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  1. Any EB5 visa that have been DQ’ed in 2022 received an interview letter since June 2022. I am DQ 27 May and still waiting for IL.
  2. @Jah Man there isn’t much info available on the Bahamas embassy, it’s really difficult waiting for NVC to schedule an interview, wish I could schedule it. I will keep you posted as soon as I get my interview letter. Hopefully it’s this month.🤞
  3. Does the embassy, just say we have so many slots open for interviews and NVC fills the slots with the categories they have pending for that Embassy or do they specify how many slots for specific visas?
  4. I believe so, I don’t have a source, just from reading different blogs, forums and asking questions. That’s why I created this thread, so we could try asses this and see if things pick up towards end of July beginning of August, receiving interview letters.
  5. When do you think they will start sending out interview letter again?
  6. I am in the Bahamas embassy, but I have heard of Mumbai also not issuing Interview letters in July.
  7. Has anyone received July interview letters? Seems there hasn't been any issued or perhaps very very few. Please share your thoughts and comments on this and when you think they will start issuing letters again.
  8. Are the shipping dates true for all Embassy's or just for specific Embassy's? Also are these dates specific to only K1 or all categories ?
  9. Hi, I was DQ 27 May but then changed embassy on the 13 June. I saw somewhere that IL get sent out at a certain time each month. Is this correct or is it just at random?
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