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  1. wow congratulations!. Hope it goes fast for us
  2. My husband is the impatient one haha. Well goodluck to all of us. Patience is a virtue indeed
  3. Hi. May filer here as well. CR1. Nebraska service center. NOA1 : May 3, 2018 Good luck to us all. Does anyone know what are the valid reasons to expedite?
  4. Thanks missileman and abies. I guess I'll keep it that way. Less paperwork the better. Thanks
  5. Hi. Recently married and need some help on what to do next. We sent the petition using my maiden name ( dad last name) since marriage cert shows my maiden name and passport is in maiden name too. We already have noa1 and waiting for noa2. I need to know if it's best we retain my maiden name until the whole visa process is done or changing my name to my married name now would be easier in the long run. And if i do change to married name, Should i just change to married name in my passport and notify uscis ? We just don't want to cause any delays or confusion about our case.