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  1. Hello community: Right in the middle of putting together all the documents to send my package to the USCIS I just noticed that some of the samples that I've seen online of support letters from friends includes their date and place of birth. Does someone knows if this is strictly necessary? I didn't find anything about that at the USCIS official website. Thanks in advance for any help provided. 😉
  2. Thanks y'all for your responses Uhm, what else do we have? I'm afraid not much more, we ain't paying a car, only a credit card, I guess we could also use some friends addifavits.
  3. Hopefully they'll be able to give me a good-enough quality at Office Depot 😉 Thank you.
  4. Excellent! That's how I thought, just wanted to confirm. Thank you! 👋
  5. Hi there community! I'm about to start with my Green Card's ROC. Visa Journey has been very helpful on this and I've been reading a lot of this forum's topics, though, I have a doubt about sending pictures of our marriage as evidence. Since we don't have many other things like leases, car payments, etcetera I will send full detail of a few trips we've made together, so, straight to the point, should I send our pictures printed on papers or the actual physical photographs (like the ones we used to reveal in the 90s)? Thanks in advance for your help
  6. Hello there, I'm a current Green Card holder getting all set to apply for citizenship in about a year from now, I just heard this crazy thing about one being capable of becoming a US citizen by doing this blood test and proving that have Apache ancestry (or any other native american blood type e.g. Cherokee, Tiguan, Comanche). I know it sounds ridiculously improbable but I just want to make sure, maybe someone knows something about it and the thing is that my great-grandmother was always talking about us having Apache relatives and stuff. Thanks in advance for any info about this matter.