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  1. Are the shipping dates true for all Embassy's or just for specific Embassy's? Also are these dates specific to only K1 or all categories ?
  2. Hi, I was DQ 27 May but then changed embassy on the 13 June. I saw somewhere that IL get sent out at a certain time each month. Is this correct or is it just at random?
  3. I changed Embassy for interview at NVC stage, after being DQ (Took 2 weeks). I would like to find: out if this changes my DQ Date and if it would delay the time I would have received my IL? Appreciate any feedback
  4. Hi All, Was wondering if anyone in The Bahamas has received interview dates/letter from NVC? How long after DQ did you receive interview letter?
  5. Did you get your interview letter? if you did, could you share on what date you received the letter?
  6. I know this was a year ago, but does anyone have recent timeline on being DQ at NVC to getting a interview at The Bahamas Embassy?
  7. I Received a checklist letter from NVC that say: ______CORRESPONDENCE INSTRUCTIONS:_________________________________ For electronic processing, all forms and documents that we request and require from you should be scanned and e-mailed to NVC as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. The documents should be sent as attachments with your e-mail response and not in a web file. NVC is unable to process documents submitted in web files. Forms and documents should not be mailed through the postal service. However, the applicant must bring the original version of all civil documents, such as birth, marriage, and police certificates, to the visa interview. Failure to present the required originals at the visa interview will result in a denial or delay in obtaining a visa for the sponsored applicant. Any questions regarding your petition should continue to be directed to NVCElectronic@state.gov. Along with some civil documents missing. Does this mean I must submit the civil documents by email?
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