difference. You have to do what’s best for your budget. Canada isn’t a high fraud state. You should be fine. You’ve got good evidence. Passport stamps aren’t the end of the world.
  6. Please use the guides to help you in your AOS process: https://www.visajourney.com/content/i130guide2/ Good Luck
  7. No one gave you wrong advice. They are giving you their educated guess which is all any of us can do because as we all know its a case by case basis depending on how the CBP officer feels at the time after reviewing what evidence you say you have. We don't know the extent of your medical issues, what your documentation reads, or what the border officers will decide. Whatever happened with anyone else is fairly irrelevant. You traveled out of the country pregnant, after filing for naturalization and took that risk. Consequences are yours. Best of Luck.
  8. Nothing of any of that has to do with the infant being able to fly safely. That all has to do with you. Maybe you could have worded it differently.
  9. I don't entertain drama filled people. Block your ex, change your number, whatever you have to do but stop corresponding with him. Why on earth someone's twin sister would get in the middle of this drama is beyond me but I would have as little contact with her as possible also. People can only create drama in your life as long as you allow them too. Stop the interaction and there's no more fun in the drama creator's world. They will move onto someone else.
  10. Exactly, if Darcey would stop trying force it what she wants most would probably happen. Can't she just go with the flow for ONE date?? Just one. Let somebody like you for a minute and then you might get somewhere. When she was in the cab talking about how she wants a man to make her feel pretty and womanly it sounded like a child who was abused talking. Then Tom gives her respect and honor by getting her her own room and she's offended. What a nut job, I thought the exact same thing about Angela. Do you want him to tell you what you want to hear or not??! Lol
  11. Darcey is so painful to watch. Tom May have liked her but her over emotional, insecure, neurotic self will ruin any chance she had. She needs therapy. A lot of therapy.
  12. Ashley is hurt. That is why she's lashing out, repeatedly calling him, and yelling. She spent alot of time and money forcing this marriage. She's upset with him. She's upset with herself. She's at a loss of what to do. He was way too young and not ready to be tied down in a committed relationship. I feel bad for both of them.
  13. You may want to correct your profile info as you are not removing conditions. This thread is for those who filed for ROC in March. It seems you filed the spousal visa not ROC.
  14. I applaud her for canceling the visa and staying strong. I hope she gets in touch with the embassy in time. Please keep us inform and tell her we will keep her in our prayers.
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