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  1. My fingerprint review was completed. Now I can see upto date info on both newer and older version of USCIS website
  2. Quick update: I can now track my case status on older version of USCIS website and ironically, older version provided me upto date info whereas newer version still says, your case received with no updated info
  3. Finally got official extension letter today and it feels great!
  4. That is what I'm also hoping for!Will keep you guys updated.
  5. Here is update to my case. Filed e-request on Feb 11 for nondelivery of official NOA Called USCIS on Feb 19 for updates Reply from e-request on Feb22 -Please allow 30 days from the date of this correspondence for the notice to be sent. Frustrated!!!!!! Called USCIS again Feb22 and ask about the status for which USCIS officer responded that official notice has been sent out to my mailing address on Feb 21. If I don't get it by next week, I will keep on buzzing them!!!!!
  6. that was pretty quick. I'm yet to receive anything from them
  7. how long did it take to process your erequest? I did mine e request on Feb 11 and today USCIS customer officer did it
  8. I made E request and also called USCIS customer service center today regarding official NOA for my I751. He made a request to VSC for issuing official NOA. In case if I dont hear anything in 2 weeks, I will call them again
  9. for me its same I am still yet to receive 18 months extension letter. I m going to call USCIS on Tuesday since my 30 days is already over.
  10. Thank you. I have already done e-request on monday. still waiting!!. I m just curious probably they will issue NOA once our biometric is cleared by FBI right?Dont know if its true or not
  11. I filed on Jan 11 and it delivered on Jan 14 with receipt text notification from USCIS on Jan18. My GC expiring on April 10.
  12. For those folks who are still yet to receive physical NOA and got Biometric letter, I want to know are they(USCIS) waiting on us to do Biometric first and then they will issue NOA? My biometric appointment is on Feb21 and if I dont get NOA by then, is it possible to stamp my passport with I551 while doing biometric from local Albany Office, NY?
  13. Same here too. Filed on Jan 11, with cheque cashed on 01/18. still no NOA except for text message and biometric letter
  14. I am also waiting for extension letter. Filled on Jan11. Just received biometric letter on Feb 06
  15. I just got biometric letter from USCIS. now waiting on extension letter