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  1. morning, those of you who already had your interview and is waiting for your passport. my question is your status it say READY, but the case update date change and still say ready?
  2. Congratulations same here mine interview was last week Tuesday. So glad it’s jver
  3. Anyway have interview this week or next week? Whichinf Yiu all the best
  4. Hello I had my interview yesterday 12:30pm-215pm some may had lunch at that time and started after 1pm. They asked a lot of questions. The questions they asked was the same questions they aske me the time I went to get a temporary visa since my mom in law was sick. They same guy interviewed me. Every Embassy ask different questions basic on your past (traveled) Embassy’s ask the same questions they ask everyone. how you meet where you met How long you have been married When did you get married and so on y’all know the other questions. Some Embassy will look at your past when you have travel and asked about it, specially if you was in college in the state. Some may not ask that. The only thing I can tell you is to stop asking people from different country what questions they ask becuase they are not same Embassy you will attend. Start asking people from your country and not other country. As for me I normal look at the review from my country and see what questions was asked etc. not other country’s. Some may say to have an idea what they will asked. First of all we know what the important questions they will ask. Try to keep in mind every Embassy is different. thank you all for your help, this process have been the longest and hard time for me and my family. Started this process from 2016 to 2019 it was a lot going on and off and blah blah so on. That when some of us have lawyers and when some of them don’t know what they doing. i had a lawyer for a reason not for laziness or not know what to do. It was a reason for me to have one. At some point I did finish the process with out them becuase all they do is mess things up. Dibbie, applerose ,Sundee, Lynni and so on I can keep them but will stop right there. was very helpfully thank You Bottom long is we have to do one last paperwork which will be email to the Embassy today and my passport will be ready tomorrow. thank you all and no I am not leaving the group am still here to help out.
  5. its depend on which island you on? I paid like about $400 something without the shots
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