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  1. Hi, When we sent our AOS (i-864) to NVC, my wife was with me overseas, but she has since gone back. My interview is coming up and I'm wondering if I should take an updated AOS or just go with proof of domicile? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Is there any harm in uploading joint sponsor information after being DQ'd? Will that drop me from interview line or take me back to NVC review line? Thanks.
  3. Thanks, and these documents go under 'additional AOS documents' tabs right? Btw this would be joint sponsor documents.
  4. And these new documents would go under "additional AOS documents' right? There's no other tabs available anyway @pushbrk
  5. Ok, it won't mess up anything right? Don't want the process to be delayed or anything
  6. Hi, My case Is already at the embassy and I need to upload a joint sponsor before my interview. 1. Should I upload it in additional documents? 2. Will it mess up anything? 3. Should I just bring the joint sponsor documents instead of uploading? Help!! @pushbrk
  7. Hi, For scheduling a medical at IOM, how do i contact them? Phone or email? And which number do i use?
  8. Thank you all for replying, the new taxes I meant were 2021 not 2022 lol. So I will fill the new 2021 taxes in *2022 and take that to the interview
  9. Hi, If lets say my interview was in Feb 2022 but I file my taxes at the earliest chance (say Jan 2022), can I use these updated 2022 taxes at my interview instead of the 2021 taxes i previously submitted?....(yes i know it may be tricky getting the transcripts but i would have the 1044 and W2 by then) Thanks.
  10. Nice, and when did they forward the email to the embassy? Just trying to see the average response time, seems to have improved
  11. "How to contact the Immigrant Visa Unit at the U.S. Embassy London" https://uk.usembassy.gov/visas/visa-information-services/contact-us-immigrant-visas/ When did you submit your expedite?
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